S Pen to Text:
You can enter text using the S Pen rather than the keyboard.

Auto Tag:
This remembers the words that are frequently used in Notes as Tags and helps you find them quickly through a search.

Auto save option has been added.

Fixed other bug issues


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With Samsung Notes,
you can create notes containing texts, images with footnotes, voice recordings, and music. Moreover, you can share your notes easily to SNS.
Previously made any memos from S Note and Memo also can be imported into Samsung Notes.
Samsung Notes provides various brush types and color mixers, so that you can draw fabulous paintings like professional painters.
You may also share your paintings at PEN.UP right away.
Samsung Notes is a hub for all your hand-written notes, sketches, drawings.

Creating notes
Tap + icon at the bottom of the main screen of Samsung Notes to create notes.

Locking notes
1.Tap the More options button on the main screen of Samsung Notes, select Settings,
then select Lock notes to create a password.
2.Create a password, then tap the note you want to lock.
3.Tap the More options button while viewing a note, then select Lock.

Adding text
Tap keyboard icon at the top of the screen to enter text using the keyboard.
Use the Rich text toolbar to edit the style of the text.

Adding handwriting
Tap Handwriting icon at the top of the screen to add handwriting.
Handwritten text can be recognised. You can also use handwriting to search for keywords in notes.

Adding drawings
Tap drawing icon at the top of the screen to create drawings.

Adding image and voice recordings
Tap image icon at the top of the screen to insert images.
Tap Voice recording icon at the top of the screen to insert voice recordings.

Using pen settings
Select from various pen types, sizes, and colours.

Erasing handwriting
Tap eraser icon at the bottom of the screen, then tap or swipe your finger over the handwriting you want to erase.

Using Selection mode
Tap selection icon at the bottom of the screen, then select an area of handwriting.
You can then move the selected area, adjust its size, and more.

Using brush settings
Select from various brush types and colours.
Tap the selected brush to view the brush settings again and change more settings such as the size and opacity.
Tap color icon, then select the colour you want to draw with.

Using Smart Switch.
Use Smart Switch to import S Note and Memo data from other devices.

Using Samsung account.
1.Tap the More options button while on the main screen of Samsung Notes, select Settings, then select Import data.
2.Select S Note or Memo data saved using your Samsung account, then tap the DONE button.

Syncing notes via Samsung Cloud
1.Tap the More options button while on the main screen of Samsung Notes, select Settings,
then select Sync with Samsung Cloud.
2.Register with or sign in to Samsung Cloud using your Samsung account.
Samsung Notes data will be synced automatically.

Creating notes while screen off
Detach the S Pen while the screen is turned off to create screen off memos.

Notice : Regarding the App Access Privilege

The following permissions are required for the app service.
For optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is turned on, but not allowed.

Required permissions
• Storage: Used to save or load note files

Optional permissions
• Telephone: Used to check device-unique identification information for providing app update
• Microphone: Used to record the voice to be inserted into the note
• Camera: Used to take photos to be inserted into the note
• Contacts: Used to read account information to sync with your account




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Great app and easy to use BUT PLEASE INCREASE THE ZOOM. I cannot stress this enough. WE NEED MORE ZOOM. And a FILL BUTTON how is that not a thing yet? Also adding layers would be very useful and it makes drawing something way easier. Different fonts maybe? Extra background colours? Other than these things I think the app is really great and is definitely a must have.


I love this feature and constantly find myself using it for more things as I became more familiar with it. I'm not a "tech" person simple and straight forward as possible. I've never had any issues of any kind after about a year and a half of constant daily use so I definitely recommend familiarizing yourself with this very convenient way of keeping track of information readily accessible for quick viewing. Also great to cut and paste from other apps to proofread or edit.


it's a great app where you can write notes like when a game is coming out or it's like a reminder. it's just great. But one thing it's the autocorrect like I put mobile one time and it changed into money ugh it's so annoying. Please fix this. Oh and by the way everytime u update it it gets worse! It's fine the way it is thank you very much. Maybe you should stop the auto correcting or update it please it's really annoying!!! One more thing it's so hard to hit the checklist box make it bigger pls


Great app that pairs perfectly with the s-pen. They need to work on palm rejection for the buttons at the bottom for changing the pen type etc. As they're easily touched accidentally while writing out a note which can be really annoying sometimes and even mess up what you were writing depending on the button that has accidentally been pressed.


Pretty awesome for all sorts of important info. Even just for grocery lists, it is perfect. Only issue is the crazy stuff that happens when you try to add a picture or something. It pretty much Y2Ks what you're working on and you can't undo anything, so whatever you were working on needs to be started over.


