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Bad Piggies 2 Game DESCRIPTION

Unleash your creativity and get ready to build the ultimate driving/flying/crashing machine! Cross the finish line in vehicular challenges full of arcade action and high speed hijinks with yours truly – the Bad Piggies! OiNk! OiNk!

Our piggy protagonist is going downhill – fast! Help this little green apprentice learn the ways of contraption crafting and get them to the finish line in tons of tricky challenges. Each level is a new puzzle! Unlock new parts and assemble them in any way that gets you from point A to point B. Building is only half the job, once constructed, you will have to get your crazy contraption to victory, taking control of precision machinery like pressurized soda bottles, motorized wheels, TNT boxes, boxing gloves, umbrellas – anything it takes to get to the finish line in one piece – or many pieces…

Bad Piggies 2 is the sequel to the crafty contraption-building arcade puzzle game from the creators of Angry Birds. Play the newest Bad Piggies experience updated with a new engine under the hood, a fresh coat of paint, and perfectly tuned for high speed action.

– Unleash your creativity! Come up with creative ways to complete various unique and challenging levels.
– Unlock new parts as you play and use them to build the wackiest vehicles of all time.
– Hours of Fun! Play tons of levels packed with hours and hours of pig-crashing, exploding, and flying fun!
– Use the workshop in Pig Village to build parts for piggy customers and earn rewards.
– Enter the State Fair to take part in exciting events and complete unique challenges.
– Experience the next generation of Bad Piggies’ arcade/puzzle gameplay!
– Stay Tuned – We’re planning regular updates with new levels, and many more surprises to keep Bad Piggies 2 packed with contraption crafting action!

So buckle up and get ready for some explosive fun!


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Nowhere near as fun as the original, has all things to be called the most mobile game of all time.


this game is garbage and just a terrible version of the original. everyone asked for bad piggies 2 but this aint it.
Hello, We are sorry that you do not like the game but we thank you for your feedback. Our future updates will improve the game for you.


Ylivoimaisesti surkein jatko-osa millekään pelille. Miksi korjata jotain missä ei ole vikaa? Vanhan pelin hyvät fysiikat ja ikoniset äänet ja grafiikat vaihdettu 13-vuotiaan Veetin Skratch -laatuun jota ei voisi olettaa Suomen suurimpiin kuuluvilta pelialan yhtiöiltä. Alkuperäinen peli yksi parhaista ikinä, tämä lähti poistoon. Ykköspelista tutut kätevät zoom- ja rakennusominaisuudet rikottu. Energiasysteemi ei ole tätä päivää. Päivittäkää vanhaa tai tehdää suora jatko-osa. Rakkaudella Oulusta.
Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! If you want to share more opinions with us, join us on our Discord server, we'd love to hear from you!




8th review ever…


This game is actually pretty good. The art style takes a while to get used to, but it's not that bad. I would have preferred one of the other art styles tho. The 3d style of the game also looks great, especially how things can fall along 3 axis. My main issue is that the beginning of the game has a lot of hand holding, which gets really annoying. Overall, I believe this game is pretty good so far. I would like to see the other art styles return, and allow you to change to them in the settings.


First game is better. I played the first 10 levels, almost all of them have a garbage tutorial which just gives you a pre-built vehicle. When they don't, your options are so limited that they might as well have given you the vehicle anyway. They have an energy system, you can only play so much every day. Artstyle is also kinda eh. It just doesn't have the same charm as the first game and just looks like a generic mobile game.


The long awaited sequel finally releases, only for it to be worse than the original. This game has less features and just feels slower paced than the first one. An energy system is completely unnecessary. While I don't hate the artstyle, I would've preferred the toons style just like everyone else. All in all, no reason to play this over the original. It doesn't help that this game barely works on a year old phone.
Hey! Thank you for the feedback. We are continuously improving the game and adding more features during the Soft Launch, including optimization. I hope you join our Discord Server to provide further feedback!


goofy ahh pigs


Just update the old one dammit


The new art style is overall unappealing, the game spoon feeds you basic mechanics and wastes time with pointless "character interaction". The new energy mechanic is very unfortunate. Changed it to one star after noticing the cap on retries. I won't be playing this.


Many good things from the first Bad Piggies are deleted (like engines), physics is different (especially when you're using powered wheels) and its worse. Some other problems include 1. You cannot preview the level well- you cannot zoom in 2. While driving camera is fixed to the pig and you cannot see what's in front of you 3. You cannot power individual items- You cannot power just one wheel or one bottle by tapping it like in first game 4. Bad graphics (old or toons graphics would be better).




cool game


Sussy amogus piggies wet little gussies


Bad piggies 2😳


I think this is the first ever review


It's very unoptimized and slow, laggy, too bad for it, and where is tournaments


This game SUСKS. I cant believe that after fans begging you to use the Toons Style, you still decided to make these pigs look so fat and ugly. The optimization is awful. The levels are so boring, in the first part each level had its own strategie, now you only gotta go straight to the finish. The Village part was so unnecessary, nobody wanted that. Everybody asked you not to add the energy system but you are too good to listen to your fans, arent you? So my rating is -10/10. The worst game ever!