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마이 힐링 타운 Game DESCRIPTION

My Healing Town: Happy Together Officially Open!
Let’s make a dream town with animals in My Healing Town!

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■Game guide■
Open city, various themed decorations
In a beautiful world where animals live freely
A bizarre place to freely explore the fantastic city

‘So good. You don’t have to wander around anymore. ㅠㅠ’
It is the joy that comes from the hearts of animals that have been wandering for a long time. Take them to My Healing Town, clear the wasteland on an undeveloped island, and acquire abundant water resources through gathering, trading management, and maritime exploration to create a dreamy world full of freedom and fairy tales. From now on, let the animals no longer roam and live a happy life!

[Open map, varied terrain]
White snow sprinkles freely on all things, and the endless cold blurs the boundary between heaven and earth.
Cherry trees are reflected on the clear water, and pink petals accidentally fall and create gentle waves.
There are more than 3000 buildings, factories, and decorations in the city, and they can be placed on snow fields and water surfaces to create beautiful scenery.
In addition to the basic terrain of water and roads, we have added terrain that can decorate the four seasons, such as grass, sand, snow, and ice. oh! what did i dig? There is a treasure on the world map. Let’s find it together!

[Raising animals, collection of encyclopedias]
City building requires recruiting lots of animals, and each animal has its own specialties, such as producing factories, expanding the wasteland, constructing buildings, and fishing. To activate the animal feat, you must move it into an animal apartment.
Giraffe likes to watch the sunset with her friends, so she makes two roof windows in her house and sticks her head out to watch the sunset.
Sloths are famous road blinders, so they often can’t find their way home… .
Animals with unique personalities roam the city. Come and play.

[Management system, idle play]
The factory tree will make a lot of delicious food! Sweet and delicious pumpkin pie, savory coffee, soft and sweet strawberry sundae… You can sell these foods to get large amounts of coins and building materials.
Also, among the numerous orders, there is a special order, which was taken and traded during the round-the-world trip of the panda. Take a look at the travel diary of Tun Tun Yi. It’s very interesting.
The game’s nurturing system is simple and easily adaptable, and upgrades and unlocks are entirely up to the player’s own choosing. The rank tree can be upgraded and unlocked simply by placing animals. If you want to run your city well, manage your time well and assign animal tasks reasonably!

[Co-construction, household integration]
The game setting has a co-building play method. Players can commission friends to decorate their city, unlock the family, invite family members to integrate into the family island, and build freely to show the charm of the family together. Family members can earn rich decorative resources through family contributions by mining, trading, fishing, and expeditions.

[Decoration with personality and high degree of freedom]
From your character, to your city, to your garden and even to the décor, you can DIY everything. Whether it’s a path or a chair or a pool, you have to make it. All indoor and outdoor interior themes are available in the game, and if you can’t decorate, the bulk decoration solves your problems!

Lastly, be bold and create your own city with your own ideas!

[Guidance on access rights]
– External storage: When using the in-game community, access to storage space is required.
-Camera: When using the in-game community, camera permission is required.

[How to revoke access right]
Android 6.0 or higher: Settings> Apps> Select permission item> Permission list> Select consent or withdrawal of access permission
Under Android 6.0: Upgrade the operating system to revoke access or delete the app

[Recommended OS]
– Android 10.0 or higher

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