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Sculpt People Game DESCRIPTION

Welcome to our new simulation pottery game, where you can satisfy customers by sculpting amazing 3D models with clay dough! Our game is super satisfying and relaxing, making it the perfect way to release your stress with the dough of clay. Whether you’re a professional artist or a DIY enthusiast, our game offers simple mechanics and tools that make sculpting, reface and restyle easy and fun. Using our 3D model maker and face maker tools, you can create customized avatars that truly reflect your style and personality.

As you sculpt people’s heads (and their pets too!), make sure to use the kinetic movements to get the perfect result, close enough to the photo. The depth and customization in this pottery game are unmatched, allowing you to express your artistic expression just like in figurine art. With our amazing 3D graphics, you can bring your clay craft models to life and create a truly immersive experience.

As you sculpt and paint, you’ll appreciate the ability to create a work of art that truly showcases your creativity. Whether you’re interested in 3D modeling or simply looking for a fun craft project, our game has something for everyone.

So why wait? Try out our avatar creator and avatar maker tools and see what kind of clay craft models you can create! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sculptor, our game offers the perfect outlet for your artistic expression. So start sculpting and enjoy the endless possibilities of this pottery game today!

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Sculpt People Game DOWNLOAD

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it is a really good game. it is fun and a easy and I love that you get daily gifts for playing. the only reason I did it as four stars is because it is pretty easy. another thing that I like is that if you want you get to prank people to get a low score. it is especially better when you do it on a bid so you can eliminate the people who gives you bad word for you AWFUL sculpture .Ok


It's a fun entertaining game but glitches and bugs they don't let me put a body on without having to leave a game.


The app itself is very good. However the problem is that there are too many ads. And as I'm playing the game after I completed a stage there is another ad. And personally I hate ads


it's fun but at the beginning it is boring. I'm a beginner so I don't know if we do celebs or not like the commercial does, but it's fun though


I've played this game 🎮 once before and it was so fun and I been there laying this game 🎮 I was eight but could you add some minigames challenges and can you make it wear I can make I own sculpt thank you 🙏.


You know all players that's unbelievable i mean its a great game, but ADS!!!!!!! Can you fix it ? Its really annoying 😒 so, this star gonna give you a class forever!!!!!


Good 😊 game 🎮 I played it before but lot of ads and Jip that's what I think good bye have a nice day and happy Easter to all of you 💕😘 to all my friends love ya guys have a fun game good night it is 23:09 at night


I like it no add come when you play it it's actually pretty cool you need to make us clapture of what a kid drew it's really nice I give it five stars


too much ads on every level there comes a ad 😡


This game is such a stupid game! I want to not even give it a rating!! This is a horrible game it doesn't even let you sculpt it how you want it to be! It doesn't let you sculpt it pretty or ugly there's no point of buying this game and on with the ads ads and ads and ADS! Unless you want to waste your time getting this game and watching ads every single second I wouldn't recommend it I got it one minute of playing the game I emmidiately deleted the game if they fix the ads I'll play it


I get that's it's a great game but there's to much ads that we can't skip and the game is hard to control and has bad controls so I hope the game fixes these things😃


their controls are so bad, specially when there is the injection part the skin was automatically spreading even I didnt touched the injection or pressed the injection into the skin(clay) that was just spreading again and again. so personally I would not recommended to download or install this game.


This game is unplayable because of how many adds there are!! I mean seriously?!?! One or two adverts I understand but one everytime you press a button to go to the next level, OR right in the middle of "sculpting" This needs to be sorted very quickly, if your going to stand a chance of people sticking around for this game. The whole sculpting thing says as it pleads, but that's just about as good as your going to get, you have no experience because you're busy watching adds all the time ☹️


It is not bad of a game, and it had an interesting concept, but it also has its cons. Here are 3 reasons why: The first reason, is the amount of ads. After each move I do, there's an ad, its just crazy. The second reason is it gets really boring. For example, I'm on day 75, and it just keeps on telling me to do surprises, or random. Trust me its not fun. And the final reason. I don't know if its only for me, but when I try to watch an ad to "try" the body, it doesnt work. Im un-installing later.


Ads after every step in the process is excessive. After each sculpture would make more sense. As a sculptor in real life, I thought this would be a silly but fun and possibly challenging way to spend time and it would be if you had to push or pull on the screen to try to get the same shape as in the photo but the game sculpts the photos itself by making an infinity symbol with one finger. Not remotely challenging or fun. Has potential because the idea is good but not the way it is currently.


The concept of the game is great, but there's too many adverts. After every small task there's an advert and it just gets annoying. I understand that you need to have adverts in game for funding but like, come on, there's way too many. Like I said, the concept is great and so is the production (although it is very simple) so 2 stars. But work on the adverts please.


Most useless game I have ever seen. Game does everything automatically. You just touch the screen and the head is sculpted. The only thing you can control is the color sprays and depth of eye holes. I just played the game for 2 minutes and I had to watch 7 ads. So if you don't like sculpting and like watching adds, this game is for you.


Don't download. Just a wastage of space. I downloaded this long side 5 more games. It took 30 minutes to download this and 5 minutes for the other games. Tryed opening this 3 times, waited for 25 minutes every time. It didn't open. Other games worked perfectly, but this one didn't. It wasn't a network issue. Worst game I ever came across.


I really like the game but there is 2 things that drive me crazy, first thing is the it keeps buzzing every time I do something one the game, last things is that there is so much adds in this game to unlock. I really think you should try it out! And that is why I give it a 3 star rating. So if you want a game that keeps buzzing and vibrating all that time when you and a bunch adds go ahead install it and waste your time and does THE WORK FOR YOU. And do the bare minimum and not doing work.


In short. You would get an ad every minute sometimes you wouldn't get a prize you get if you watch a ad for it too, and alot of people here downloaded this because of one of the ads where you can customize it your way, when really the game is doing everything. You can't mess up even if you wanted to. Also for me personally, It always freezes but that's just me, I have read most comments and they are talking mostly about the ads and how it won't open. But with more effort it would be a good game!