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Thank you for booking with Salon 102! Register, login and book your next appointment.

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El Ángelus es una devoción que tenemos los católicos hacia la Virgen María, Madre de Jesús y Madre nuestra. Esta oración se reza a las 6 a.m, 12 d.m. y 6 p.m. durante todo el año, excepto en tiempo pascual que se sustituye por el Regina Cæli. Ángelus APP permite al usuario establecer alarmas para que avise cuando se reza la oración, además también permite seleccionar el sonido y otras preferencias.
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Thank you for booking with Salon 102!
Thank you for booking with Salon 102! Register, login and book your next appointment.

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App is so user friendly. So easy to book an appointment


Been going to lynsey for my nails & lashes almost 3 years🙌 best salon in the business,a one stop for every beauty need😍


Love the salon lovly staff great at what they do


Lovely salon with lovely bubbly friendly staff always listen to what you want and give you there full attention,


I find it great that a beauty salon has an app that works well. It's very handy for booking appointments.


such an easy to use app and the salon well the salon is just fab and has everything under the 1 roof wouldnt go anywhere else.


fab salon alll the girls are fab too and very nice