- Added 3 new unique cars.
- More optimized and higher graphics settings.
- Open world map improvements.
- Added guest mode for you to play offline.

We are working to give you a better Open World Multiplayer Car Simulation experience. Thank you for your feedbacks.
We love you more than fast cars!!
Car Parking Team


【图】ClubR: Online Car Parking Game(截图1)【图】ClubR: Online Car Parking Game(截图2)【图】ClubR: Online Car Parking Game(截图3)


Are you looking for multiplayer car parking games? Would you like to play car parking simulator games?
If so, this real car parking game is perfect for you!
There are dozens of driving games in application markets, but we think ClubR is different from its competitors.
ClubR is one of the best car drifting games with its unique features!
ClubR is suitable for gamers who play car driving games.

Are you ready for the challenge? Do you trust yourself? Prepare your car and start racing online in a big city.
You can also chat with your opponents and make new friends while racing. We support multiplayer mode for
up to 16 players.
Instead of developing a single game mode, we developed different online & offline game modes listed
below. You will have much fun while playing ClubR!
– Time mode
– Checkpoint mode
– Park mode
– Stunt mode
– Drift mode
– Destroy mode
– Free roam mode
– Four different mission modes
Mafia, cinema, cargo & taxi
All these game modes are developed with every detail in mind.
While driving in ClubR, you will feel like you are driving a car in real life. Pedestrians, other cars in the
traffic, traffic environment, realistic city maps… All these details were designed to provide realistic
gameplay for you!
In this online driving game, there are 80 different cars. Even police cars, ambulances & specially modified
cars are available in ClubR. You can test a vehicle with the “Test Drive” button.
You can customize cars as you want. You can change the color of vehicles and modify the roof, rim, or
spoiler of vehicles. Tuning garage is waiting for you!
If you like open world driving games, download ClubR immediately and enjoy a realistic driving experience!

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Are you looking for multiplayer car parking games? Would you like to play car parking simulator games? If so, this real car parking game is perfect for you!There are dozens of driving games in application markets, but we think ClubR is different from its competitors. ClubR is one of the best car drifting games with its unique features!ClubR is suitable for gamers who play car driving games.MULTIPLAYER FREE ROAM DRIVING GAMEAre you ready for the challenge? Do you trust yourself? Prepare your car and start racing online in a big city.You can also chat with your opponents and make new friends while racing. We support multiplayer mode forup to 16 players.DIFFERENT GAME MODESInstead of developing a single game mode, we developed different online & offline game modes listedbelow. You will have much fun while playing ClubR!- Time mode- Checkpoint mode- Park mode- Stunt mode- Drift mode- Destroy mode- Free roam mode- Four different mission modes Mafia, cinema, cargo & taxiAll these game modes are developed with every detail in mind.REALISTIC GAMEPLAYWhile driving in ClubR, you will feel like you are..


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Found this game on YouTube recommend so I decided to download it, overall it's a good game but one thing I don't like is when you turn the car, the camera angle looks bad, makes me hard to control, and last thing about customizations only have 4 type which is look so little, could add more type of customizations like Front bumper, Rear bumper,Exhaust,Vinyls,Splitter,Headlight, Fender front,Side skirt,Fender rear,tail light,body kit,hood,window tint,tyre, more colour. And add more F&F LimitedCar


i think this game is good cuz of good graphics no lag and many more!


I'll give 3 Star for now but if have any issue to game just give a asap action to make your player satisfied to game


Great Experience so far tho I have some suggestions. The game itself is good, the cars are good too although the game scenery is not that good, maybe improve the scenery and also improve the graphics of the building roads and such, the graphics of the cars are great and the ragdoll on npcs are brilliant, overall just improve the graphics, continue advertising the game, this game will soon hit the market! Great job on that advertisement, i got hook up instantly!


very very much good game and graphics are also very good I like this game very much 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️


very mush realistic game and very smooth game but stearing is weak so please check ok thanku


nice make fun mode offline and full offline campaign that would be awesome


super but the sensitivity


The game is good and exciting but it needs something Can you add something for the car body like wide body kit or the bumbers


good game good graphics card look really good the city graphics need more work in the realistic look but they are ok the camera needs to be fixed it moves when you steer ABIT alitttle bit off putting but you can live with it I think this have potential if you keep working on this I would be happy to give feedback need to be able to drift or Wilde and wheel spin button or something like that but could be worth another star if Devs are still working on it


Doesn't work for me, says im not connected to the internet, it is for some reason or another having issues logging into play games. I dunno... Looks good... But there is that one major issue, and its a big one. Also, i know this isnt a one off event as i have talked to a few people who are having the same issue.


This game is pretty decent and great for a new to the mobile experience, but the problem is the ad to unlock cars won't appear, only appear after finishing a level, pls fix it


I love this game. Because Game size is Small but Game Experience like a Forza Horizon plus GTA Online ❤️


Good game And discord link expired i want link
We're fixing it with the next update. Thanks for your great feedback.


The game looks, sounds and plays well my only issue is that the steering sensitivity needs to be added to the settings menu also with a feature to remove the gearbox and buttons, I understand that it's a simulation but some things aren't necessary for the individual player. I only downloaded this game because I was on the list when I searched "Controller Compatible" some buttons do things but it would be cool to add a controller compatible feature with a button mapper in the settings menu.
Thanks for your great feedback, we got this item on our list. We started working for the best simulation and racing experience! ❤️


I cannot play the stund mode in this game please fix it otherwise this is the best game i ever played


1)You should give the user option to adjust the sensitivity of steering . 2) If we by mistake steer a little above the steering wheel , the camera angle of the car changes and we get crashed. So the camera angle of the car should be kept locked and only be allowed to change by using the camera button while driving . 3) Also sometimes the people get stuck on roads near our car. Great game otherwise... It can be played offline too ! Should definitely try it 👍


There is no guest mode cant play whitout login ☹️
Offline and Guest mode will be added to very soon for ClubR: Online Car Parking


This game is great i love the car. But everytime i want to watch an ad for doing a 3 days challenge, the ads didnt show up


Best car game ever played but please add cars like asphalt 8.
We agreed! ✔️