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Home Repair Job Simulator Game SCREENSHOT

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Home Repair Job Simulator Game DESCRIPTION

Run your own home repair house renovation company and complete a home decor job simulator. Become a house designer, start your business simulator in house repair job simulator. Complete home repair orders, renovate and decorate house design in home decor job simulator.

Ready for an exciting career as a house movers in Home Repair a Job Simulator. Start working as a house designer in Home Decor a Job Simulator, take on house movers, home decor, fix it, design jobs all across the busy town. Drive your transport truck towards the customers house, pick up items like home decor items, wall paint, furniture and complete home repair orders, renovate and decorate like house design home decor games. Complete house renovation job simulator home games, load and deliver items to marked locations across the big town in fix it home games.

A great adventure awaits you in the Home Repair a Job Simulator. Complete interesting orders, Become a house designer and paint walls according to customer demand, using available items and a wide range of paints in Home Repair a Job Simulator. Rebuild, redesign and decorate the house, restore everything that is destroyed and makeover your beautiful house. Play home renovation games, Help clients to renovate their homes. Decorate, renovate, restore, build, fix it, flip and create the perfect dream house design with beautiful home renovation.

Run your own house renovation company and complete jobs like home decor, house design to build reputation in house movers job simulator. Grow your house movers business and complete all the home design, house decor, fix it, transport truck driving challenges.

Love home design games? Play Home Repair a Job Simulator and explore the world of home design and decor in a fun job simulator house games. Renovate & design house games! Pick up furniture, packed boxes, home decor and load transport truck driving games. Drive delivery truck to transport items in Repair Job Simulator – Home Decor & Design fix it home games

Home Repair a Job Simulator Features:
House movers job simulator home games
Complete home repair jobs across big town in fix it
Race against time and complete home decor and design challenges
Amazing graphics
Easy to play controls

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Super nice! 🩷


The game is good, just isn't what I expected.


This is very bad game


House flipper home design
Hi, could you please tell us more about your issue? Please get in touch with us at [email protected]. Thanks.


i like it but it dont worke like house fliper


It says "CLEAN THE LAWN". Clean the lawn with what? There is also nothing that needs cleaning on the lawn. I don't understand. There are no clear instructions


Not well


It is aworst game


Most beautiful game


` good luck 👍👍🥰 is 🔥
Thank you very much for your 5-star review!!!


These are easy


It's a good game


Can't even do anything. There isn't any instruction.




Bad game


Not best Ingg


Abhi hi kari h kal k dika ta ho agr aci lagi tu dost ko bhi bolg ki ay gam kalo


No,No,No,No Just No I Cant I Was Considering The Game At First But The Sensitivity Is So So Low And You Cant Even Change It


need to remove the timer