▶ Simple and easy rules, friendly game for everyone
Match-three puzzle with ATEEZ♡
Put 3 same Blocks and pop them!
Match 4 or more same Blocks to make special Blocks!

▶Collect artist Cards and complete the collection!
Collect Cards of ATEEZ and complete the Card collection!
Get multiple identical Cards to Upgrade the Card!

▶Customize your Cards with various designs!
Design your Card in your own unique ways!
Level Up Cards for more variety for Decoration!

▶Collect artist Magazines!
Clear certain stages to unlock Magazines!
Be the editor for ATEEZ Magazine!

Enjoy STARWAY ATEEZ and join various events!

This game might include additional charges upon purchases of charged items which include VAT.




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I pay for extra lives. But there's a glitch in the system where clearly I don't have any blocks to move. However the game thinks I do have valid blocks to move and it'll indicate an area where there Is no blocks. Basically invisible blocks. And it wants me to move the invisible block. So basically I waste paid lives to restart the game. Makes me not want to pay anymore.


Update: since the recent update, watching ads no longer crashes to a black screen. But now watching ads causes all audio in the game to stop, this also happens when you leave the app, minimizing the game and return to it. Once this issue is fixed, I will give the app 5 stars again


It's alright for a match 3 game but could be better. same issue as other players where playing an ad won't lead me back to the game properly and I'm stuck on a blank screen. The audio also stops playing if you tap out of the app and go back in.


*Another update, same problems. [220314]* It takes forever just for checking/load the data, laggy so much, the size and animation itself made it heavy, it keep forced me close and made me lose the hearts and coins for finish the level, too hard to get cards. The puzzle itself are fun to play. But I found some instructions are not clear enough to understand the meaning. Not really a good game for F2P player I guess. Waiting for next update for better version. Thank you.


Tried to draw a card but got an endless loading screen, clicked off to go back but lost a ticket without getting a card. Same thing happened with the freebie. Watched the ad only to get a loading screen forever, clicked off and went back but I lost my freebie for nothing. 🤡


I can't draw cards at all every time I draw a card the loading screen would stuck and then if I quit and enter the game back the card ticket will be used but I wouldn't gain any card, this have happened a lot of times already. Also, the game is very laggy sometimes the sound will became glitchy and stuck.


Great game, love the design but it's intermittent with opening. I either load straight up or more often it just sits on the first screen "checking build version". I've tried with full signal and good WiFi but no difference. Really like to be able to play this again :(


when the game was announced, I was really excited to play, but since the release, I've been having trouble just getting in to play. every time I want to play, I'll have to delete the app and reinstall it for me to actually get past the loading screen, and i have to repeat this every time I leave the app. will continue doing this because I love ateez :)


Like other users I experienced a few glitches that could be forgiven until I started loosing lives and missing levels because of them. Now it will not open past the checking buildversion screen. Otherwise I would've overall rated this game 3.5 stars. Definitely needs major improvement in stability.


the gameplay itself is not too bad, but there are a lot of glitches and since yesterday i cant even play it. when i can play the top + bottom half of the screen is cut off; it doesn't fully register some of the moves i make, like when you're collecting a certain color block, it'll not actually count some of the ones i collect. the audio is pretty compressed, and the quality of everything is just kind of bad. im a big fan of ateez, but i think they shouldve chosen a different developer.


Idea is fun and would love to see it improved. Today I can't get past the loading screen. Annoying you can't put the special card abilities where you want them. Grass is hard to see. And I can't figure out what to do with the coins being earned. I would continue to play if the bugs got fixed.


Very buggy. I used my tickets to draw cards, but it was taking too long to load, so I decided to back out and I ended up wasting my tickets & drawing zero cards. There is also this annoying pop up, leading to a browser. Hope to see it fix soon. The gameplay is very boring for me, not at all what I expected. I expected smooth and better interface, as well as different background songs each time I played but it's just the same song playing. I love ateez, you're not doing them justice with this...


When it was finally released to play, it was ok. A little laggy but tolerable. For the past 3 days, I haven't been able to get past the Check Buildversion screen. Ive done everything short of uninstalling and reinstalling but, from what I've been reading of reviews, it won't make a difference. The only issue I had with gameplay itself is as much as I love the songs, only being able to hear 2 of the same in the gameplay and one in the Lobby...I ended up turning the music off.


Buggy. Game play is boring, and the special cards are effectively useless until they are leveled up to a higher tier (plus you can't choose where to use the move?). Personally, I've also found it annoying how combo hits essentially don't work, and it's really difficult to see grass blocks. Also, most times that I watch ads, it won't reward me, instead leaving a blank screen -- and if I exit the app and open it again, the sounds cuts out. At least the app has a good aesthetic, I suppose.


I adore this game already but the only issue I have is when watching the ad for the free card draw the screen goes blank after closing the ad and I have to restart the app and don't get my draw. I've tried multiple times. It's my only issue.


Really cute puzzle game! I like how simple it is to understand how to play. My only suggestion for future updates would be to add more songs for menu/game music. Maybe for the menus adding some other title tracks, and for the game music some other instrumentals. I love ATEEZ's music as much as the next ATINY, but I would like some variety in the song choices. Or even letting us choose the song as an added personalization to the lobby, and maybe unlocking them as we progress? Overall, very cute!


Played with no problem for a couple days, overall the UI is rather messy (wow there's a lot going on here) but the puzzles are fun! But then today it won't open past the "Checking Build Version" loading screen. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, after the 10 minutes of waiting for it to download all the assets again... it worked! For about an hour. Now it won't go past "Checking Build Version" again. From what I've seen here there's a lot of bugs like this.


It's truly a great game, i did however find a bug. As soon as i finish watching an advertisement, the game crashes and it's black screen for me. The only way i can continue playing is when i close the app, and reopen it.


I was really excited for the launch of this app but I'm having some trouble. It opens to the terms and agreements page and after I check the boxes it then tells me to sign in. Once I sign, it says to click the [x] button to complete the process. However, the app then restarts and makes me do the process all the way from the terms and agreements to the sign in. Over and over. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing seems to be fixing it.


When it comes to sign in, it stops there and opens a Google site to choose account. But when I choose my account, and press the [×] button as told, it brings me to the app and makes me do all of these again. I'm trying for 2 whole hourssss and it's just like an eternal circle that will never end.