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GUIBO the digital guidebook App DESCRIPTION

The guidebook for your holiday can be downloaded via the booking number from your tour operator. You will have all routes, maps and accomodation information available even without internet connection.

Our maps, which we produce with a focus on outdoor activities, are on the device and are available in all zoom levels without internet connection

Find your way in every corner of the world with GPS and our offline maps.

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Inge's ist eine App, mit der du in Minutenschnelle an eine zuverlässige Beförderung kommst. Die Inge's App ist Deine Minicar Alternative zum Taxi24h an 7 Tagen. Mit der Inges App kommst du mit nur zwei Klicks zu deiner Fahrt. Bezahlt wird bequem per Kreditkarte, Paypal oder auch in Bar.Inge's Personenbeförderug ist Dein Minicar-Service und die Alternative zum Taxi. Egal, ob Du zum Flughafen, Bahnhof oder íns Krankenhaus willst. Inges Personenbeförderung bringt Dich immer sicher und schnell ans Ziel. Lade noch heute Deine Inge's App herunter und bestelle Dir gleich Deinen persönlich Fahrdienst.Inge's Personenbeförderung ist derzeit in den Städten Rastatt, Bühl und Umgebung verfügbar.Dabei bietet Dir Inge's folgenden Service:• Personenbeförderung zum Festpreis• Chauffeurservice• Zubringerservice zu Bahnhöfen und Flughäfen• Fahrdienst und Shuttle bei Veranstaltungen• Schüler- und Kinderfahrten• Rollstuhlservice erster Klasse• Krankentransporte sitzend• Dialyse- und Bestrahlungsfahrten• Kur-, Reha- und Urlaubsfahrten• Direktabrechnung mit allen Krankenkassen• Einkaufsservice• Besorgungsfahrten und Kurierdienst• Fahrten auf Rechnung• Bezahlung mit Kreditkarten und Paypal• Sammle Punkte mit der Inge's BonuskarteFunktionen:• Automatische Ortung via GPS• Integrierter Fahrpreis, -distanz und Fahrtdauerrechner• Anzeige der Fahrzeuge in der Nähe• Anzeige der Anfahrtszeit des Inge's Fahrzeuges•..
Now Jeju trip curation times! Please raise your trip to Jeju travel information is updated weekly. Attractions coupons, free Wi-Fi, a time to map!
나를 위한 더 즐거운 제주여행!> 내 취향에 꼭 맞는 나만의 여행을 계획하고 싶을 때.> 여행 중 내 주변의 맛집 정보가 필요할 때.> 할인쿠폰을 미리 찾지 못했는데, 지금 바로 할인 받고 싶을 때.> 다양한 먹거리가 가득한 제주, 검증된 맛집에서 먹고 싶을 때.> 제주 항공, 숙박, 렌트카의 특가 상품 예약까지 한번에.> 편리한 모바일 면세점 쇼핑까지!트립앤바이 제주가 추천하는 여행코스로 지금 가장 핫한 장소를 방문하세요!제주여행에 대한 모든 고민, 트립앤바이 제주로 완벽해결!> 매주 업데이트 되는 핫한 테마여행제주 여행의 최신 정보로 큐레이션된 테마여행을 확인하세요.검증된 제주여행 테마가 매주 업데이트 됩니다.> 여행자들이 직접 올린 제주 사진인스타그램에 가득한 제주 사진을 미리 보고 여행계획을 세우세요.직접 해시태그를 검색하지 않아도 인스타그램에 올라온 사진과 동영상을 선별해서 보여드립니다..> 나만의 여행일정 & 톡제주도의 인기 관광지와 맛집, 이색 카페, 게스트하우스, 숙소 등 내 위치 주변의 핫플레이스를 모아보고, 제주 여행 코스를 만들어보세요. 나의 일정이나 다른 여행자의 일정을 서로 확인하고, 부족한 정보는 실시간 톡으로 공유하세요.> 여행 특가 상품을 더욱 간편하게!항공, 숙박, 렌트카의 여행 특가 상품을 한 눈에 확인하고 간편한 방법으로 예약까지 해결하세요.> 더욱 빠른 길찾기!이제는 지도에서 주소 찾고 네비게이션을 또 켜지 마세요.트립앤바이 제주에서 ‘네비게이션 길찾기’ 하나면 더욱 빠르고 쉽게 찾아갈 수 있어요!트립앤바이 제주 지도에서 김기사와 티맵(Tmap), 올레네비, 다음지도,..
Download our application and discover the beauty of Gerês!
Top Gerês application has a range of features for those who visit the Peneda-Gerês National Park and it’s available in Portuguese and English. With our app, find out what Gerês has to offer! Select the points of interest and choose from the various filter: monuments, places of interest, viewpoints, waterfalls, etc.This mobile application allows you to:- Know in detail the Top Gerês, with contacts and photos;- Tourist routes in and around Gerês;- Book the accommodation that suits you;- Weather information for 3 days.Install now our application and discover the beauties of Gerês!
Traffic, weather and travel for Michigan
What is NEW:- Integrate Traffic Map- Integrate Rest Areas- For traffic cameras map view, please purchase the full version or USA version.PLEASE NOTICE THIS APP WILL NEED TO DOWNLOAD THE CAMERAS IN A REGULAR BASISevery time It will take a while to re-initialize the app.This app has the following features:- Traffic Cameras List- Travel- WeatherFor the advanced Traffic map and Traffic Cameras map feathers, click on the "Get the Full Version" to get the paid version.
