• Added a What's New section to keep you up to date with all the new features we're adding to the app.
• Added a Load Shedding Heating feature so you can automatically turn your geyser on when your daily heating schedule conflicts with the official Load
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Sensor Connect Smart Home App SCREENSHOT

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Sensor Connect Smart Home App DESCRIPTION

Sensor Connect links you to all the sensors in your home, giving you full control of your geyser, alarm system, lights, cameras and plugs while also providing an early warning system should something go wrong.

With Sensor Connect, you can monitor your Geyser Connect device and take full control of your geyser heating schedule and water temperature, while keeping tabs on your household geyser’s energy usage over time. Sensor Connect also gives you peace of mind by notifying you immediately in the event of a geyser failure, and automatically taking steps to minimise any potential damage to your property.

Through Sensor Connect, you’ll be able to take control of your Alarm Connect and Camera Connect devices, giving you real-time access to your home security system from anywhere. View active security zones, arm and disarm your home alarm and trigger an emergency panic signal if needed. Setup Camera Connect and keep an eye on your home with a live stream, motion tracking and alert notifications when you need them most.

In order to properly use Sensor Connect Smart Home, you will need to do the following:
• Install a Geyser Connect, Alarm Connect and/or Camera Connect device
• Register as a user in the Sensor Connect Smart Home app
• Verify your email address
• Link your phone number to your Sensor Connect Smart Home account


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Sensor Connect Smart Home App DOWNLOAD

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Thanks guys for following up and fixing what was just a small tech glitch in the end. Not many app devs that follow through on their promises. Excellent app that puts you in control of your geyser. Looking forward to expanding to other devices in future.
Hi. The team can't get your details off this appstore data - please can you email and they will prioritise your issue // MA - Apologies for the issues you are having. My support team will be in contact with you first thing in the morning to attend to the issues. MA


Unable to access the app it keeps going into a loop. I had to uninstall and reinstall for the app to work. The issue of my sensor got resolved after numerous attempts. Thank you souch to Gugulethu for his patience and assistance. That is what I call exceptional service
Good day Mr/Mrs. Moshoeshoe, thank you for making contact with us. When looking at your profile i can see that our App specialist is currently assisting you in troubleshooting your app. We have identified the issue and drive towards a timeous solution.


Good day I cannot get my geyser connected to this app It was working this morning. FJ Grobler.
Hi Frikkie Grobler, sorry you're having issues connecting to your geyser controller. I'm going to make a support ticket for you via, and one of our agents will contact you shortly to assist. - JM


Can't connect to app, always have to uninstall it then install it again for it to open.
Hi Mr. Diphoko, we are sorry to hear that you are unable to connect to the App. I'll ask one of my support agents to contact you and assist - GW


Good customer service, Gugulethu has been an absolute star. The design needs maybe a look at. Otherwise it helps a lot to be able to switch on and off as electricity is expensive. Maybe they should consider having a solar concept in future.
Hi Marisa, I'm sorry you don't like our app design. Please could you send feedback about what you're not happy with to and I'll pass it on to my team? In the meantime, I'll ask one of my support agents to contact you and assist. - JM


Frustrating, cant install/add geyser to the app. OTP to verify my cell number not working also.
Hi Phil, I'm sorry you're not able to complete your app registration. We want to help, but I cannot find your profile on our system using just your app-store name. Please email us using with your contact info and we'll sort this out right away. - JM


I could not connect to my app and wrote a comment on this forum. Within 5 minutes someone called and the problem was fixed. Thank you! ❤️


Struggling to change times I have been setting times and nothing changes. Can some one assist please? Great Service, Thank you very much, This is what I call service. Awesome
Hi Melvin. Thanks for making contact. I believe our customer service team has made contact and helped you out. In future, please feel free to contact if you have any other queries or feedback. With thanks MA.


