S Pen to Text:
You can enter text using the S Pen rather than the keyboard.

Auto Tag:
This remembers the words that are frequently used in Notes as Tags and helps you find them quickly through a search.

Auto save option has been added.

Fixed other bug issues

Samsung Notes App SCREENSHOT

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Samsung Notes App DESCRIPTION

Samsung Notes can create and edit documents on mobile, tablet, or PC and collaborate with others.
User can add annotations to the PDF using S Pen and create documents with images or voices.
It can also be used by connecting documents with various apps such as PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc.

Try creating a new note.
You can create a new note by tapping + in the bottom right corner of the main screen.
Newly created notes will have the “sdocx” extension.

Protect your notes.
1. On the main screen, tap More Options in the upper right corner, select Settings, then select Lock Note.
Then select a note locking method and password.
2. Lock the notes you want to protect by tapping More Options on the screen of the note you want to protect and selecting Lock Note.

Create handwritten notes.
Tap the Handwriting icon while writing a note. Your handwriting will be displayed directly on the note.

Add photos.
Tap the photo icon in the note you are working on to take a photo. You may also load, add tags to and edit an existing photo.

Add a voice recording.
By tapping the Voice Recording icon while writing a note, you can record sound and create a note with sound.

Try using various writing tools.
By tapping the Pen icon while writing a note, you can select a variety of writing tools such as pens, fountain pens, pencils, highlighters, etc., as well as various colors and thicknesses.
By tapping the Eraser icon, you can select and erase content that you want to remove.

You can import notes and memos created in Notes and Memo.
By using the Smart Switch feature, you can import data created in S Note and Memo saved on other devices.
You can also import previously created notes and memos with your Samsung account.

* Notice regarding app access permissions:

The following access permissions are required to provide you with this service.
Basic features of the service can be used even if Optional permissions are not granted.

Required permissions
• Storage: Used to save or load document files

Optional permissions
• Telephone: Used to check device-unique identification information for providing app update
• Microphone: Used to record the voice to be inserted into the note
• Camera: Used to take photos to be inserted into the note
• Nearby devices: Continue using the Notes app from other devices


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Samsung Notes App DOWNLOAD

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Samsung Notes is super helpful and the updates throughout the years have been awesome, but like another user said, for about a month or so now, it is inaccessible, shutting down as soon as you open it. I checked and there is nothing to update, I've force stopped the app and restarted my phone to no avail. Seems odd that Samsung hasn't fixed this bug yet as it's been quite a while.


Like having a personal assistant! It's been a life changer for me, and in a good way! I use it for so many various reasons of taking/keeping notes. Out shopping and a call comes in needing to give you important information, but don't have a pen and paper handy? Open notes, and enter it! (It'll also allow you to add it to your calendar if needed). Hear a song on the radio, but know you'll forget the name later when you want to search it? Found a recipe? Again, Samsung Notes to the rescue! lol


I like this notes app, however, I do wish that there was a save feature on it so that if you accidentally erased something, you could go back to your saved copy. For instance, you delete a line of text by mistake, instead of hiting save you hit cancel and it all reverts back to it's previous saved point. You would have to hit save after each time you edited the notes app, but that, I think, is a small price to pay to protect your work. That's just my thinking anyway. Enjoy the app.


I love love love this app. I have used it to store many many important notes and ideas for years. However, with this recent update, the app crashes and I cannot access any of my notes. I am begging you to fix this, and fix it soon! I cannot afford to lose all my notes and poems. I will more than happily change my review to 5 stars when this is fixed. Please help!


It makes no sense for the folders to have a color but not the notes in each folder to have a sticker of the corresponding color to show that they are in that folder. Why have color coded folders then if the individual notes aren't color-coded? It would help a lot if I could tell which notes belonged to which folder via a colored sign, like a dot for example, while browsing All Notes, for organization purposes. (this was the case in older versions of the app but was removed for some reason)


Great, clean- looking, very simple free notes app. No bells and whistles here, but it does exactly what I need it to do with an intuitive and very simple user interface . Makes organizing your thoughts and ideas on the fly a breeze and is a perfect designated space to take or store any other types of notes on your mobile device . Unobtrusive ads aren't bothersome at all.


This is an amazing notes app with folders, pictures, drawings, and lots of text options while still being pretty easy to use. HOWEVER, after a recent update the app now crashes every time you open it, and I can not access any of my notes. Edit: After 2 months of crashes I finally gave up and uninstalled the app. After reinstalling it now works again, but I lost all my notes.


