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Sound Mode Widget App SCREENSHOT

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Sound Mode Widget App DESCRIPTION

3 sound mode widget include silent, vibration, and normal mode.
There 3 on/off switch button in this APP.
You can select two or three modes.
By clicking the widget, change to the next sound mode.
*** ALLOW S-M Widget+ to access Do not disturb ***
*** ADD widget to desktop and RESTART system ***

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3 sound mode widget include silent, vibration, and normal mode.
3 sound mode widget include silent, vibration, and normal mode.There 3 on/off switch button in this APP.You can select two or three modes.By clicking the widget, change to the next sound mode.ALLOW S-M Widget+ to access Do not disturbADD widget to desktop and RESTART system

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App sucks. Just stopped working. Trash.


Very nice as required. Would have rated 5stars but it works only if app is open. Even after giving dnd permision it works only when the app is open, else it does not work. Now every time you want change it to silent or back again to normal mode then open the app all the time to work, or else you have to keep the app always open


Didn't work for Samsung S21


Doesn't work