App is not responding. The sensor system also does not work as I was led to believe. Having water and electricity does not mean that I will have a hot shower. I do not recommend this "thing".
Hi Jacques! I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble connecting to your geyser controller via the app. I've asked the product-support team to give you a call to assist in the morning. - MA


With load shedding and weekend activity it would be good to have a schedule that is configurable for a heating cycle three times a day e.g morning, midday and evening as a consideration to max savings as geyser does not take more than 1- 1,5 hrs to heat fully
Hi Mark, thanks for the feedback. We're looking at a number of improvements to the app including more customisable heating schedules and a "heat now" function. Watch this space! If you have any issues, please drop us a line on 021 201 1274 or - JM


Good app. However, would be great if it allowed to set geyser times for more than once in the morning and afternoon. For example, if I wanted the geyser to switch on from 04:00 to 05:00 and then again from 10:00 to 11:00 every morning. At the moment I can only set it for one time period in the morning or afternoons.
Hi Azam, thank you for the feedback. We're definitely looking at improving our heating schedules. That and a few other user-experience improvements are on the way! If you have any issues, drop us a line via 021 201 1168 or - JM


App works good, needed some guidance from support to understand the scheduling. When turning geyser off, it stays off like when going on holiday.
Hi Chris, I'm glad we could help you with your questions about the smart-geyser controller and the app. Give us a shout if you require any other assistance: 021 201 1168 and - JM


It's becoming more of a pain. Worst thing is you can't use the geyser if it doesn't update or connect.
Hi Ntsako! I'm sorry to hear you're having connection issues. The geyser device is dependent on connecting to the nearest cellphone tower, and I can see your reconnects fairly often. All commands you send to the device are captured on our system and sent to the geyser when it reconnects. I'll ask my team to give you a call. - JM


Seems to rely on mobile data signal to operate correctly. Won't work over wifi....????
Hi Simon! I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble connecting to your geyser controller via the app. I've asked the product-support team to give you a call to assist. - JM


The app started working well, however I can't open it anymore (it just looks like it is loading the information on the app & nothing happens afterwards). The matter has been resolved and the app is performing as expected.
Hi Emmanuel, thank you for updating your review. I'm glad our product-support team was able to assist you. JM


Works very well. I had s problem with the app initially but was sorted out very quickly. My question now is... I'm moving shortly and will need the unit moved. How do I get hold of someone to book this?
Hi Robin! This shouldn't be a problem. Someone from our product support team will contact you shortly to discuss. In future, please contact our support line on 021 201 1274 or email to ensure speedy response to your queries. JM


On the app it says update available. When I click on that it only gives the option of uninstall or open on play Store. Must I uninstall? Will I have to fill in all my details again? Update : Thank you for quick response Update option now there
Hi Caroline! Sorry to hear you're having issues with the latest update. It normally takes an hour or two for the updates to roll-out fully to all users. Please try again later today. If the problem persists, or you need assistance with your device, please contact our support line on 021 201 1274 or email -JM


I don't know this app is not working well for me and apparently it's the only APP what is compatible with my Geyser so my problem is I downloaded the app registered but it's not opening quite frustrating
Hi Michael! Sorry to hear you're having trouble after registration on the app. I'm unable to pinpoint your customer info on our system, making it difficult for our product-support team to get hold of you. May I ask that you contact our support line on 021 201 1274 or email so we can assist? JM


My husband downloaded app and invited me, but app constantly shuts down and doesn't reflect the same info on his app. It also says invite pending and I can't find where to accept the invite? We've uuninstalled and re-invited but no luck. Please help.
Hi Justine! Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your co-owner invite. Our product support team will be in contact this morning to assist. In future, please don't hesitate to contact us via our support line 021 201 1274 or email to ensure a more speedy response to any issues you might have. JM


Have already registered over an hour ago but no mail has come through to verify my email address. Please help... Side note. Everything now sorted. Thanks for your speedy assistance.
Hi Bramley! I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with your email verification. A member of our Product Support team will be in contact shortly to assist. In future, please don't hesitate to contact us via our support line 021 201 1274 or email to ensure speedy response to any issues you might have. JM