. security patch.
. a few functions are stabilized.


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This update is available for Samsung Mobile with Android OS.

Samsung Email enables users to manage multiple personal and business email accounts seamlessly.Samsung Email also offers EAS integration for business, encryption using S/MIME to safeguard data and ease-of-use features such as insightful notifications, SPAM management.Furthermore, organizations can administer various policies as needed.

. Doesn’t support SamsungTheme from P OS

Key features
·POP3 and IMAP support for managing personal email accounts
· Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) integration for synchronizing Exchange Server based business email, calendars, contacts and tasks
·Encryption using S/MIME for secure email communication

Additional features
·Customizable user experience with notifications, schedule synchronization, SPAM management, and combined mailboxes
·Policy administration with comprehensive, built-in EAS support
·Conversation and thread view to read related mail

— Regarding the App Access Permission —

The following permissions are required for the app service. For optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is turned on, but not allowed.

[Required permissions]
– None

[Optional permissions]
– Camera: Used to attach photos to email
– Location: Used to attach current location information to email
– Contacts: Used to link email recipients/senders with contacts and synchronize contact information when using Microsoft Exchange account
– Storage: Used to attach files to email or save attached files
– Phone: Used to check device-unique identification information when using Microsoft Exchange account.




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Very good e-mail client...better than the dozen or so others that I tried. The only weakness is the ability to move mail to a different folder, which is sometimes not possible. Selecting a recipient from your contacts list is tricky, until you figure out the steps. Careful creating any folders, since they cannot be deleted. Everything else is nice and clean, fast, no ads.


Was easy to setup email accounts with and I like being able to see all 3 separate or together. It would get a lot higher rating if they allowed you to go to next email after delete rather than back to inbox. I cannot send emails from my work email for some reason, I have had this issue for about 1 - 2 weeks. I still would like to see it move to the next email but it does work for all my emails.
Dear customer, sorry for inconvenience first. Please check a signature of your composer. If there are any images. After deleting them try to send it again. If you have same issue, please share log by using 'contact us' menu. Email - Setting - contact us - Error reports - check Send system log data - Send thank you, Samsung Email


Straight forward email. However, it's not a two way sync and I have to delete email again on my computer, maybe its just the way it was set up. I cc myself whenever I send an email from my cellphone to have a record of it. The big plus is that both my work and personal calendar show up in the agenda and I'm never caught of guard with appointments because I forgot to look at a separate calendar.


Good so far. I have an updated version of my email. Trying to access the setting I had before of inbox and sent to display all past emails instead of a one month cutoff. As at times, I need to search back a fair ways for information. There was a setting for that before, can't remember how to find that setting. Perhaps you can email me that information... thanks. now happens automatically. Settings change all the time.


If you have a Samsung phone, don't worry yourself downloading a 3rd party email app. This app is just awesome and incredible. It's extremely lightweight, unbelievably fast, ad free, has great UI, is feature rich, easy to setup, and does not drain battery power. What more could you ask for!!!


I like the rich text option and signature option. The ability to create folders. I did not give it a five star because when attaching the a docx., or word document it would convert it to a Adobe without me wanting to. Unless someone can tell me how to avoid this it will be a four star rating. I would like to see a calendar built into it.


After sending many months of issue reports I still am struggling to use my email.. I can't work off my phone if i can't access my emails.. please please find the issue and fix it.. If these Freezing episodes are not fixed soon I'm going to have to go with a different App for my emails.. with every use now my email freezes and won't open email or close. It started a few months ago. It very annoying, and can keep me from working. App is Easy to setup.
Thank you for using Samsung Email. If you have any questions, let me know via "contact us". Email> Setting> contact us> Error reports> check Send system log>data> Send


Main ongoing issues are loading errors where emails just show a blank screen, requiring killing/restarting the app, and the spam filter limit, which these days is absurd. Don't limit filters! We're drowning in spam, and not the deliciously disgusting kind. Also, when spammers can randomize addresses, filters should work like other programs so I can just block key words and route them directly to trash. Mostly pretty good, and I never wanted to bother with alternatives...devil you know and all.


