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• Improved some features and fixed bugs

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Samsung One UI Home App DESCRIPTION

Samsung Experience Home starts fresh with a new face and name: One UI Home. It comes with a simple screen layout, neatly arranged icons, as well as Home and Apps screens that perfectly fit Galaxy devices. Meet the better-looking One UI Home that blends familiarity with newness.

[New features available from Android Pie]
•Use Full screen gestures on the Home screen.
– You can hide the Navigation buttons at the bottom of the Home screen, and quickly switch between apps using gestures. Now, enjoy an even bigger Home screen.

•Lock the Home screen layout after rearranging app icons.
– This can prevent pages from being added and app icons from being repositioned or removed by accident. To lock the Home screen layout, go to Home screen settings, then turn on Lock Home screen layout.

•Touch and hold an app icon or widget.
– You can quickly access the App info or Widget settings screen without going through multiple menus.

※ The features described above require an update to Android 9.0 Pie or a later version.
※ Available features may differ depending on the device or OS version.

If you have any questions or experience any issues while using One UI Home, contact us through the Samsung Members app.

※ App permissions
The following permissions are required for the app service. For optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is turned on, but not allowed.

[Required permissions]

[Optional permissions]
•Storage : Used to restore the home screen layout data
•Contacts : Used to restore the contact widget information

If your system software version is lower than Android 6.0, please update the software to configure App permissions.
Previously allowed permissions can be reset on Apps menu in device settings after software update.


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I'm disappointed to say the least. The 2019 update removed some the thing's that were most helpful. The one touch to answer and end calls, is gone! Having dexterity issues that was a plus. The slide to answer, is a real issue. Unfortunately, there's nothing to be done. Updates shouldn't mean, taking away feature's. That's definitely not a better experience, in my opinion.


I was reading all these reviews since I've also been getting annoying random pop-up ads over the past couple of weeks and was on the verge of switching to a new phone. I thought they were caused by this app (this is what my "recently used apps" seemed to indicate), but noticed a few people mentioned their Barcode Scanner app was actually causing the problem. This was also true for me; I deleted Barcode Scanner and now my Samsung works normally again (no fast battery drainage, no random pop-up ads, no impression that my phone has a virus).


Because of the pop-up ads, I couldn't get turn off my alarm that was mistakenly set for 30 minutes earlier than it needed to be. I usually uninstall EVERY FREAKING THING that causes ads when I'm not in the app. Had to disable this because it's a system app. Putting ads in your system software is enough to make people switch and never come back. You aren't the only game in town, there's some top competitors and others are moving up.


I purchased an unlocked A50 in January, it came with One UI 2.0 installed. I have never had a problem. It has never crashed, operation is smooth, and I've never seen an ad, not once. The themes are great (there are always exceptions of course), and reasonably priced. All in all, this is a good, functional, stable, great looking, and moderately customizable UI. I agree with some reviews in that, more customization would definitely be an improvement. But it's still worthy of 5 stars!


I hate getting all of these random pop up ads. This app came with my phone and since the update, the ad pop-ups are getting worse! Because it's the UI system for the home page, the minute it's uninstalled, my customized pages are uninstalled. When I put them back together, the app reinstalls itself. FIX THIS!! We want to be able to use our phones without getting interrupted every time we use our phones!


While I never agreed updating anything at all. My Galaxy S9's home screen has changed. Everything is placed to the right and some of the apps I have are way too the edge to the point that they are unreachable. Also it's like as though I deleted a lot of the apps I have when I did not delete much. Research led me here and yeah, I'm not happy with my phone's new home screen appearance. I prefer that the home screen stays centered. It's weird to me that everything is set towards the edge.


Everything was fine. I've had my J7 Crown for quite awhile. Don't remember when I bought it. Never had any other issues, until now. Went to restart my phone because my internet(Wifi and standard data) was really slow. Nothing I haven't done before, but now I get a persistent pop-up error message which has rendered my phone useless. "One UI Home keeps stopping" It will not allow me to close the app, it will not allow me to force close, or disable. It just keeps popping up with the error until the phone crashes, restarts and the errors pop-up again.


Every since the app updated, I feel like my phone takes screenshots by itself that don't save to my gallery. I can be in the middle of typing and it does it which minimizes the keyboard thereby effecting my productivity. I didn't have issues until that time. Please fix ASAP as this is very frustrating and annoying! Before this I had no issues and things were smooth.


Decent launcher, but lacking the features of others. I wish you could toggle app labels anywhere, not just turn them off in the dock. Also, an option to toggle the finder would be nice too, I just want to be able to search and open/remove an app, not always press "locate app". It has potential though, and has gotten smoother in the last year or so.


