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snk vs capcom king fighter old Game DESCRIPTION

SNK vs Capcom SVC Chaos (エス・エヌ・ケイ バーサス カプコン エスブイシー カオス, Esu Enu Kei Bāsasu Kapukon Esbuishī Kaosu) is a 2003 old fighting game produced by Playmore (now SNK) for the Neo Geo arcade and home platform.
The game is a crossover featuring characters from SNK’s and Capcom’s respective fighting game properties such as The King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, Street punisher Fighter and Darkstalkers Mame arcade Cadillac lite game. It was the third arcade game in a series of crossovers.

The gameplay is based on the KOF series (particularly The King of Fighters 2002), with the same four button configuration and many of the same techniques. However, the game does not use the Team Battle format, but follows the traditional round-based one-on-one format. Each match begins with a dialogue exchange between the player’s character and the opponent. One new technique introduced in the game is the Front Grand Step, which allows the player to cancel attacks with a forward dash. The player can perform this technique while guarding from an opponent’s attack, which will consume one Power Gauge level.

The game uses a different type of Power Gauge known as the Groove Power Gauge System, which has three levels. The Groove gauge fills as the player lands attacks against the opponents or guard attacks. When the gauge fills to Lv. 1 or Lv. 2, the player can perform Super Special Moves, a Guard Cancel Attack or a Guard Cancel Front Step maneuver. When the gauge is full, its reaches MAXIMUM level and a MAX Activation occurs. During MAX Activation, the gauge will change into a timer and the player gains the ability to cancel any of their moves anytime (in addition to Super Special Moves and Guard Cancels). Once the timer runs out, the gauge returns to Lv. 2.

In addition to the regular Super Special Move, each character also has an ‘Exceed’ move which can only be performed once when the player’s life is less than half.


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That game is so good please don't take it from play store i like the king of fighter please


the difficulty is too hard and the controls is hard, cant enjoy too much


It freezes on the start up! And very poor graphics for a classic interesting game


Has the potential to be great like thee original game i love it but just acouple of issues with it it doesn't grant u access to the option nor to have full capacity for the d pad controls so pls devs correct all issues i still play the game.


A bit difficult to use the controls and the ads r way to much but it's not bad.


The game is amazing but it difficult to play since it doesn't show an instructions


Honestly, I think a young adolescent kid made this game with the brains to actually develop the software. If so, I take my hat off to you. But, if this game was developed by a team of man child nerds then bro you just in this for the revenue from the ads. If you want players to check your game out then you need to put in the work to reap the rewards. I use to jam this game in my prime and freaked it for hours. Thought I'd try it out, rather jam my street fighter 4 champ edition. Just saying
Hello, We are sorry that you do not like the game but we thank you for your feedback. Our future updates will improve the game for you.


I got hit with 5 ads just trying to get to the character select screen. Absolute garbage.
Dear User, we are sorry for the inconvenience. We want to give you better user experience. Could you give us the screenshots of Ads that disturb you most? You can email us at


Joystick on every other games works fine, but is sticky as hell with in this game. Increase your joystick sensitivity.
We are sorry to see you are having problems! The performance of the game is a priority for us and something we will continue to optimize.


Would give it a 5 if it supports controller this is a game that highly depends on combos and doing it on your phone is not as easy as it would be on a controller. Please update so it supports controller


The controller is very wrong plss fix this The game is good but the controller is very bad... When you press a+b or c+d the walk controller is not move.. thats all plss understand this word hahaha


Absolutely love it,love it,looooovvvvvee it!!!finally have a street fighter game where i can play as The Infamous and most lethal deadly character far more powerful than Gouki And Evil Ryu...VIOLENT KEN!!!YOU GUYS ARE SO FRIGGIN AWESOME,THANK YOU TRULY EVER SO MUCH!!!


This game's controls where too big like the analog stock was on top of menu coin meaning I couldn't even play It my screen is small


Svc chaos on the go!! Controls take a little getting used to but other than that it plays pretty good.


The gameplay is based on the KOF series (particularly The King of Fighters 2002), with the same four button configuration and many of the same techniques. However, the game does not use the Team Battle format, but follows the traditional round-based one-on-one format.
We are pleased that you enjoyed the app. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know at! Have a wonderful day!


Super Amazing snk vs capcom game, really nice graphics and speed, best for childrens to play in their free time, highly recommended game.


Nice game! Cool graphics and easy to control for fighting enemies. I like this game!


This is really a superb games. I like alot to played. The graphics and features are amazed and awesome 💯💯


The really sucks . Buttons are too large and are difficult to adjust. I could barely even begin the game


I couldn't continue because every time I'd press start their was a new ad. The same ad "hey guys blah blah" corny stupid looking streamer guy. Until the timer reaches zero. TOO MANY ADS.