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Stephanie Buttermore Fit App DESCRIPTION

Stephanie Buttermore Fit training programs are designed by Stephanie Buttermore for women who are interested in building muscle and gaining strength. All of the training programs focus on resistance training with female physique goals in mind to create a balanced, aesthetic and strong body.

There are four individually sold programs to choose from depending on training experience (beginner, intermediate or advanced) and training location (gym or at-home). These programs are either 8-week or 10-week long programs strategically crafted to sculpt and strengthen the body.

APP FEATURES (with program purchase)
-Full program explanation
-Training log to save progress
-Video demonstrations
-Training history
-Exercise descriptions and cues
-Exercise science key terms
-Full functional anatomy
-All training principles using the most up-to-date scientific principles

1. At-Home Program: Includes 6 separate 8-week programs for all levels of training experience with minimal at-home equipment. Whether you are a complete beginner, intermediate or advanced lifter, there will be something for you! Build muscle and strength within the comfort of your own home.

2. Women’s Foundation Program: Designed for beginner to intermediate lifters and will provide you with all the foundations of weight lifting. There are 3 separate 8-week programs included to cater to your busy schedule. These programs place an emphasis on the lower body while still developing the upper body to shape a balanced and aesthetic physique while concurrently increasing overall strength.

3. Women’s Specialization Program: An 8-week program designed for intermediate to advanced lifters who wish to maximize their overall muscular development and shape. This program focuses on developing the glutes, shoulders, abs and back for an aesthetic, balanced physique while concurrently increasing overall strength.

4. Women’s Optimization Program: A 10-Week program designed for intermediate to advanced lifters who want a challenging hypertrophy and strength focused program. This program is perfect for experienced lifters that want to spice up their training with advanced training techniques to maximize their muscular potential. This lower body focused program will also build a strong and balanced physique.


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I love that there are alternative exercises for every exercise in my training program. Have been following Stephanie for many years and love that these workout programs are so well thought out and explained exactly how they work.


Love the app! Hoping Steph is up for some updates/improvements. It would be cool if you could select a "current plan" and if the days/weeks you have already completed can get marked "done". I can never get straight what day I'm on and always have to click through to find my last workout. Love the app and programs! Well worth the $


Works and I love the ease of it. She has it broken down by blocks then weeks then days. Similar to the PDF you get once you purchase the plan. For the workout day, she provides a video demo with background music for you to watch and also help text describing the move. MY MAIN ISSUE is the video is on the same page as your activity log AND it autoplays so if you're listening to music it would automatically stop yours and play the video, even though you're only logging the weights.


Useful app but the video player doesn't work. It would be nice if there was a youtube hyperlink we can click instead of just having the video player there (like the ones for the alternative exercise).


Really handy app. Nice that it was free for anyone who bought a program! It is basic but very functional. Videos are included to show exercises but my only complaint so far is that the videos auto play which cuts off my music that's playing. I don't see a spot to 'mute' the videos to get this to stop happening either. Otherwise really good! Edit - not critical but it also doesn't show warm up sets. Which is okay but I wish it did like on the written program!


Almost perfect, Would love the option to save a workout and mark it complete


Such an amazing and BEAUTIFUL app!!! Until one I used to have the exercises printed out on one side and the laptop with the YouTube videos on the other side, which made my workouts a bit longer. Now that's solved with this app as everything fits in one screen that I can easily bring to the gym. And she also added a place where we can include the amount of weights. AMAZING! LOVE YOU STEPHANIE! THANK YOU FOR THIS APP!


I love the workout plans and the layout of the app but it crashes a lot. If you click out of the app then try to go back it completely restarts or it freezes and cant be used. Kind of a bummer when you're just trying to log weight or see how many reps you need for an exercise. Still love the app though


It's a good app overall and helpful for logging the workout. I wish there was a way to just see the programs that I've already purchased instead of having to scroll through all the programs. Also the exercise demos keep playing on their own and cutting off my music, which isn't the most enjoyable but could be worse.


I love this app. It is so convenient to have the video, workout plan, and function to keep records of your progress all in one place. Totally worth it.


This is exactly what I needed! I have almost all of Stephanie's programs but didn't have a way to actually track my progress without printing out the programs and I don't like wasting paper if I don't have too. I can't wait to start another round of the At Home program tomorrow! I also love that I can see the exercises in the app without having to lose my spot. Great job!