This release includes bug fixes and performance improvements. For more details, see "Release notes" in the "News" section in the app.


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Quizzer+ will help you to study by creating your own tests, and to study by taking exams to learn the subjects you need at any time. You can also be part in group quizzes to create the perfect quiz in collabotarion with others.

Key features:
• Create tests and quizzes with your own questions
• Share them with your friends or students
• Collaborate in group quizzes
• 6 different question types
• Add images to questions
• Study with flashcards
• Take exams
• Long exam? Save it and complete it later
• Review your stats
• Archive quizzes
• Backup your data
• Languages: English and Spanish

And many more things…

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Experts can take/manage assignments from this app
This app is for experts registered with Live Web Experts.You can have complete access to your online portal into this App.Expert can confirm or post query to open assignments.Expert can see assigned tasks, and can acknowledge them.You will get Instant Notifications for almost all events, including new assignments available for confirm.Note: This app release with basic functions and soon all/more functions will be available.As we stopped WhatsApp notifications, this is to start instant notifications for the time being.Note: This is prerelease and soon more functions will be available.Please do not comment about new features, instead simply ask or suggest on live chat with support team.
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CELT English language learning system covers all topics and levels taught in CELT English Language schools around the world. You can practice any level based on your lesson plan and be ready for a lesson or before taking your exam. And if you are taking English language courses in Azerbaijan or Turkey, this will help you improve your language skills much faster. If you are not a CELT Colleges student, you can still play games to improve your English free of charge and ads free. This app will help you a lot to be prepared and get a higher score in your tests, and we will add more quizzes for you to challenge you.You can play any time with anyone you want without any ads bothering you. You can prove your English language skills by challenging your friend and anyone in the world and beat your rivals internationally in real-time.Even If you are not a CELT student, you can play topics by level and show your skill to CELT Students by challenging them.
A lesson plan that allows you to mute the device during the course.
Time to School! oferuje:‣ Automatyczne wyciszanie urządzenia w czasie trwania lekcji,‣ Wyświetlanie powiadomień dotyczących następnych zajęć,‣ Widget zapewniający szybki dostęp do informacji‣ Wyzwalanie wibracji imitujących szkolny dzwonek,‣ Szybki import ze strony wygenerowanej przez "Plan lekcji Optivum",‣ Automatyczne sprawdzanie aktualizacji importowanego planu,‣ Wygodne tworzenie i edytowanie planu lekcji.
An algebra quiz app: linear and quadratic equation, line, circle, factoring, ..
An algebra quiz app. Choose from a variety of topics: fractions (add, multiply, simplify), lines (slope-point, slope-intercept, 2 points, and general equation), circles, linear equations, system of linear equations, linear inequations, factoring (integers, difference of squares, series of terms), quadratic equations. Each topic include a very large number of quiz examplesEach quiz is a series of 10 multiple choice questions on a topic. If you get them all correct, you get a check mark. A quiz on a given topic can be taken many times, each time with a different set of 10 questions.
Do not read it!
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System Analysis And DesignSystem Analysis and Design is a complete application for those of you who want to learn System Analysis and Design easily and for free.System Analysis and DesignHome, System Analysis & DesignOverview, System Development Life Cycle, System Planning, Structured Analysis, System Design, Design Strategies, Input / Output & Forms Design, Testing and Quality Assurance, Implementation & Maintenance, System Security and Audit, Object-Oriented Approach.Features of System Analysis And Design.✿ System Analysis Guide✿ Design Book✿ Designing System✿ System Design And Analysis✿ Design And Analysis Guide✿ Guide For System Design And Analysis✿ System analysis Design Tutorials✿ Free EBook✿ Free Learning✿ Offline app✿ Learn to codeDownload System Analysis And Design App for FREE now!Thank You for your support
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Hide phone number when calling
This is the simpler app to make a hidden callNote that:- If does not work you must contact with your phone carrier to request the correct code - Some phone carriers do not allow this feature- The code #31# works perfectly for a lot of countriesIf you know a code that works and it's not on the list, write us and we will add it
Track your weight
This is the simpler app to track your weight
Create tests and quizzes. Study taking exams and learn. Collaborate with others.
Quizzer+ will help you to study by creating your own tests, and to study by taking exams to learn the subjects you need at any time. You can also be part in group quizzes to create the perfect quiz in collabotarion with others.Key features:• Create tests and quizzes with your own questions • Share them with your friends or students • Collaborate in group quizzes• 6 different question types• Add images to questions• Study with flashcards• Take exams• Long exam? Save it and complete it later• Review your stats• Archive quizzes• Backup your data• Languages: English and SpanishAnd many more things
Create quizzes and take exams
Quizzer will help you to study- Create quizzes,- Lock them,- Share them with your friends,- Take exams,- Make backups,- And many more things.Our new app Quizzer+ is available

Quizzer+ App DOWNLOAD

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App take too much time to sign in and when create a question also take to much time this should be updated


Can we have an offline mode? cause if the server is offline the app becomes unusable... like right now that I want to study my quizzes
That's a good question! Unfortunatelly we don't have an offline mode yet. For now the app only will work if you're connected to the internet.


I saw the announcement on your old app, so I download it thinking it is better on the old one. But it's not, it won't open on my device. I don't know if it's on my end or yours, but I hope you guys fix this. Because the new features are very promising.
Hi, we're too sad hearing that, maybe you're using an old Android device? Quizzer (the old one) works from Android 4.1 and Quizzer+ from Android 7.0. Send us more details to help you.


When I opened it says please upadate. I Updated successful but same showing this not opening this app please help me Quizzer+ team
Hi Ganesh, the upcoming release is a major update, includes a new question type, bug fixes, and many other changes. For some reason Google is taking more time than usual to make it available on Play Store. Sorry for the trouble! Please be patient, in the next hours should be available.


The fact that it's online is a bonus. It's an amazing app plus it gives most features for free. I really appreciate.
Thanks! Use an account to have all your data safe and on all your devices is essencial.


What is the difference between this version snd another version in the playstore?
Hi, more information in our website, check