I use Samsung Notes constantly. I love that I can just open the app and add to an existing note or open a new note and start writing in a second or two. I use it for virtual pen and paper and also download to it. I can save documents, lists, posts, notes, URL's, etc and organize them into folders. It just seems easier and quicker to save and to retrieve saved information than word processor apps. Hint to developers: The perfect app would marry Samsung Notes with Chrome bookmark feature.


As per assessment of its features, this would be much more convenient if the phone has a stylus included. Options for font styles, alignments of texts, creations of new pages, and other important features for an online text editor are more than sufficiently diverse as the app receives upgrades on a monthly basis. Looking forward to better features for the built-in mod itself as technology continues to evolve.


Samsung Notes has improved a lot with updates, but it's still not optimized for importing larger PDFs. It's a note app, but it's not optimized. I'm disappointed. Also, whenever i add a picture to my note, it adds pages at the end of the note. I have to delete everytime, it's annoying. Another issue with Samsung Notes is that its syncing is so bad. Frequently, it doesn't sync between my tab and phone automatically. Or when i tap to sync, it takes a long time.


I've used this app exclusively for at least a decade, with no issues. But as others are sharing, it's crashing as soon as you search for a note, or you scroll past the first 5 notes. Crash crash crash. This is killing me. I've put so much into this app, I'm terrified if this continues I'll lose so much data I've stored for years in there.


My phone had a forced update earlier today, and the note app won't open anymore. I restarted my phone, but it didn't fix it. I need to be able to access my notes app, since I have important information in there. Edit: I originally came here to see if there was an update needed, but there wasn't. After going to Google, I checked the app info in the settings, and there was an update needed. After updating, it started working again. Its odd this location doesn't show updates, but at least it works.


Notes has been my go to app up.until now. Since the latest system update (this morning) the app crashes upon opening it. I've tried restarting my phone and it still won't open. I don't want to Uninstall and re-install for fear of losing all my notes, as some are things I use or refer to regularly. No way to update the app, either. Not helpful, Samsung.


Overall, I think this app has great potential. If only it had the ability to create links. It would be nice to be able to link pages within a document and link pages to an image within a document. It would also be amazing if I could import my own fonts. Lastly, the sound that you hear when writing has disappeared. I really enjoy that sound as it gives me the perception that I am writing on paper. I hope that feature comes back and that the ability to add links and import fonts are soon added.


The application is good to write readily something and keep it. The application is great example as it comes with the basic text editing tools. However, large size of the application might faint users. Typing text is not that heavy, but the App itself is heavier than, for example, notepad. Making tips process is easy; copy-paste feature is great, and what is important, application is intuitively user-friendly: typing, editing, saving, restoring text is super easy. Hope to see lower size of Notes


I love this app. I have used it for years due to its convince on my phone. I haven't found a better app. That being said it does come with its own set of flaws. The biggest issues I have are with formating. You have to click two buttons to indent your paragraphs or tab over when using things like bullet points and numbering systems. Along side those issues are when you do indent with numbers it doesn't change it to a different subset. Most things will go from 1. to i. when indented.


Great note taking program. Intuitive, easy and versatile with lots of options. I am not a fan of most Samsung apps but this one has been great. I used Jotterpad for 3 years and then support for the app either ended or ended on my devices, not sure which. I had many important notes, documents, lists and other bits of writing from over the years. All of that is useless now. The same thing happened with a program called AK Notepad. Through both of those apps I lost a lot of important data. Not ok.


This app is very convenient for use on my phone. The categorized folders I have created enable me to keep all my notes & reminders easily organized & accessible. The ability to customize the folders & categories to the 'Way My Mind Works' is absolutely fabulous. I wind up with an app that works for me the way I think. As an example, one folder I created is 'Research Further'. In it, I keep notes on websites to research, books to read, science breakthroughs to follow up upon. You get the idea.


Good app to use. I use it to list my shopping items. There a lot of good use for this app. But it do need some improvements. For instance, there should be an option to edit the list or to let us just tick the tick boxes without allowing any edits. It's annoying that every time you want to tick a box, the keyboard pops up blocking the screen.


I have been an avid user of Samsung Notes for some years now. It's my preferred digital tool to keep all sorts of important information. It's user interface is simplistic yet effective & gets the job done. I especially like color coding, the word processing features, adding attachments and the ability to secure private information. The backup feature has allowed me to switch devices multiple times w/o a hitch. I will continue to use this product until support for it is no longer offered. Thx.