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Marketing Assistant App DESCRIPTION

This application is used by marketing agencies around the world to perform various functions such as checking whether a website is operational and checking keyword rankings. This is especially helpful when checked by different mobile devices to see where the keyword ranks in different cities, states, and countries.

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Used to provide up-time on your website and rankings for your keywords
This application is used by marketing agencies around the world to perform various functions such as checking whether a website is operational and checking keyword rankingsThis is especially helpful when checked by different mobile devices to see where the keyword ranks in different cities, states, and countries.

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Fantastic app. A great addition to our marketing


Brilliant App great for checking rankings etc, would highly recommend AAA+++


This app is awesome. I have been using it for a few years now to track my rankings. What started off as a small project has turned into a very useful monster of an app. Easy to setup in a few minutes. Both John and Chris on support are responsive and make changes frequently to keep it compatible with gogl security updates. No mean feat. Outstanding app developer you can rely on


Interesting concept that sounded worth a try. It's working nicely and I like seeing my results.


Doesn't work as described too many issues with software updates


Good when it actually works but every new update brings bugs and glitches. This update I can't even update it??!!


This works! You need to be patient and persistent for 3 months or so but then you'll see massive results. I did at least. More than 5 keyword phrases now on page 1 of Google.


Every update always brings issues.. Every update also has a period of time that updating that app won't work for and then you have to hope it will finally update and work correctly.. when the app actually works then its good but all these darn updates that supposedly are fixing minor bugs just end up bringing more bugs and temporary glitches. Like right now for example it says update required but it won't actually update...


Very frustrating app to work with. Doesn't appear to respond to commands eg logging out so you're never sure about things


Worked for a while but update would not install so had to buy another phone


The results are not clear so its hard to sell. Equally unclear are the qualifications of the website so this generates those same results. Its no tge lack of asking or not implementing either.


Unintuitive and the update doesn't work sending you into a never ending cycle of it twlling you you need to update even when you've just installed the supposedly most recent version. Also throws error about not being able to connect to server


Thos app is great to help me see my current rankings on keywords in my industry


Great app and fantastic support - OK you hardly ever need support, but it sure helps when you do.


Great app. I have a basic smartphone and it is working fine.


Works great. Love the ability to keep track of my keywords.


Looking forward to seeing results for this app. Working perfectly so far...!


Great App, Very Helpful, and fantastic Support!


Great app! Helps me keep track of the marketing information of my online presence.


This Marketing Assistant App really works well. Helped a lot to maintain my reports of website.