I love taking notes about everything. I also love being organized with my notes. I have never been able to be so organized with my notes on my phone until I found this. I can color code the background and the text. I can create folders inside folder and I can upload pictures into it. My only complaint is that the writing is not level to the line templates and if it can't write on the line then it's kind of pointless. Otherwise this is my absolute favorite note taking app ever for everything!


The app before updating my phone to android 12 was very good but after updating it has become slower. Also when I was pasting notes from clipboard to Samsung notes the pictures in the notes were not copied which was good, consuming less space. now it has become messy as the pictures in the notes are wasting alot of space, slowing the app and deleting all the pictures requires alot of time so time wasting as well. Kindly review the above changes and make it easy for users to use it.


I absolutely love Samsung Notes! This app is a life saver. I use it to jot down notes, save all kinds of articles, images, drawings, and more. It has served as a journal too. Individual notes can be locked away from prying eyes, making it a perfect app for journaling. The app allows users to choose from various writing tools, and it offers the option of changing handwriting into text. Finished items can be shared using multiple formats. There are many more features in the app. It is fantastic!


I heavily rely on the notes app, and I have few complaints! I wish there were more bullet point options and that we could "tab" in to create more of a tree structure, like using bullet points in Microsoft Word. Also it bugs me a little that when you search for a word, open a note and write in it, when you hit "back" it goes back to the search; i selected a note and wrote in it, I already found what I was looking for :)


This is a simple, but effective note app. I use it for everything from grocery lists to taking notes in diving classes. The list function is my favorite; being able to check off items is very handy. Just discovered the ability to add pictures to my notes, which is an awesome feature.


My favorite thing about this app is that it automatically can put in a message and not have to take that extra step. With all previous notes apps I've used before, you had to click the 'Save' button and some of them also required you to save it to a folder as a pdf so you had to find the folder, etc. This has a Save option, but it's not required. Great app and simple to use.


really useful for writing things down! from weird dreams, to random chaotic thoughts I have it's great. I love to make lists of my favorite things and rank them (idk it's just really fun to me) and this app writes out "1, 2, 3, etc" instead of actually typing it everytime yourself. it does get really laggy after you put in too many photos but other than that, really neat, I use it probabaly every day


Funny thing is the ratings are always in a hurry so this is a reflection of my first impressions which may change after some longer use. I like the interface and the multiple folders that can be created. But I'm using it to begin with as a groceries list and secondary items list. So far so good👍


I can quickly, and easily, create new notes and to-do lists. You title your notes and lists, which makes it easy to find what I'm looking for. I use it for the to do lists because I can ✔️ off completed list items. I especially like that the list items are crossed out and greyscaled, rather than deleted, when checked complete.


Is good to keep notes handy, docs and much more. However when exporting notes with multiple scans it gets files too big opposed to reducing quality. If this feature was available it will be great. FYI, not so fan of Apple but when scanning in notes there files are reduced to be handle very good. Also, would like feature to reduce all hand written notes for arrangement with more flexibility that currently available. Great beyond these. Thanks.


at first i was able to sync my notes(plus synced edits) on two devices, but on the same day, when i edited the note, it won't sync. the notifications keep telling me to update the app, but when i checked on galaxy store, the app has already installed its recent update. however, i'm still unable to sync the notes like it did at first. mind you that it worked when i synced the notes in tab to an older phone, how come it doesn't work with my new phone? this is an important app so please fix this


use it for everything since i forget everything, never has given me any problems. cool personalized features like fonts, edits, painting, able to lock and unlock notes, share. my only wish is ability to edit where i want which notes to be, instead of automatically having them pin to the top when you change something in them. i want to be able to shift them around according to my personal relevance. other than that, helps keep me on top of everything.


This is my 'go-to' app for capturing 'stuff' (e.g., thoughts, ideas, notes while reading, sketches, ...) with a stylus on my tablet. I make use of it on a daily basis - often multiple times. I've flirted with other apps, but always returned to Samsung Notes as it offers the best user experience - combining functionality and usability in a way that simply 'just works' for me.


The app works ok, but is not brilliantly. Automatic sync between devices doesn't always work properly (especially with the PC). On the PC there is a setting for manual sync, so you are sure you ahve the latest version of the note, but apparely not on the Android app. It seems impossible to add a link to text, which is quite basic functionality. He home screen widget works well on Samsung devices and is useful.


I am an artist and writer. I use Samsung notes everyday, all day. It gives me enough space to jot down amy ideas I have for my next project. I can Sketch with a variety of mediums. It gives me access to great colors. The templates are all very useful and helps me stay organized! I am still learning, but so far Samsung notes gets 10/10 from me!!