Shows Swiss grid coordinates of you location or any point on the map!
SwissGrid displays the location received by GPS in Swiss grid coordinates (Schweizer Koordinaten). This allows you to determine your location on any Swiss map.Swiss coordinates can also be converted into WGS (world-) coordinates and vice-versa.The integrated online map shows the exact location of your Swiss coordinates.If this is not enough, there is also a compass integrated.
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The 5F Freight Platform provides dependable FTL & Bulk capacity to shippers across North America at sustainably low rates.
All the information about Cyprus is at your fingertips.
MapCyprus: Copyright SELAS MAPPING SERVICESTHE MOST DOWNLOADED APPLICATION OF ITS KIND ON CYPRUSAll the information about Cyprus is at your fingertips with “Map Cyprus”, the most detailed, accurate and comprehensive app available on Cyprus for your Android. Brought to you by SELAS MAPPING SERVICES, Cyprus’ leading mapping company, “Map Cyprus” is based on the most detailed and accurate Map of Cyprus and enables you to search for any address or any Point of Interest from your mobile phone by using an intuitive and user friendly interface.More than that, the app includes GPS navigation which shows you the routing from your current position to anywhere you want to go in Cyprus! In addition to the thousands of Points of Interest, the app can also be used as a Tourist Guide since it includes detailed Information and photos on the island’s tourist attractions and places of interest.And the most important: the app is ONLINE WITH DAILY UPDATING of the information right to your mobile without having to re-download the app. What makes “Map Cyprus” the most popular app is its user friendly..
Convert 190+ currencies and four precious metals using benchmark OANDA Rates®.
Free currency converter uses OANDA Rates®—the same daily filtered exchange rates used by auditing firms and banks. Convert 190+ currencies and four precious metals. Choose the Interbank rate, or use the percentage add-on feature to calculate typical rates charged by credit card companies and banks.
Download hiking and cycling guidebooks with maps and navigation
GUIDEBOOK DOWNLOADThe guidebook for your holiday can be downloaded via the booking number from your tour operator. You will have all routes, maps and accomodation information available even without internet connection.TOPOGRAPHIC OFFLINE MAPSOur maps, which we produce with a focus on outdoor activities, are on the device and are available in all zoom levels without internet connectionGPS NAVIGATIONFind your way in every corner of the world with GPS and our offline maps.

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First entry, 4 points, Allow this app to access "physical activity" to get the general information of the travel ... -3 1 Star without even using it much
Hallo Christian, die Daten der körperliche Aktivität ermöglichen der App zu erkennen ob sich der Benutzer in Bewegung oder in Stillstand befindet. Dadurch kann die App Strom sparen indem sie nicht die Positionsdaten verarbeitet wärend der Benutzer in einem Restaurant sitzt. Du kann den Zugriff auf die körperliche Aktivitäten aber auch ablehnen.


Someone thought they could improve on Google Maps. They couldn't. It doesn't display your current location, obscures information with great colored circles, produces verbose and misleading directions and eats phone battery. If the cycle tour company I've used 3 times in Europe is still using this abominable app on my next trip I will look for a company that isn't.
Hallo Bernie, mit Google Maps geht eine Navigation auf vielen Wanderrouten nicht. Dein aktueller Standort wird dir angezeigt, bitte doch deinen Reiseveranstalter dir diese App genauer zu erklären. Wir arbeiten auch schon an Erklärvideos. Die Wegbeschreibung etc pflegt der Veranstalter selbst, bitte gib ihm dein Feedback.