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Backgammon Classic Board Game Game DESCRIPTION

Backgammon is one of the oldest board games. It teaches you to think globally and think through your actions more than a few moves ahead. Try downloading our online backgammon app for free and enjoy the process. Long backgammon in Russian is a game for two. One person can only play it against a computer without or with the Internet.

Long backgammon online for two involves playing 1 on 1. The playing field is divided into two halves (bar). Each player has chips of their own color, one is white, the other is black. In total, each player has 15 checkers, which must be moved in a certain way in order to get them into the house. Players take turns walking, throwing dice (dice, dice) and making long moves at face value. If a double appears, the moves are doubled. Instead of two moves, the player makes four.

The goal of the online game long backgammon is to bring all the chips into your house and then throw them away. When playing for two, it is advisable to remove a chip from the “head” on each move. In one move, you can only remove one checker from your head. In the game there is such a thing as a block (blocking) – when all the fields for a move are blocked. It’s always more interesting to compete with two people. And then the player can end up losing with Mars or coke. Mars – when an online backgammon player has not thrown a single checker off the field. Home Mars – when you didn’t have time to bring all the chips into the house. Cox – when the chips are left on the bar or in the opponent’s house.

We didn’t do long bluetooth ones. It’s easier to play online backgammon for two on one phone. Real backgammon masters go to the tournament and compete for very good prize money. Russian original backgammon on the Internet is what you need.

In addition to long online games, there are also short backgammon games. At the moment we only offer long backgammon via Bluetooth. Simple rules and such a smart game will appeal to everyone. The Russian people love the classic versions of apps for two for Android. By the way, the online backgammon championship is also held once a year. The smart master of this game who becomes a champion wins a big jackpot. They seem ordinary, but such different board games are always interesting.

Long backgammon with a friend is a great way to have a good time.

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Backgammon is one of the oldest board games. It teaches you to think globally and think through your actions more than a few moves ahead. Try downloading our online backgammon app for free and enjoy the process. Long backgammon in Russian is a game for two. One person can only play it against a computer without or with the Internet.Long backgammon online for two involves playing 1 on 1. The playing field is divided into two halves (bar). Each player has chips of their own color, one is white, the other is black. In total, each player has 15 checkers, which must be moved in a certain way in order to get them into the house. Players take turns walking, throwing dice (dice, dice) and making long moves at face value. If a double appears, the moves are doubled. Instead of two moves, the player makes four.The goal of the online game long backgammon is to bring all the chips into your house and then throw them away. When playing for two, it is advisable to remove a chip from..
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The classic game of checkers for two player without the Internet. Fight against a computer (more precisely, a phone or artificial intelligence) or against friends and acquaintances.Checkers for two online is an amazing free board game for two. You can try your hand against the computer at different difficulty levels. We made checkers without hints to make it more interesting to play. But at easy levels there is the possibility of canceling the checker move, but at difficult levels there is no such option.Checkers vs friends without the Internet (offline) will allow you to pump your intelligence, because these are difficult decisions. Basically, it's a puzzle.Board games such as checkers or chess are suitable for both children and adults. You can choose to play as black or white. The first move is always white.Free checkers for two players will allow you to play with your friends online. Even if you are a novice player, then there are simple easy levels for you, if you are strongdifficult ones.Online checkers can be played with two players. You can arrange a checkers tournament..

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