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Medical semiology is the part of medicine that studies the signs that can be taken by the doctor on clinical examination or with complementary examinations. She is also studying how to identify and present them in order to make a diagnosis.

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An NHIF self care application.
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Finding a doctor and buying medicine is even easier at AlteaCare!Now you can also redeem prescription drugs, check labs, and look for other health services here.All your needs are in one application. #AlteaMoreKnowledge !Featured features:1. Health consultation via chat or video call with an experienced specialist doctor2. Book a doctor's appointment at a hospital or clinic — no more waiting in long lines!3. Check the psychological condition and make an appointment with a psychologist or psychiatrist4. Book laboratory or other health services, such as home care and diabetes wound care5. Health shop with stock of over-the-counter medicines, routine medicines, and prescription medicines and complete vitamins for children and adults—directly delivered to your home!Questions and suggestions can be sent to [email protected]: https://alteacare.comInstagram: @Alteacare.idTiktok: Altea.CareFacebook: AlteaCare
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My card, as part of the IZIS project, is provided to all policyholders of the Fundhealth insurance, the possibility of free review of prescriptions,referrals, sick leave, doctor 's appointments, and other notifications inin order to save time and increase the efficiency of the health system.
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- Listen wirelessly using the Bluetooth-enabled device of your choice.- Record, play back, annotate, and save stethoscope sounds.- Securely store unlimited recordings for future reference.- Aid in medical education and patient engagement.
Requires a compatible stethoscope.
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.BIBLIOMED est la bibliothèque médicale numérique la plus pointue de votre profession , dédiée à tout le corps médical et paramédical et aux étudiants en sciences médicales veillant à s'auto-former et élargir au maximum leurs connaissances en médecine.elle regroupe 20 000 livres numériques format PDF téléchargeables , contenant des : - Actualités des recommandations médicales, - Nouvelles mises à jour des articles scientifiques, - Consensus récents émis par les sociétés savantes BIBLIOMED est Votre bibliothèque médicale gratuite de référence
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the art of clinical interrogation and the development of a diagnosis.
Medical semiology is the part of medicine that studies the signs that can be taken by the doctor on clinical examination or with complementary examinations. She is also studying how to identify and present them in order to make a diagnosis.
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A minute of inattention and it's an accident. How to act in this kind of situation?Lives could be saved if 1 in 5 people knew what to do.this Application brings together simple gestures which, if practiced quickly and correctly, can save livesObjectives of this application:* Ensure the immediate, appropriate and permanent protection, of himself, of the victim and of other people, from the surrounding dangers, in particular from secondary accidents, by using the means at his disposal.* Ensure the transmission of the alert to the most appropriate emergency service.* To immediately carry out the emergency rescue gesture necessary for a person suffering from suffocation or heavy bleeding.* To recognize the unconsciousness of a victim, to ensure the freedom of the LVA airways, to assess his breathing, the signs of circulation and to carry out the first aid actions imposed by his condition, for his survival.* To observe a victim who complains, to ask him essential questions, to put him in a waiting position to avoid aggravation, to seek medical advice if necessary and to respect the recommendations of the emergency..
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the Résidanat Médecine application is a directory of the best well-developed and updated courses from elementary to higher level; available in PDF, Web, video, and Blog format ensuring you an excellent preparation for your residency competition, it is important to access easily and at any time the best courses and sources of MCQThis free app is a dynamic Library powered by the best MCQ Books, Summaries and Banks to help you pass the Test with a Good Ranking nchallahcontent of the application:1) Residency topics2) official or proposed answers3) externship course: preclinical and clinical cycle4) day school subjects5) summaries6) video supports7) tips for effective test preparation (2020)8) "Drive" of educational Saturdays 20199) comments tab to improve our application
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