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Jelly Shift Game SCREENSHOT

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Jelly Shift Game DESCRIPTION

Jelly Shift – Can you slide through?

Everybody loves jelly!

Jelly can flow and jelly can crash. Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like jelly! In this fast-moving and enormously fun casual platform game the aim is to guide your lovable jelly to the end of each obstacle course in the shortest possible time. Follow the treats and shift up and down to squeeze your jelly between barriers, under bars, and over runners as smoothly and speedily as you can. Only the slipperiest, slinkiest, slidingest jelly will get all the stars!

🔥 Be like jelly!🔥

★ Jelly is infinite! This game offers a huge number of levels, each with an obstacle course to navigate made of unique twists and turns, barriers of all sizes, and a variety of other super-sweet features.

★ Jelly just gets better! Great rewards—collect diamonds 💠 and complete levels to unlock a host of jelly characters including super-cute animals, colorful heroes, and absolute jelly legends.

★ Jelly is cool, but jelly is hot! Successfully pass enough obstacles without crashing, and you’ll get jelly fever, and intense burst of color and speed to get you to the end of the level 🏁 in half the time.

★ The nature of jelly is irrepressible! Fast-moving game mechanics—your jelly will have to adapt if it wants to survive out there. Shift up and down like an F1 driver 🏎️ to save your jelly from bashing its jelly head and bruising its jelly sides, or just slipping away altogether between the runners.

★ Jelly has great taste! Glorious colors, cute graphics, fun music and satisfyingly squelchy sound facts make Jelly Shift a wonderful place to be. Slip away from it all into a world of bright jelly joy!

★ Jelly is a happy place! Dozens of different environments and 200 obstacle course variations mean you’ll be coming back to Jelly Shift for more and more jelly fun. Let the hours slip away in a riot of jelly joy!

★ Jelly just is! Jelly knows no stress or worry, it just slides on, adapting itself to whatever life throws at it. Jelly may crash, but it never stops. It bounces right back and keeps on sliding. And this charming casual game can help teach you to be like jelly!

Keep on sliding!

Looking for a game that combines character, charm, excitement and chilled fun? Jelly Shift has all this and more in a uniquely squeezy form, with the perfect balance of intuitive gameplay, super-cute environment, and gently challenging levels that keep on adapting and expanding. Download Jelly Shift now and enjoy hours of flexible flowing fun.

Be like jelly, my friend!

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Jelly Shift Game DOWNLOAD

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This is so satisfying if you are bored you can play this game.The shifting part is really good


I enjoyed the game but there were too many ads and that is not enjoyable for me.


Pretty good game but one problem, there are too many ads.


It is amazing I love the way you shape the animals I can't stop playing this


I used to love this game when I was a little kid and I still do. Please add more characters to the game. Thank you 🎉❤️💕💓💙💗✨💯🎉🎉🎉


After every round we get an add and the levels are soo short and many any adds and so boring and it is way too easy not any fun and I am deleting it as soon as I finish writing this view
Hey there! How about playing a little bit more? We think you may have missed a lot of content, since we have a ton of interesting levels and possibilities, plus we're always adding more. Try it — who knows, you might enjoy it!


I like this game very much but the only thing wrong with it is that the levels don't get harder. I would also like of there was an update including more catologs of skins. One more thing is that I would like it if every time a holiday is coming they did an update based on that holiday. For example, it was Halloween yesterday and they could have added some spooky skins and changed the map. Other than that, I enjoy this game very much and truly recommend it. Thank you for reading my review.


Well, the ad made it look fun to play when in reality it's boring. I enjoy downloading random games then playing them, to give the game a chance on whether it's actually fun or the reviews on the certain app is correct. I wouldn't say it's a bad game, everyone has played a worser game than this. I downloaded it, loaded it up, then played the first level, everything went fine- Until I got to the second level and completed it. I had to sit through an ad (Usually you can skip the ad)


There are way too many ads in this game, you can't even open the chest you receive without an ad, and it is so annoying. Also, this game is so boring, because all you can do is the regular mode which is way too easy, and boring. You guys should add other modes, and other worlds. Lastly, the only customizations for the character that you can get is either an animal or a jelly, and the animal is way too expensive, so I tried to keep playing to get more gems, but ads kept popping up in my face.


