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Download the easy-to-use, free Club Radio app!

Our application allows you to listen to the live broadcast of Club Radio on your phone at the touch of a button and to read our constantly updated news. More interesting textual content can be archived within the app, which can also be searched by date and title. The application is simple and practical, easy to use for all ages, and even recommended for those who think they are digital illiterates. It also works on tablets.

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Current Riau latest news or summarized in one application
Aplikasi Berita Riau menyediakan berita cepat dan cara yang nyaman untuk membaca berita terbaru dari Riau. Bisa menghemat waktu dengan membaca berbagai sumber berita Riau mana saja dalam menggunakan satu aplikasi saja.Pengguna dapat memilih sumber-sumber informasi dari situs rujukan sesuai dengan kebutuhan, saat ini lebih dari 27 referensi website yang bisa dipilih, kami akan menambah atau mengurangi sumber berita/artikel sesuai dengan kondisi & kebutuhan, diantaranya :Antara RiauTribun RiauRiua Pos.coRiau OneBidik OnlineTribun News PekanbaruGORiauTribun PekanbaruSpirit RiauRiau News comBerita Riau comRiau Headlines comRiau GlobalRiau Editor.comRakyat Riau NewsBerita IntermezoForum RiauDumai TerkiniDumai SatuDumai PosDumai Headlines NewsSanggam.infoSuara KamparDetak KamparBengkalis Online
The fastest news from Braunschweig, Wolfsburg and the whole region!
Stadtgespräch, Blaulicht, Fußball, Service und Menschen: News38 liefert dir die schnellsten Nachrichten aus Braunschweig, Wolfsburg, Salzgitter, Peine, Wolfenbüttel und Umgebung. Außerdem gibt’s das Beste aus Niedersachsen und ganz ist das reichweitenstarke Online-Nachrichtenmedium für die Region rund um Braunschweig, Wolfsburg und Salzgitter. berichtet an 365 Tagen im Jahr: schnell, informativ und auf den Punkt gebracht.*ALLE NACHRICHTEN IM ÜBERBLICK*Alle wichtigen News aus deiner Stadt und Region sowie aus Politik, Wirtschaft, Panorama, Sport und viele mehrund das vollkommen kostenfrei!*PUSH-BENACHRICHTIGUNGEN*Lasse dich per Push-Benachrichtigung über besonders wichtige Ereignisse direkt informieren!*ARTIKEL TEILEN*Empfehle und teile Artikel u.a. Via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter oder per Mail. *DARK MODE* Die App ist nun auch im dunklen Erscheinungsbild verfügbar. Dies schont Ihre Augen und erleichtert die Nutzung am späten Abend! Lade dir jetzt die News38-App herunter und bewerte uns in diesem Store.Du hast einen Problem in der App gefunden, Ideen für neue Funktionen oder Verbesserungsvorschläge? Schreib uns gern direkt an
This is a one-stop information sharing app that supports for Nway Oo Revolution.
This is a one-stop information sharing app that supports for Nway Oo Revolution.You can find information such as [latest news, CDM Help, Protest Guide, First Aid, Safety during the protest, way to fight back, social punishment, Boycott, Music, Event, Hero, CRPH Movement, and Knowledge] through this app.Proudly presented by Burma Gen Z
Enjoy FREE reading for 7/30 days when you download the app!
GEOPOLITICS is a unique monthly targeted at the executive government and executive businesses, as well as individuals who need to understand how India and rest of the world are interacting. It is a classy product, with brilliant graphics and quality editorial content. Visionary leaders from business, industry, strategic affairs and diplomacy now write exclusive columns for Geopolitics. It is an unputdownable product. Geopolitics is read by decision-makers and policy-makers involved in India's National Security. Geopolitics will provide a forum for this significant and high profile community to express its views on a wide range of issues from international diplomacy to multilateralism to doing business across time zones.
Official App
Superdeporte renueva su App móvil mejorando su diseño adaptativo para que los lectores puedan navegar cómodamente. Entre las principales novedades está la mejora en la navegación. Ahora, en el Menú horizontal se podrá acceder a la Portada y también se podrá navegar fácilmente por los Servicios de la misma así como tener la información de última hora que se puede ver en Lo último.Dentro de las noticias existe navegación horizontal que permite navegar entre las noticias desde el propio contenido, pudiendo pasar de una información a otra rápidamente.Además, para hacer la experiencia más fácil y dinámica, con sólo pinchar en el menú superior también se podrá consultar de un vistazo todas las secciones de la App, pudiendo navegar cómodamente por ellas y accediendo así, a los contenidos que más se adaptan a las necesidades de cada lector.La visualización de noticias en Portada también se ha renovado, creando balcones de contenidos por temáticas en la Portada de la App, adaptándolas a los gustos de los usuarios y atendiendo a sus necesidades informativas y de servicios.
Brazil News: News, videos, weather forecast in Brazil and in the world
Brasil Notícias is the best news application that everyone in Brazil expects. This application brings you the latest news and videos from most newspapers in Brazil. You can read the news from Brazil quickly and easily in several categories: sports, travel, health, videos, entertainment, education, businessAdvantage highlights:★ Collect news from Brazil in real time★ Live coverage of news events★ Latest news and top news from the world★ Simple, beautiful, easy and faster than most applications★ Bookmark news, read offline★ Share your favorite news via Facebook