Lately the app hasn't been working correctly. When the email preview is shown in the notifications it only shows one, or part of a word. I'm also getting a huge amount of spam emails daily when I normally would only get 1 or 2 a month. I keep marking them as spam, but I get 2 more the next day. Which brings me to my next point. The app needs to have a rules or filter creator like other email apps. Most of the spam has the same subject and/or extension and it would be great to filter them out.


This is my favourite email app, easy to use, great. However, it used to load old emails when i wanted them, all i had to do was swipe up. But since an update a while ago, it does not do that anymore, which makes finding information i need on older emails impossible. This is a deal breaker for me, and very inconvenient to have to use a different app or the phones browser everytime i need to refer to an older email


Pretty basic, no frills, no problems. Feels real good with the rest of the OS. Exactly what I would look for in the default app for a phone. Wouldn't mind a way to set a preference to Show Images by default, but this has got Outlook beat on the simplicity of accessing the button itself. Good job designers and others that worked on this.


Handles multiple email accounts well. Fairly easy to navigate. Holds personalized signatures, wish each could be a little bigger. Updates are infrequent. I would prefer that accounts and passwords get saved somewhere so when have to replace phone or do system reset (yes, both a nightmare) there's less to have to update. Just went through another phone replacement. Nightmare setting up 11 email accounts.


This is the only app I use for email on my phone. It is so much better than everything else I've tried (including outlook) and allows me to seamlessly access multiple email accounts. I can flag, file, sort, delete or file a bunch of emails at one time. When I upgrade to a new phone, all I have to do is sign in; Samsung migrates everything for me, no more headaches. The only flaw is trying to find really old emails on the server, but I am not sure if it is a problem with the app or my service.


I used to love this app until the most recent update. It takes forever to get new emails cause for whatever reason it isn't syncing to show I have new emails. I can't move certain emails to the folder I have set for them cause they just end up back in my inbox. Important emails end up in the junk folder. Very unimpressed that I have to log in to my actual account to be able to look at my emails. Fix this issue and maybe ill change my rating


if there was a no stars option, I'd give it no stars. it was fine until the recent update. Now it freezes up after you look at an email or two. It takes forever to display new emails. This fix for this problem last a short while, but now its back. I've submitted information to the developer many times but it just keeps happening. Very frustrating to say the least. Does anyone have a suggestion for a better email app?


Great app. I have 2 criticisms. 1) When you save a draft and go back to it later to make edits, the screen flashes repeatedly and will not let you make any changes. You have to start the email all over again. 2) the only way the app recognizes an email address that you've used in the past is to have it saved under your contacts. The app must not be searching through past emails to find the contact you need. Any fixes to these issues?


I prefer it to the actual Google mail app. Its much easier to navigate compared to the other one where it decides for you which folder things should go in and then you can't find what you need. My only complaint is that it often makes emails invisible. It says 'no emails in folder' then it's all back again next time you log in. That is very annoying when you need a certain email there and then.


I started using this app when Xfinity discontinued their email app. The first month or two it worked pretty well. Then it would randomly request I sign in again, each time getting more and more difficult despite having the correct information. Now, I can't even sign in to my account and I'm searching for a better, more consistent app to access my email. Something so simple shouldn't be such a bother.


Love the app . Have had it for years but every so often it wants to verify my password or identity. It always takes forever to fix it because it won't take the correct password. I have fixed it before by changing the password until it sticks . For a week now I can't get work emails in my phone which is a big issue . I have reset password many times tried everything other then deleting the app because it was so hard to set it up with frontier. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Mostly love it! In previous versions, the search function would search all folders. In the latest version, you have to search each folder individually-with no option to search all folders, such a time waster!! Difficult if you are trying to find a chain(email with responses). Otherwise it is a great, seamless email app that allows all email addresses to be viewed in one place, at one time and amazing integration with all other apps :-)