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Secure DNS improves internet speeds by modifying the default ISP DNS to your choice of Public DNS resolvers or DNSFLEX Secure DNS.

Use DNS Changer to select from a list of top rated public DNS providers including Google, Cloudflare, Quad9, Verisign and more.

Add an additional layer of online security with DOH (DNS over HTTPS).
DOH works by encrypting DNS queries between your UE device and the DNS server, protecting your data from third party networks such as public WiFi hotspots or ISPs.

Our servers are geo-located and distributed globally delivering low latency performance for sensitive gaming applications. Use our Speed Test utility to choose the closest public DNS server based on RTT latency.

Get exclusive access to DNSFLEX Secure DNS services by downloading our DNS Changer App. Choose from two levels of additional security for free: Parental Control or Malware and Virus protection.

Parental Control:
* Blocks categories such as Adult, Guns/Violence, Ad-trackers and more
* Enables safe search feature for search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo
* Safe and supervised internet access for children

Malware and Virus Protection:
* Protects against malware and phishing attacks
* Blocks DNS rebinding and ransomware attacks
* Up to date threat intelligence feeds

Main Features:
* Supports Mobile Data (2G/3G/4G/5G) and WiFi networks
* No root required
* Low resource utilization (CPU/RAM)
* Speed test tool to select the fastest DNS server
* Supports Encrypted DOH (DNS over HTTPS) and UDP DNS
* Add your own custom DNS server (UDP or DOH)
* Select from a list of pre-configured public DNS servers
* Select from a list of pre-configured public DOH servers
* Access Geo blocked websites
* Improves online gaming latency
* Increases internet connection speed
* Parental Control and Internet Security
* Malware and Virus protection
* Custom landing page HTTP redirection with category description
* Auto start on boot
* Auto update from Google Play for latest updates and security
* 100% FREE with no ads or restrictions


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I love it I just found. I have one question why doesn't DuckDuckGo and few others do not work? I would give you 5* now if I figured this out or had help and how do I know which service you connect to? People wondering why I'm asking is because I am 58 years old. My eyes are not as good as they used to be Looking forward to some additional features or upgrades. Keep up the Great work! Fantastic app!
Thank you for your review, can you please contact us and provide more details on this issue? We will work our hardest to help and try resolve it for you.


The best DNS changer app I have ever used.


This is app really really amaze me it's totally free i have many apps i downloaded before but this app is rhe only one and one of the most free to use than others keep it up! I'm sharing this app to my friends in my social media ❤️😊
Thank you for the kind words, appreciated!


This App only Good when it stays Connected I have to constantly swipe down on phone to Check if the ѴРИ DNS is activated because there's times wear it disconnects. There's nothing wrong with my wi-fi So it Shouldn't be disconnecting?


Simple, ready to use, and free DNS changer. I know how to change the DNS manually but this app makes it easy. Used to have another app but it started to become unreliable and wanted me to pay for a monthly service. And with that being said this app would definitely be worth a pro-charge or even a small monthly charge.
Thank you for providing valuable feedback.


Awesome 👌 for pubg in Afghanistan 🇦🇫


This is the best dns changer i used and it also have a speed test so i can find what dns server is the fastest and its also very accurate. This is amazing
Thank you for downloading our app! We will keep working on it!


I can't believe how simple and how fast your app is. Nowadays, getting something amazing like this is crazy lucky. Cheers to your amazing team for this gem. It just works and does its job flawlessly, no ads and in-app purchases at all. Am amazed.
Thank you very much for your 5-star review!!!


Nope. Malware and Virus Protection doesn't cause/include ad blocking.
Malware ad Virus protection option includes ad blocking.


I've used this app for a good year and nothing bad has happened, until today when I try using the ad guard server it slows down my connection and I can't even use it, I'm on android. Is there a way it can be fixed??
Yes you need to provide a screenshot of the server name being used and connected to. Please forward your concerns to


Runs as a ѴРИ. I have my ѴРИ running. There has to be another solution without being rooted.
Unfortunately there is not, your Cell carrier hard codes DNS via APN, this is the only solution to modify DNS without rooting your device.


Doesn't improve anything honestly, it doesnt improve speeds
Sorry to hear that! Could you write to us at with more details of your issue? We'd love to help you troubleshoot.


Look no further in your search for the optimal DNS changer. In my tireless experience I'd yet to find a DNS changer service that not only covers what you'd expect, but that also goes above and beyond with malware and virus protection thrown in to boot. This is the one for us everyday consumers, and I will be sharing this on Facebook and Instagram; we have to help promote this one as it uses no ads itself. Premium app for free. For us.
Hi, thank you very much for your feedback. We really appreciated you recommending our app on social media and to your friends.


This a great DNS works like a charm & blocks ads too, I'm sure it blocks trackers aswell, i wanna that the Dev for lovely app I'll definitely supporting. 😊🙌🏻
Thanks for your review! Please recommend our app to your friends, and don’t hesitate to shoot us a note at if you have any questions.


This dns optimiser is just perfect the way it is. Works properly because there's no adds putting cache on the app
Much appreciated, thank you for the helpful review.


This app does not make your Internet fast at all it makes it even slower
Please contact us at with your account details and internet connection information so we can assist you further.


It turns off my wifi every now and then and I have to wait for a minute to get it to come back on. I tried other apps and they didn't have this problem so I genuinely think this app is the problem.
Hello Aeron and thank you for the feedback, we tested on many different android devices and never had this issue, contact support for further diagnosis.


This is really an outstanding DNS App. I ' ve tried dozens DNS app out of them No 1. App. Highly Recommend This App 👌👌
Thank you for your encouraging words.


Love it just as it advertises great for all uses.
Glad you like it! :)


Really a Fast & Secure DNS! Really Changed My Internet for the Best Way!
Thank you for taking the time to rate our app Caio. We appreciate it!