Chet Elda Ishlashga oid qonun qoidalar, tavsiyalar va barcha zarur ma'lumotlar
Ushbu ilova saytining rasmiy android ilovasi bo'lib, chet elda ishlab pul topishni rejalashtirgan va ayni paytda musofirlikda yurgan yurtdoshlarimiz uchun chet davlatlarning migrantlar uchun mehnat qilish tartib qoidalari bilan tanishtirishni maqsad qilgan. Hozirda saytimiz ma'lumotlar bilan to'ldirilmoqda va sizga doimiy tarzda chet elda ishlashga oid eng zarur ma'lumotlarni va yangiliklarni berib boramiz.
If you want to understand the pulse of Hong Kong, China and international financial events, as well as the most important commentary and analysis in the city, before you start your day's work, the mobile version of the Hong Kong Economic Journal is a must-read every day.
Subscribers to the online edition of the Hong Kong Economic Journal can also log in to the mobile edition of the Economic Journal to browse all the full text content.The contents of the mobile version of The Hong Kong Economic Journal include:"Today's Economic Journal" is updated daily from Monday to Saturday (except for non-reporting days). The content is divided into ten categories:NewsFinancial investmentCurrent affairs commentaryeconomic newsReal Estate MarketPolitical pulseOne-eyed XiangjiangCross-strait newsEJ GlobalSupplement culture 24/7 release the latest financial information."Elegant Life" selects the content of "LifeStyle Journal Elegant Life", including celebrity interviews, art design, fashion trends, watches and jewelry, taste of life, etc.In addition, you can browse the contents of the Hong Kong Economic Journal for the past five years through the mobile version of the Economic Journal.#This application supports mobile phones/tablets with Android 5 or above.
Local and national news, spectacular photography, and rich video content.
From critically acclaimed storytelling to powerful photography to engaging videos — the Times-News app delivers the local news that matters most to your community.APP FEATURES:• Access all of our in-depth journalism, including things to do around town, sports coverage from high school to the pros, and much more.• Enjoy a streamlined, fast-loading experience that makes it easy to view the stories, photos, and videos that matter to you.• Get breaking news, sports scores, and weather alerts with real-time notifications tailored to your interests.• Customize your experience by saving your favorite stories, adjusting text size, using night mode, or reading offline.MORE INFORMATION:• Privacy Policy:• Terms of Service:• Questions or Comments:
The Wall Street Journal as e-paper on your Android Device
The E-Paper App of the HAZ: read your favorite topics. Anytime. All over. Easily read your messages on the smartphone and swipe through the articles in your digital newspaper.Informed earlier:Exclusively in the e-paper you can read the HAZ the night before!Better reading:Tap on an article and read it comfortably in the read view. This view with integrated image links allows easy navigation through the articles. You can customize the font size as usual.Interactive puzzles:Complete your crossword puzzle or sudoku right in the app.Do not miss anything else:Determine what interests you. The feature "Topic Monitor" will let you know when there is something new to read about your selected topics in the HAZ.Flexibility:#MAKE YOURSELF AT HOMERead your newspaper whenever and wherever you want. Conveniently on the go on the tablet or smartphone. Once you have downloaded your article, you can read it at any time without an internet connection.The app "HAZ E-Paper" is free. Without subscription, the download of an issue is subject to a charge. If you have an e-paper subscription to the HAZ, you will receive free access to..
Club radio on your smartphone! - / Latest news and live radio broadcast in one place /
Download the easy-to-use, free Club Radio app!Our application allows you to listen to the live broadcast of Club Radio on your phone at the touch of a button and to read our constantly updated news. More interesting textual content can be archived within the app, which can also be searched by date and title. The application is simple and practical, easy to use for all ages, and even recommended for those who think they are digital illiterates. It also works on tablets.

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Good to listen to, to get real news and assays.


Az utóbbi időben többé-kevésbé jól működik az app, két bosszantó hiba van benne. A kevésbé súlyos, hogy a képernyő elforgatása megállítja a lejátszást (de csak ha előtérben van a program). A rosszabb, hogy amikor hallgatás közben hívnak és elkezdek beszélni valakivel, random megszólal a rádió max hangerővel (többször megtörtént, ma is).


Csak egyszer indult el, utána mindig kilép. Próbálkoztam uninstall, adat törlés, újra-installálás kombóval, de továbbra is bezárul 1-2 másodperccel az indítás után.


Az alapok benne vannak. Nagyon hasznos lenne, ha kiírná, hogy éppen melyik műsor hallható. Egy másik hasznos dolog lenne az internetes hang archívum elérése az appon keresztül.


Fontos lenne, hogy Android Auto kompatibilis legyen az alkalmazás így a modernebb autókban az autó kijelzőjéről kezelhető lenne mint az egyéb audió funkciók. Nagyon jó példa erre az NPR One alkalmazás ami ezt tudja, így balesetveszély nélkül indítható az adás vezetés közben is.


Semmi problémám nem volt vele. Szépen fut az alkalmazás