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The Android version of Simbelmawa is a mobile-based platform that is integrated with the web version of Simbelmawa which is a Student Creativity Program (PKM) service portal organized by the Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs (Belmawa), Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology (Ditjen Diktiristek), Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemdikbudristek).

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A companion app to the School Website Service from NSW Department of Education.
The NSW Education Parent App has several new features making it even easier to stay in touch with the latest news and get emergency updates from your child’s school.Get push notifications sent directly to your phone so you never miss any important news or an upcoming event. You can also receive emergency updates such as school closures, get easy access to essential apps, and apply for the 'Back to School NSW' vouchers.For help or to give feedback, contact more information about the app, go to our NSW Department of Education website.
Reminds clinicians daily with communication skill tips for serious illness.
The VitalTalk Tips app enables physicians, nurses, and other clinicians to improve their communication skills for patients who have a serious illness. For clinicians in hospital medicine, oncology, cardiology, nephrology, hepatology, neurology, trauma, emergency medicine, primary care, pediatrics, palliative care, and others.If you are a clinician who cares for patients with serious illness and their families, you need communication superpowers. Having great communication skills makes a difference—your patients will understand their medical situation better, and build trust with you faster, and you'll be able to guide them to medical decisions that match their values.For this app, we've curated a special set of communication skill tips, focused on the moments where clinicians most often get stuck. You can flip through the tips by topic (serious news, prognosis, family conferences, goals of care, and more), or just get a daily tip as a notification. Read the tip (it'll take <10 seconds), try it out, and over time, your inner communication ninja will emerge. VitalTalk is non-profit, built on research, and aimed at social change. We want to make it possible for every..
You will read much faster with speed reading exercises and the Reader feature.
Contrary to an accepted misconception, slow reading does not make you better understand what you are reading. On the contrary, when we read slowly, our attention gets distracted much more quickly because we give our brains the spaces to think about other things by trying to read slowly. Thanks to this application, you will be able to scan pages much faster by improving your eye muscles, you will learn to read more than one word at the same time by expanding your vision, and you will improve your concentration with concentration exercises. You will read your pdf and epub files much faster with the help of the reader with 2 different modes. o Do the exercises set for you every day in the speed reading course.o Improve your eye muscles, visual angle and concentration ability thanks to the exercises.o After doing the daily exercises, read at least 20 minutes daily with the help of the reader.o Do extra exercises until your eye muscles get tired to improve faster.o Track your 30-day progress with statistics.o You will now read and understand..
MijnROCvT is the official app of ROC van Twente
Jouw persoonlijke rooster, studieresultaten en digitale collegekaart raadplegen was nog nooit zó gemakkelijk! In twee clicks heb je toegang tot alle benodigde informatie.MijnROCvT is dé officiële app van ROC van Twente en geeft je direct inzicht in de meest belangrijke studie informatie. Met MijnROCvT kun je:• Je rooster bekijken• Je studieresultaten bekijken• Je digitale collegekaart inzien• Je aanwezigheid checken• Het laatste nieuws lezen• Handige links raadplegen• Notificaties over rooster wijzigingen ontvangen
SGT Student Mobile App
SGT Student is designed to help students at SGT University stay connected in a secure, convenient way.SGT Student app offers students studying on campus the freedom and flexibility to:STAY UPDATED: with real-time notifications, assignment due dates, and moreATTENDANCE : Quick as of now update of the attendance of all subjectsFEES: Dues dates, amount and status of the fees for all semesters / yearsLECTURE SCHEDULE: Keep track of the lecture schedule and plan ahead for upcoming sessionsDATESHEET: Examination datesheet available at a clickRESULTS: Results for all the examination attended till date
Exam app contains (Sobbanchu), preparation for teacher assistant and exams Feb.
Packing Exam App (Sobbanchu) for- Preparing for the exam for a teacher assistant under OBEC, BMA, VOC, Vocational Education Special case- Preparation for the examination for the general round of the Feb and the special round of the FebExamination systemKnowledge summaryRanking systemMeasuring knowledge by topic And simulation examPast exam statisticsRegular update of new exam.Easy and convenient to use anywhere and anytime with just one mobile phone. But has many powerful systems within the app And will help you to easily become a government official
Yaseen Surah in Tamil and English with both Translation and Transliteration
Yaseen Surah in Tamil and English with both Translation and Transliteration. Offline audio is helpful to listen Yaseen without internet. This app helps to read Yaseen in Tamil/English and learn easily. யாஸீன் சூரா தமிழ் மற்றும் ஆங்கிலத்தில் மொழிபெயர்ப்பு / ஒலிபெயர்ப்புடன் சூராக்கள்
System Analysis and Design is an educational app for students.
System Analysis and Design is an important course of Computer Science program.Main Topic of System Analysis and Design:The Role of a System AnalystSystem Analysis TechniquesTwo Approaches to System DevelopmentTraditional System Development life Cycle (SDLC)Systems Development Life CycleRapid Application Development (RAD)Thank You so much :)
Learn Portuguese language quickly and effectively with LinGo Play!
Portuguese learning app LinGo Play is an interesting and effective vocabulary trainer to learn Portuguese words and phrases through flashcards and online games. Download the Portuguese learning app LinGo Play and try it! The LinGo Portuguese course includes the following topics: Education, Business, People, Home, Nature, Animals, Science, Sports and Tourism, Art, Food, Appliances, Furniture, Beauty and Health, Medicine, as well as many other topics… Learn the Portuguese language through LinGo's many features: ‣ 5172 flashcards, 4141 words, 373 phrases; ‣ 600+ Portuguese lessons; ‣ 16 exercises; ‣ Portuguese course for beginners; ‣ Advanced content for linguists and native speakers; ‣ Tests and grades; ‣ Single player; ‣ Online multiplayer; ‣ Tournaments; ‣ Certificate in Portuguese You will discover thousands of bright flashcards, learn Portuguese words and phrases, will be capable of easily memorising them, and will always be able to keep your Portuguese vocabulary updated regardless of whether you have just started learning Portuguese or are a native speaker. If you are searching for the best Portuguese language learning app, you should definitely try the LinGo language learning app!..
1000+ Chemistry Questions to Test Knowledge of Chemistry and Learn
Chemistry Question Bank contains 1000+ important and most asked questions in competitive examinations.Categories of Chemistry Science Questions are -1. Nature and composition of substances2. Atomic structure3. Radioactivity4. Chemical Bonding5. Oxidation and Reduction6. Acids, Bases and Salt7. Properties of Gases8. Catalysis9. Thermodynamics and Energetic10. Periodic classification of element11. Solutions12. Electrolytes & Electro-chemistry13. Surface Chemistry14. Metals and their Compounds15. Non-metals and their CompoundsSeries of Apps for Educational purpose can be find at Google Play Store by searching GKtalk Imran
Student Creativity Program (PKM) Services
The Android version of Simbelmawa is a mobile-based platform that is integrated with the web version of Simbelmawa which is a Student Creativity Program (PKM) service portal organized by the Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs (Belmawa), Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology (Ditjen Diktiristek), Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemdikbudristek).

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