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Scavenger Hunt Find the Words Game SCREENSHOT

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Scavenger Hunt Find the Words Game DESCRIPTION

Jump into an exciting adventure filled with mystery with Scavenger Hunt Game. The ultimate object finding Puzzle Game. This immersive scavenger hunt game combines the choice of hidden objects.

With the thrill of an object hunt, you are delivering an unmatched board puzzle. Experience that will captivate players of all ages. Get ready to unleash your inner detective as you unravel clues. Find hidden objects and start an exciting journey through enchanting worlds.

Scavenger hunt hidden object games offer a diverse array of amazing scenarios. Each hidden object is set in crafted environments. The diamond finder game transports players to captivating settings. That is teeming with secrets waiting to be unveiled. Hunt and seek game prettily designed landscapes. Scavenger Hunt object finding ensures an exciting experience that keeps players engaged.

Challenge Your Skills Hidden Object Games & Object Finder Puzzle Game:
Scavenger hunt Hidden object game will be delighted with the interesting levels. Complete the challenging levels of hunt and Seek game has to offer. Each level presents a unique set of clues and riddles. Hunt and Seek puzzle board games that test your attention to detail. As you progress through the Scavenger Hunt Games. The difficulty increases, keeping you on your toes and your mind engaged.

Hidden Object Games Free New Full Mystery:
In Hidden Object Games every level is more than a scavenger hunt and seek game. It’s a piece of a greater mystery waiting to be unraveled. Follow the trail of clues, decipher codes, and unlock hidden objects. Try to reveal the truth behind each location’s secrets. The compelling narrative weaves through the levels. Players in a captivating storyline that adds depth and excitement to the gameplay.

Engaging Scavenger Hunt Hidden Objects Games Gameplay:
This game Hunt and Seek Puzzles games designed to be intuitive. These hidden object games are easy to navigate on Android. Tap, pinch, and swipe your way through the scenes to uncover hidden items. The responsive touch controls enhance the gaming experience. Making it a delight to explore detailed environments and find concealed objects.

Bonus Challenges and Rewards in Scavenger Hunt Object Finder Game:
Scavenger Hunt Diamond Finder game offers bonus challenges. The Rewards for completing levels with exceptional speed and accuracy. Earn stars, coins, or special power-ups that can help you at tougher levels. Or provide hints when you’re stuck. Compete with friends to see who can be the ultimate object hunt champion.

Scavenger Hunt Object Finder Games embraces social interaction. This game allows players to connect with friends and family. Share your progress, exchange hints, and compete against each other to win. The friendly competition adds a layer of excitement. And community spirit to the scavenger hunt experience.

For those who love gaming on the go, hidden objects games offer ease of play. No need to worry about a stable internet connection. download the levels you want to play. And you’re all set for hours of thrilling entertainment wherever you are. Customize your gaming experience in the hidden object games. Customize by choosing from various themes and difficulty levels.

Tailor the game to suit your preferences, making it perfect for players of all skill levels. hunt and seek object finding game keeps on giving. The developers are consistent in providing regular updates and introducing fresh levels. New adventures and exciting challenges to keep players engaged. Each update may also bring extra themes and settings. Ensuring there’s always something novel to explore.

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Scavenger Hunt Find the Words Game DOWNLOAD

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Game was good but only 5 levels! And then challenges don't even register as completed if you decide to go play those aswell.. so you will just keep replaying the same level over and over. Shame


Horrible game. I was looking forward to trying it but right as the game began it had a circle and a hand showing and telling you to click on the item to collect. Simple concept except for the fact that there was nothing to click on right there. I wasn't ever able to start the game since I couldn't collect that first highlighted item(?). So....I had to uninstall it.


I enjoyed the game but could not advance due to not being able to go below the items of search where I know there were hidden words do two hints that I used that I just could not get to the space because the items to search bar was in the way Gave it a second shot installed again as I really do enjoy playing but on the very first level I can't get underneath the clue bar to choose the last word to complete the level. Even using the search tool it shows that I need to go there but I cannot


I love this app . This first time did in words . I am gradually getting hung it..It so much alot enjoyment and educational for me. love it
Thanks for your love. If you have any questions, please contact us at


Apart from the ads the game is okay well the 5 levels it has it's been over 2 months and 5 seperate updates and not 1 new level
New levels are in progres, we will release them soon within a week or two, stay tuned. We have rolled out an update today which will be available to you in couple of hours, we have added challenge mode which we hope you will like.


I can't play past the first level because the whole banner on the bottom of the screen is straight up BLOCKING the last word!! I would love this game SO much! FIX IT PRRETTY PLEASE 🥺
We are sorry to hear that, can you please send us a screenshot by email at


I finished level 4 but there's no level 5. It just keeps saying next. When you click on it, it's just blank. But very fun game if can get to next level
New levels are in progress, we will release them soon within a week or two, stay tuned. We have rolled out an update today which will be available to you in couple of hours, we have added challenge mode which we hope you will like.


this is the hardest game to play, but I think everyone is good at word searches and this is the best that I have found, also very tricky.
Thanks so much for the awesome review. Please tell your friends about the game and what they are missing out on :)


Glitches, clues and compass don't work level 3, found all words can't move on to level 4


Good concept, but bad game. Laggy controls and WAY too many adverts. Had to see/close an ad before I even played for the first time.... definitely an uninstall for me


WAY too many ads!! Ad within ads! Used to wait till the end of each puzzle. Deleting!!


I really liked this game. Fun alternative to finding objects. Unfortunately I can't get past level 3 (mice world). It keeps resetting to 0 words found when I get close to finding all words.


Love the premise of the game but the banner ad at the bottom is BLOCKING the final word on the first level for me. Meaning I can't complete unless I pay for it. And yes, it's definitely there - I can see the edge of the magnifying glass pulsating. Uninstall.


I bought a pack in the beginning of the game along with ad free and it didn't go to my!


This game is awesome and fun. It's a great new way to play the game. But the ads are horrible and you waste most your time on them vs actually playing the game


I liked finding the words vs finding objects. I can't get past the 3rd chapter (Mice World) because for some reason it says I am short 1 word to move to next chapter, but I've found every word! So developers, if you could fix this big so I can keep playing, I'd appreciate that a bunch!!


It's a cute game and I did end up paying for ad free. The only problem so far is they only have 4 chapters.. that's it. Unless you're are going to play the same 4 levels over and over, I say don't bother. Otherwise fun game!


I really enjoyed the game! 3 stars because there were only 4 levels to play and the last two were the same as the first two, at least in my experience. Disappointed I paid for the ad-free version now. Hopefully more levels are coming soon, will keep for now.


I like finding words vs objects. And I would have given you 5 stars had I been able to see the teeny tiny words, not only finding them but read them in the circles. I used zoom but it won't enlarge the words in the circles that I'm to find. And it doesn't magnify the teeny tiny words in the puzzles. I'm really disappointed and uninstalled. ☹️I also paid for the no ads, too.


Good game. A bit too easy for me. Only problem I came across is wishing I could widen the Pic a little more. I'm getting older and the eyes aren't what they used to be. But that's no reflection on the game. Could use more levels. And not repetitive scenes please.