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Flappi Bitcoin Game DESCRIPTION

The mythical game with more fun than ever! The first game with which you win bitcoin! Flap the bird’s wings, score points and those will automatically become Btc!

Every Monday the amount of score you have achieved is sent to your wallet!

Don’t waste any more time and earn money playing the most fun and famous game ever!

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Legit SCAM and not real bitcoin payout. Uninstall the program. WASTE OF TIME ONLY. Update: I already sent my registration account to you via email until now no feedback nor answer and my bitcoin still hang 100000 flappy coin.
Hello, send us your registration account by e-mail and we will review your case in particular and we will enter your points. Thanks!


SCAM ALERT! SCAM ALERT! DEFINITELY NOT PAYING 100 SCAM! WASTE OF TIME AND EFFORT! When you click "claim satoshi" it automatically losses all your satoshi but when i checked my crypto wallet there is nothing in there. It definitely not paying. And when you email them they do not reply even just a bit. Smh 🤬🤬🤬
Hello dear user, yes we answered your email. We feel that you have not had a good experience, we take note to improve in the future.


this game is a scam they don't pay. two times withdrawal yet they give me nothing. fake app don't waste your time with this game.
Hi, please send your email register for fix problem and pay your rewards. Thanks!


its already been 4weeks now since i make a withdrawal i already sent email on the developer of this game and yet theres no reply at first i thought this game was legit but its not....STOP WASTING YOUR TIME ON THIS APP ...... its like other apps that only gives you promises.....i hope google remove this kind app... its 100% SCAM
Hello, send us your registration account by e-mail and we will review your case in particular and we will enter your points. Thanks!


From 5 Star to 1... I'm sorry but I almost got 7000+ flappy coins but it turns out to 200+ flappy coins now after I open again so disappointed. I feel regret not to the flappy coins but I feel regret to my time taken with this app... If you were going to back my earnings I will sent u my 5 🌟 thank u. I'm sorry again, I just say whats true and I encounter with this app.
Hi, please send your email register for fix problem and pay your rewards. Thanks!Hello, send us your registration account by e-mail and we will review your case in particular and we will enter your points. Thanks!


This is a super useless app!!! The claim button is not clickable, is just the waste of time and I don't think it is legit
We feel that you have not had a good experience, we take note to improve in the future.


Sorry for my first rating I will give this true and good reviews this app is legit and paying sometimes the payout is delay but Don hesitate to contact the developers to make your withdraw fast they respond also to your email 🥰🥰🥰 I love this app than others free Bitcoin here is real.
Thank you very much dear user! We work hard to keep users happy!


What the hell is this! I gathered 15000 Satoshi last week but when I added wallet and pressed claim , the claim didn't work, and all my Satoshi vanished, but I waited and didn't say anything. This week I gathered 20000 Satoshi and was claiming now as Monday is coming but again this has happened. My 20000 Satoshi are vanished, without being claimed.!! I have been using this app since 3 weeks but have not received any reward yet.
Dear user, do not worry, your score is saved in our database and this Monday you will it all together 😚


I only encounter few ads... And also I just want to report that even offline I can still play... This is just accidentally playing offline because my data connection that time is so slow and then now I dont know if you consider that as cheating... I swear I just want to play and earn... Not to cheat
Quiet! Play all you want! 🥰🥰🥰


I can't click the claim satoshi botton,☹️ so how can I withdraw my earnings? It's said that payment made by Monday but how your botton to claim satoshi its not working I already updated the app but is still the same hope you fix it
Hello dear user, the button is activated from 20,000 points!


another scam app !! do not install. do not waste ur time! Until now I still do not receive payment from it! why does google play allow to make an app like this !!! 😠 that's why its ratings are so low because it doesn't pay! Update : what no ads are you saying? !! your app has ads! don't fool me!
TROLLS like you have me fed up. All the work I do for you does not mean anything, I work alone and I have been working on the game for 2 years, I have no income because if you have noticed, ADS does not appear, and do not suffer, that the honored players today have already collected all, yes You have not charged your,TROLL,it will be for something.


Im happy with the game. Before I update my app my satoshis are 8000 then it became 4000. Please help me with my problem developer. Then I will change my rate


Actually this is not the first flappy bitcoin game. Way back 2014-2016 if i remember correctly there's an app called "flappy coin" which is really paying instantly(no minimum satoshi) but of course that was before where btc is around 200 usd. I will rate this app 5 star when i reached 20k satoshis and received my earnings
Thank you very much. We hope you have a good game. Remember that the rewards are half. Thank you very much!🥰🥰🥰


Doesn't actually pay out. -- After 5+ hours of honest gameplay I had 17,000 satoshi (at this time the minimum was 10,000). A day after attempting to cash out, the app deleted my cashout record, wallet, and high score. -- The developer insinuates that I only cashed out 34 satoshi, that I cheated, or that I changed devices, but this is inaccurate. In reality, this app is buggy and receiving your cashout is probably a gamble. Don't expect payment.
You're wrong sir, we pay everyone who plays honestly. Tell us your problem and we will be happy to help you 😚 I am reviewing and your account does not have Wallet saved and only 31 satoshis. No sir, I am a creator of games, just, I am not a company, I have been working on this application for more than a year, I do what I can.


I used this app for already 2 weeks and I can say this is truly legit and I really loved the game until just now, my problem is same as one of the users my highest score was also cleared and and my total satoshi were also cleared..Update: I ask other users if they recieved their payment and they said yes, how come i didnt recieve mine???I already contacted the developer but they never reply me..
Dear user, just like we told the other user, the "record" score has nothing to do with satoshis cash. It is merely an informational value for the game. As we told you in the email, we have already sent your reward to your Wallet. Thank you very much and .. good game!😚😚😚


Nice app developer! I just withdraw, and waiting for my payment 😅 I hope it'll come 😊 Edit: It is almost 2 weeks and I still didn't got my btc 👉👈
thank you dear user! although we are having problems with Google Admob ... we have not been able to advertise ads for 2 weeks. we are working on it to not depend on Google but it is complicated :( Tomorrow i will make all payments! Thank you and..Good game dear!


I've been playing this app for i think 6 days and I am loving until just now, my highest score record was cleared and my total satoshis were also cleared. Please fix this. Will give 5 stars if the issue is fixed. Edit : I did not received any bitcoins yesterday(monday) as promised. But i will still play and see if I get bitcoins next monday.
Hi! We do not understand what may have happened! Have you clicked on "claim satoshis"? If you have given it, the total satoshis are set to 0 and tomorrow you will have your reward!


The app is good but the last sad because its to hard to have points and you only get half of your claimed satoshi's.. I suggest next update, i hope there will be adds that can multiply the points this is only a suggestion..over all this is great and they really pay..thank you so much😊😊 Good job!!
Hi! Thank you very much for your review! Thanks! And .. good game!🥰🥰🥰


At first week since i started to use this app i can say that it is legit because i received the payment however on the 2nd weeks, was not anymore received the payout. I sent an email to the developer but unfortunately, was not able to receive their reply.
Hi! Of course! If you have questions or queries, contact us! We wish you a good game! Update: today Monday they will be sent to your Wallet! Thank you!Update 3: Thanks to you!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰 Good Game and Enjoy! Update4: Jackie Your rewards are on the way. Update4: YOUR PAYMENT IS DONE ☺️🥰😙


I love your app, but sometimes it is lagging when the ads on the bottom shows up 😢 but thats ok thank you again, easy to earn bitcoin 😅 Edit: I hope you'll upgrade your app and have some referral so we can earn more and at the same time, more downloads for you too 😊
Thank you so much Yvette !!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰! Thank you very much and... good game!