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PlacePlease Game DESCRIPTION

Dive into a relaxing brain🧠 games experience with PlacePlease: Crossword puzzles for about 15 minutes daily and expand your vocabulary big time! It won’t be long until you notice the huge amount of new words you’ve learned with these cool crossword puzzles.🔍

The PlacePlease brain game is a new twist to classic word puzzle games that you like to play. The more you solve those dazzling crosswords and immerse yourself into the mind boggling word search games, the more you improve and sharpen your spelling skills. Awesome!😎

PlacePlease Game Features👇
⚡Different difficulty levels for most relaxing experience
⚡Endless word puzzles to ramp up spelling skills
⚡Each word puzzle game comes with a hint to make the fun word hunt easier
⚡Dazzling brain games that start easy but can become pretty challenging!
⚡Cool special effects like relaxing tapping sounds, handy eraser, fun swipes
⚡Unlimited tries to solve each word puzzle. No hurry! Just take your time

You don’t have to play PlacePlease crossword puzzles all on your own! Engage in these fun brain games with friends, connect letters, crack these words, enjoy big wins!

PlacePlease Game Rules
Complete the whole word puzzle chart with all the words from the list.
Pay attention to words from each group
Go in any direction – forward, backward, up, down, and diagonally. Unlimited options to win!
Keep in mind that words from different groups sometimes overlap. In this case, some letters will be used more than once.

Don’t worry about starting from scratch – we’ve already started each puzzle for you!
Fill out ALL squares with letters and you are done with a puzzle!
Move to another word search game level
Keep solving word puzzles either with friends or all by yourself!
Hints to Help You Unlock More Fun

Use Eraser if you need to wipe out a word off the board
Just simply tap on the chosen word that you want to erase
Hit the Bulb icon to place a letter on the board
Just simply swipe to switch to the different word list

Have a good time playing PlacePlease crossword games! These word puzzles will become your favorite way to spend spare time with friends, family or work buddies. Start off easy, then move to more challenging stuff and have fun!😊


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PlacePlease Game DOWNLOAD

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Love the idea of the game. Bit different to many others. Frustrating that if you run out of time and stop then you have to start anew - doesn't save level that you are playing
Hello, thank you for rating our app and sharing your concern here with us! We are sorry if you can't fully enjoy our game. Your comment will definitely be taken into consideration and fixed in the newest update. So please stay tuned and don't miss it! Yours sincerely, Support Team.


Spend more time watching ads than actually getting to play.
Hello, thank you for the feedback. We're sorry for the inconvenience. We do value you as our user, please remember that. What concerns ads, they allow the developer to make improvements and changes to the game. Please consider using the option to remove the ads from the app (it can be activated in the game). Thank you for understanding!


It doesn't save for me to come back to a game. It's over priced. Can someone please contact me re a refund.
Hello, thank you for your feedback. Please note that you can always use the app for free - payment is optional, not obligatory. Please contact us at if you need our help. Could you please also clarify your problem with saving in more detail? Thanks in advance! Looking forward to your email, Support Team.


Decent game (for the small amount of time I've spent on it). Ads are really bad though, almost as much time looking at ads as playing the game! I looked into purchasing no ads but it doesn't tell you how much it is before it says you're "entering a contract"! It feels like the developers haven't played the game themselves! Like a chef who doesn't taste his food. Crazy.
Hello Richard, thank you for your opinion. Please note that the price for the ad removal will appear after hitting the button (when you'll be redirected to the shop), so you will see the exact sum. In any case, we'll work on this moment to make it easier to understand. Regards, Support Team.


Fab game just wish I hadn't ran out of levels
Hello Sarah, thank you for rating our app with 5 stars and letting us know your opinion! It seems that you've done great work, passing all the levels available for now! 😊 Please don't worry - we'll keep adding new challenging levels further! Wishing you a great week, Support Team.


So many ads its genuinely unplayable and the "other option" is never actually explained
Hello, thank you for your opinion. Please note that you can remove the ads from the game - to do that, please go the app's Settings (by pressing 3 dots in the upper right corner) and select the "Remove Ads" option. If you need any help with that, please contact us at We'll be happy to help! Regards, Support Team.


I have never had a problem with ads before, I understand why they are there but the one thing that has annoyed me GREATLY is the stupid pop up that makes me have to pick to watch an ad or support you. Just play the ad, I already know I can support you by removing the ads, I don't need a reminder every time. I think that the only other thing is that I wish the ads would play after I had completed the level as I find it annoying when ads start in the middle of my game. But all in all fun game x
Hello Emma, thanks for sharing your impressions. We are sorry if you couldn't fully enjoy our app. Your comment concerning pop up will be forwarded to our team and definitely taken into consideration. We do value you as our user, please remember that. What concerns ads, they allow us to make improvements to the game. Thank you for understanding!


Forced adverts after placing my first word, in the tutorial. ETA: I opened the app, it guided me to select the letter, pick a word from the choices at the bottom. I then hit the settings button to turn off the vibrations and an advert opened.
Hello Andrew, thank you for sharing your impressions and for your additional clarifications as well. This issue has already been fixed, thank you for drawing our attention. We'll keep working on the app, making it only better! Sincerely, Support Team.


Too many ads, I was getting an ad every 30secs to a minute and basically couldn't play the game. It was so annoying. Yeah I get it, you need ads to "improve the game" but not that many! And then there was an ad AFTER each level as well as multiple in game. All I see this as is a cash grab/ad generator. You say there's an option to remove ads but there is no indication on how much it is. Just a remove ad button with no price. I'm not going to pay for something I don't know the price for...
Hello Sophie, thank you for the feedback. Please note that the price for the ad removal will appear after hitting the button (when you'll be redirected to the shop), so you will see the exact sum. In any case, we'll work on this moment to make it easier to understand. Regards, Support Team.


WAY too many adverts. You can't even complete a level without a multi-layered advert popping up which has three seperate countdowns before you can cross it off. Great game but has far more adverts than any other game I play so it's excessive and unplayable.
Hello, thanks for rating us. We appreciate your notice and even agree that sometimes we get tired of advertised stuff. But there are always two sides of the coin. Thanks to these ads we can develop and improve the app further. Please consider using the option to remove the ads from the app (it can be activated in the game).


Fun but adverts will pop up in the middle of the level, and sometimes will reset it
Hello, thank you for rating and reviewing our app! We are sorry if you experience any inconveniences with our app. Could you please let us know more about this issue with ads? By resetting the level, do you mean that the app itself closes, or that you have to restart the level? Please reply at It will help us a lot, thanks!