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Raster Mob is an application for companies to track the positioning of their vehicles.

It is possible to confirm positioning in real time and tracking is also done even when the application is not open.

Privacy Policy:

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find the latitude and longitude of your location, it allows you to copy memory.The program asks for permission to access only the GPS.
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Make your car smarter, with Rollr. The Rollr app works with the Rollr Mini GPS tracking device, and brings your everything that your need to know about your car, to your fingertips. Real-time car GPS tracking, vehicle health updates, trip data, and driving behaviour monitoringKnow where your car isThe Rollr app brings your accurate car GPS tracking. You can track your vehicle on live maps to know exactly where it is at any given moment. With a 3 second data refresh rate, the location data you receive is as close to real-time as possible. So whether your spouse is driving back home alone, or the driver is picking up the kids from school, you always know where the car is and how soon it’s going to reach.Know what going on under the hoodThe Rollr app works with the Rollr Mini OBD device. The device plugs into the OBDII port in your car, and transmits vehicle health data. You can view all this information on the app in the form of vehicle health alerts. You get engine health alerts, updates on..
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Raster application for vehicle tracking
Raster Mob is an application for companies to track the positioning of their vehicles.It is possible to confirm positioning in real time and tracking is also done even when the application is not open.Privacy Policy:

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