Have two S9 Notes. The One UI Home app constantly runs in the background draining the battery incredibly fast; full charge lasts at best a third of a day. Can't put it to sleep or shut it down. Have not noticed the pop-up ad problem. If I wanted to be teathed to a wall outlet I'd reinstate my land line and save some money. We cannot not continue trying to work like this, as much as I hate the thought, if this isn't fixed quickly we're switching to Apple phones.


In my experience, I love Samsung's One UI. It is a big step in the right direction after years of dealing with touchwiz. I have used it on the S9 and S10 models, and I personally have not had any stutters or lags. The system layout has been refined for easier navigation and the added gestures to me are awesome. I just wish Samsung would release more timely software updates to their devices as they take too long. Also, I did not have issues with this update moving apps on my phone around.


It's never a good idea to automatically add an app to someone's phone without their consent, especially if said app will re-arrange the entire home screen & app layout to a default layout of the developer's choosing. I have lost webpages saved to my home screen that I use regularly for work. If your goal was to annoy customers and make their experience an annoying one, I'd say you've achieved that goal. And of course you'd make sure that your app cannot be uninstalled. Yes, I've tried that too.


The automatic update of this ruined my phone in every possible way from look to functionality. Too many negatives to list (i.e. being unable to scroll down on Youtube now, battery not lasting as long, childish look of the apps screen, irritating cheap sound it makes when you turn volume up or down, being unable to close certain apps if I dont close all, slow to respond programs and keyboard, etc. etc etc etc) and the worst part is I can't undo it. Never buying Samsung again. So angry.


This just showed up on my phone. Everything was moved around and suddenly all the apps were making sounds and the notifications were changed again. This makes me so mad, as there seems to be no easy way to reset my settings without wasting time. My battery is being drained literally as I watch. I can't have this - who has time to charge the phone 3 or 4 times a day? The battery was at 40% when I went to bed, and 5 hours of inactivity later it had completely drained. That has never happened before


I did not choose to install this app. I had no idea that this update was going to remake my phone. It is not only a matter of not liking the look or icons (nasty) but I had to spend hours trying to get the phone back to an acceptable. To my eyes it makes my phone look smaller. I had trouble reading text because it was dark on dark esp. for the settings menu. The only way that I could see the words was to change to high contrast. higher battery usage & keeps turning brightness down. No popups.


1. Does it really takes that space under the keyboard for full screen gestures? 2. I noticed that there's new feature in switching windows using the navigation bar by swiping from the home button. But it is only located at the right side of the navigation bar. How about for left handed people? And lastly, I suggest that to use just black color (FF000000) to black areas in night mode so that it will provide more battery life. Especially for amoled display. I found out that it is FF080808.


I'm not pleased with the layouts, accessibility and general changes with this update. My phone's screen is constantly freezing, and I either have to wait for this to stop, or turn off my phone and turn it back on. I find it interesting that, looking through many of these reviews, people are having a number of problems and yet the only thing you address is, people having trouble with popup ads and your response is the same for must be their fault with apps they've installed.


Causing aggressive pop-up ads on my S7. Ads now pop-up when I'm in the middle of using the phone, as well as when I'm not! Ads interrupted my video recording of my kid's dance, causing me to miss a big portion of it. Ads woke me up in the middle of the night when the phone was not in use at all! Update: This app has completely rearranged my display layout and removes icons from my home screen. I had to swipe the lock screen out of the way to turn off alarm. An ad popped up while writing this.


5 stars seems overkill, this is after all a stock launcher that comes with my phone... but it does the job well. On my old S7 I tried several, including a modded version of this that wasn't on the S7, and reluctantly stayed with it. I move away, last a little while before crawling back. The launcher on the S4 was a piece of rubbish, so much progress. The simple version is easy enough for my mum, the DEX desktop is nice, while the main launcher most of us uses is simple, nice. Could it do more, sure. But I find more isn't always what I keep using.


Don't know what it is suppose to do. I have never used this app...even though it says I used it 6 minutes ago. 6 minutes ago I updated an app that keeps crashing. As my first Samsung phone that costs $800, I am not impressed. It has so much bloatware that I can't get rid of that I'll never use. I can't look something up online when I'm on the phone. Half the websites I use I can't access on this phone. I can't play music on youtube and read an article online at the same time. The music stops as soon as you pull attention away from that page. The phone itself is crashing more often and updates are no longer optional, but mandatory now. Not that they help. Like I said, not impressed.