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Battle Of The Eastern Front Game DESCRIPTION

An unknown army has invaded your country. You must take up arms and take back the lost land. There are many enemies, so please use battlefield supplies reasonably!

Game Features
**Many roles allow you to have a exciting game experience
**hundreds of guns and weapons, you can change
**Many skills and talents
**Works fine on any mobile phone
** Completely free
** The world war scene, the picture is clear

How to play
**Dodge, kill, and survive from waves of enemy
**Pick your favorite gun and kill enemy in world war
** Sniper rifle,Awm,ak-47, Gatling, bow and arrow…don’t lose
**Survival! Survival! Survival! The most important thing is to survive!
**Watch out tanks in game

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An unknown army has invaded your country. You must take up arms and take back the lost land. There are many enemies, so please use battlefield supplies reasonably!Game Features**Many roles allow you to have a exciting game experience **hundreds of guns and weapons, you can change**Many skills and talents**Works fine on any mobile phoneCompletely freeThe world war scene, the picture is clearHow to play**Dodge, kill, and survive from waves of enemy**Pick your favorite gun and kill enemy in world warSniper rifle,Awm,ak-47, Gatling, bow and arrow…don’t lose**Survival! Survival! Survival! The most important thing is to survive!**Watch out tanks in gameThe most top classic shoot game, fighting and challenge your limit
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Far too many ads. Die because of it.


The game is unplayable due to the 3-second interval ads. The idea of the game is good, but how can a game exist if it can't have what it is made for to work?


Game is good but we cant customize controls


This game is good...but there is some issue 😕... everywhere is ads.....and there is only 1 mission.... capture the flag..... developer need to add more mission.. like team death match.....solo match...... overall this game is good 😊


Can someone explain how this game is fair at all? You start off with the worst soldier to play as and he has a slow, weak, and six shot gun that takes exactly seven shots to kill the enemy while the enemy has a whole range of weapons from one shot snipers, to full auto sub machine guns that wipe you out in an instant. And the next gun is 1000 coins. This wouldn't be a problem if it were easy to get coins: (you have to win a match to get coins) and even then the next gun is also bad. One ⭐


The game is nice But you need to work on the shooting animation It's very difficult for me to shoot the enemy before you know it even before I aim trying to shoot, they've shot me already Too bad 😔 Please work on it And the explosion effect should be installed there and make the aiming and shooting enhanced like cod You can do better


This game has a lot of potential it has a good graphics and animations but i hope the developers make this game bug free and i hope that this game to become popular because theres not a lot of players here .and if the developers take this game seriously i think it will make it on top of the leaderboards.


Good Game but it Ad u to Death time to Uninstall can't enjoy playing the game like that Helll Naww


This game is more add than you play


I am open the game automatically closes the game and auto shoot need ad


1 star AT BEST . Ad infested awful Buggy cashgrab !! Avoid at all costs !


It's perfect very perfect the game was good the graphics are amazing but plss add some plane for better experience


This is a trash game that's mostly made up of ads and loses.


It keeps on telling me that time is up. I hated it


The game is cool but the scoring is terrible, I was playing in blue team as a support sniper and we have the most score from occupying flags but we still lose.


Great game not a lot of ads and it is good I hope you make more games like this


I spawned with the weakest gun that does little damage but the bots are too strong


1. Bad firing and aiming mechanism (No aim assist) 2. The game looks unfinished / half baked 3. ADS everywhere


Gameplay is great but theres an ad every 30 seconds even during matches. Totally intusive. If wasnt like that, I would be keeping it and probably playin it for a very long time.


Ads ads ads ADS!!!