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The mobile application of the Belarusian Railway
Available functionality:- Registration and login- Password recovery- Timetable- Schedule filtering- Online timetable- Train route- User profile- Adding and editing passengers- Orders- Purchase of tickets for trains with numbered seats- Purchase of tickets for trains with unnumbered seats- Passenger services
Have an online blind date with your ideal type through high-definition video call. Real-time free chat is possible by paying free points when signing up for simple video call
Enjoy your own blind date One Live through online video chat!In OneLive, you can enjoy video and voice chat anytime, anywhere.Now, rather than text chatting waiting for an answer, check and meet through live video calls while looking at each other's faces.Enjoy video chatting safely with capture prevention system and recording prevention systemGhost member without reply NO! Enjoy online dating now in high definition(available services)Simple membership registration through email addressClear video quality, random video call availableBlocking and reporting of unwanted peopleAttendance check, free point payment through membership sign-upFind online friends, find friends of the opposite sexThe app strictly manages the spread of profanity and false information, capture of video chat or chat contents, and prevention of recording.In the event of violation of the law or service use regulations within the app, contentmember deletion, etc. may proceed without notice.Users who request or induce prostitution or meeting conditions while using the app may also be suspended without notice.We monitor and crack down on acts that violate the law, such as other drugs or organ trafficking.If you find any of the above violations..
Gurjar Sahab Social Networking App
Gurjar Sahab is a social networking app.
The New Brazilian Social Network
Be free, without bureaucracy, it is a social network made for those who like to be social and who seek new friendships.Share what's important to you with those in your life.Here you share, make friends, send messages, you own yourself.Be free to publish what you want, how you want and when you want.We are totally free.
The Chamber of São Caetano do Sul brings communication to the palm of your hand
Este APP permite a comunicação entre o Cidadão e a Câmara Municipal para que São Caetano garanta mais qualidade de vida para todos. Aproxime-se da Câmara, acompanhe, faça sugestões e exerça sua cidadania.
Custom full screen caller id pictures, chat, send photos & hidden videos!
Send & share full screen caller ID photos to your friends!Flash’s full screen caller ID makes it easy to let everyone know why you’re calling, what you’re doing or why they should answer your call. Photo sharing is fast and easy with our full screen photo caller ID. Texting and calling has never been more fun!With full screen caller ID capabilities, you control the image you want to share. Snap a Flash photo and your friends will see what mood you’re in, what you’re up to, or pictures of the two of you together. Send a “Hidden Flash” that deletes itself, so your flash remains secret. Hidden Flash photos are secret and password protected. Set a timer to expire, so they can remain secret! Flash ensures that you’ll have privacy when sending and sharing pics to your friends and your embarrassing photos won’t haunt you forever!Share full screen caller ID photos with your friends whenever you call or message them! You can also send reactions to their pics with our messenger feature!FULL SCREEN PHOTO CALLER ID- Snap pics to share..
Enjoy Facebook & Messenger in one place Download photos and videos
Simple. Elegant. Phoenix.Want to use Facebook but have battery and storage issues?With Phoenix, you can use Facebook without sacrificing battery or mobile storage. Phoenix is a Facebook wrapper that shows Facebook in its mobile-friendly web interface and provides the feel of the original Facebook app. By using this app, with its clean design and intuitive UI, you get the most of Facebook's mobile features and many other unique features, but much faster and lighter. Also, Phoenix helps you save a lot of data so you don't end up having 0 mbs left way before the renewal!Facebook & Messenger in one placePhoenix now offers in-app messages, calls, and video calls so you don't need to use Messenger separately. We also offer Chat Heads just like Messenger! Switch to other apps and still be able to reply to messages using the floating bubbles on your screen! The best video calling appYou shouldn’t download anything extra! By using Phoenix you can instantly make voice and video calls with your Facebook friends and save battery and memory at the same time.Download & share content..
Swaminarayan Video Status app provide full screen Swaminarayan status songd.
The Swaminarayan religion Famous in the world. Lord Swaminarayan also known as Shreeji Maharaj, Radhe shyam, Shreenathji, Sahjanand Swami, Ghanshyam maharaj, Nilkanth varni.Swaminarayan status video songs application the best collection of swaminarayan status video songs in Hindi.Swaminarayan Video Song Status application provide Bhakti status video, Jay swaminarayan status, swaminarayan wallpaper and much more.IMPORTANTThe content provided in this application is available free on public domain. We do not own the copyrights of the songs. Copyright of the songs belongs to the owners. If you are owner of any songs listed in the app and need it to be removed, just send an email to [email protected] We will remove it.DISCLAIMERAll logos/images/names are copyright of their perspective owners. All images in the app are available on public domains. This image is not endorsed by any of the perspective owners, and the images are used simply for aesthetic purposes. No copyright infringement is intended, and any request to remove one of the images/logos/names will be honoured.
beautiful pictures of love and Love for my love
Romantic love messages images 2021 App. Feel your love , and share the same with your loved ones. Huge Collection of Romantic Quotes Images for you to express your love. Love Quotes With Images App is For all who love to share on whatsapp and other social apps. Dont worry about creating your own Images to share with your loved ones. As our app has Multiple Catagories mentioned below. No need to download multiple apps, as you have all kinds of quotes under diffenrent catogries in our appFind in Romantic love messages images Kiss I Love U Quotes Emoticons text Flirt for whatsapp. Romantic Love Quotes and Love Sayings are motivating and inspirational. Quotes about love are the verbal expression of the feeling of people who are in love or who have failed in love. More features like Love Status Miss U Emoticons symbols Love Quotes Idioms Phrases with Meaning, Love SMS 2021 Emoticons japanese Romantic SMS for tik tok. Wallpapers with Quotes 2021Romantic love messages images Most romantic way to tell your lover that how much you love, Ascii..
Join the Community for the latest salaries and career information!
View live salary submissions and browse through our communities of verified professionals at top startups and companies. The app is your one stop shop to build a better careerOur mission is to help people build better careers and this community is here to help you. We have a team of coaches including recruiters and professionals from the top tech companies that'll be frequently on here to answer any questions you have!SALARIES — Get paid, not played. See how much people are getting paid with the most recent salary data we’ve collected right in the app! See a breakdown of total compensation including salaries, bonus, equity (ex. RSU) and more.INSIDE SCOOP ON COMPANIES — Don’t be blind sighted by companies! Get straight, honest and positively helpful advice. Our team of coaches includes recruiters and mentors in the same careers as yourself from the top tech companies. They’ll be frequenting the forum to answer any questions you have.Level up your career with
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