It's a pretty good game in general, but you literally have to watch an ad for EVERYTHING. Whenever you start a level, whenever you finish a level, whenever you open a prize box, etc., It's always controlled by ads. Unless you want to spend money to get a no-ad experience, you are going to get annoyed very quickly. If they cut down the ads, I would give this game a decent review, but the ads are just plain annoying.


Too many ads! I understand its a free game and the developers need to make money, so typically I never complain about ads in games. But I played 3 levels and had to watch 4 ads, not to mention the ads covering the screen before you start a new level. What little game I could stomach playing was good (thus 2 instead of 1 star), but when you have to watch about 45 seconds of ads for about 20 seconds of game, it sucks the fun right out of the experience.


My first review ever, and it doesn't look too good. First off, every time I play the game, even at level 1, I reach a certain speed that my entire phone CRASHES. Yes, CRASHES. Secondly, there are WAY TOO MANY ADS. Seriously, calm down with the revenue at least and focus on quality, not becoming EA. Third, it's literally too easy. I never got through the first level because of the first reason. Still, AT least make something fun. Hope this helps the game become better, not worse.


Its so close to Fun. But i am barraged with ads. This game exists to sell you other games. Placing ads in dubious spots to make "accidently" tap on an ad instead of starting a level. The levels are way to short being about 10 seconds long and ever 2 is a 15 second long ad or longer. It also has just evil design, when it came to almost forcing me into an ad when i spent some coins i could watch an ad for either 2 more rolls or wait 10 seconds for a No Thanks button. And i still got an Ad!!


The game is fun to play, the levels are captivating and the game seems like it is a good time killer. However, the game feels a bit more like an ad revenue farm than anything, as you get an ad after each and every level. Plus, the app always offers watching a SECOND ad to multiply your prize (however, it multiplies it by 5, so there is that.). Uninstalled, will install again if the ads are toned down, it's VERY obnoxious getting one after every. Single. Level.


The game is not bad, its fun actually. The problem is how heavy handed they are with ads. In the first 5 minutes of gameplay, trying to see if its a game I want to support, I was exposed to at least 20 ads in various forms. If you make a mistake and crash, get ready to sit through an ad. If you finish a short level, get ready to see an ad. I support developers and enjoy paying to unlock features, but these guys just can not help themselves from jamming ads in to every available opportunity.


The game was interesting for one level. I expected the gameplay to evolve and become challenging but it never did. It's barely a game. It's an ad-watching app with one short easy game level between each ad. 2 stars mostly for the potential the mechanic lends itself to, 3 empty stars for not coming even close to exploring it and 90% of the experience being ads.


This game is amazing! Very addicting, and relaxing! (for me at least) A few things maybe you could change: have a setting where you could turn off the vibration when you collect coins or go through hoops, (maybe that is an option but I dont know) Have more interesting loops and shapes to go through instead of basic long and short tall and thin designs. and another has a lot of adds, and I dont think you should have to watch an add to open a chest. Other then that, AMAZING GAME!!!!!


So, the game itself seems fine - I'd give it 4 stars. The ads though just completely wreck any enjoyment for me. I understand that it's a part of free games, it rewards the developer - but the levels are 10-15 seconds each, and there's not only an ad after every level, but often a treasure box that is placed right where the "continue" button usually is when you complete a level which is super sneaky. If you choose to open the box (often accidentally), you are locked into a 30sec ad. If you don't want to click it, the "No thanks" option takes about 5 seconds to appear, really slowing down immersion. It's a really lazy way to monetize your game imho.


This game is kinda boring to be honest, the levels are really easy because you can't even really die, the only way to die is to fall off which is easily avoidable. Another thing is that you can't really shape it that easily either, I don't know if it's just my phone but you can't shift the jelly in little movements, you have to move your finger quite far up to move it thinner and when you do manage to move it, it moves really thin so it's hard to get through the square objects.


WAY TOO EASY! It's a great concept and everything but the game is way too easy. They have the same obstacles in each round and it's so repetative that u lose interest. I really don't like the "fever" u get after u pass a certain amount of obstacles. It takes u through the entire level without barely playing. If each level was longer, then "fever" would be nice but the levels are so short and easy u really don't need it. Good concept and great graphics, though.⭐⭐⭐