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- The ride recording, auto-unlock, and add a bike processes have been improved
- Bug fix - The advanced diagnostics screen is now loading as expected
- Bug fix - Riders will now receive a message confirming that their new bike lock PIN has been saved
- Bug fix - The messaging riders see when encountering bike-app connectivity issues has been made more user-friendly

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Specialized App DESCRIPTION

Unleash your dream ride with the Specialized app.

With ride recording, advanced performance tracking, and Turbo e-bike management, the Specialized app takes your cycling experience to the next level. Plus, premium ride data and analytics motivate you to achieve your cycling goals while a seamless partner app connection supports your active lifestyle.


Turbo E-bike Management: Manage your Turbo bike settings directly in the app.
• Register your bike directly in the app to activate the lifetime warranty and receive critical updates about your bike.
• Fine-tune your bike’s power delivery and battery output to support your riding style.
• Customize the stats and layout you see on the bike display.
• Deter bike theft with Turbo System Auto-Lock.* When activated, your system automatically locks when you power off your bike. The system will automatically unlock when you’re near your bike and power it on.
• Monitor battery level, charge cycles, odometer, etc.
• Receive real-time error log alerts when your bike needs attention. Resolve issues with our helpful troubleshooting tips, or share system status and logs with your preferred retailer for remote diagnosis.
• Get service reminders to keep your bike operating at peak performance.
• Manage bike settings, including battery beeper, stealth mode*, and range extender use.*

*Available on select models.


Advanced Ride Recording: Track activity and monitor your ride data in real-time with GPS recording.
• View real-time metrics, including speed, distance, elevation gain, calories burned, and more.
• Customize the ride recording dashboard to see your preferred stats.
• Turbo riders can stream stats directly from their bike, including assist mode, battery level, and motor power.

Smart Control (Turbo e-bikes only): Effortlessly manage your Turbo e-bike’s battery use on any ride. Set your desired battery percentage remaining for the end of your ride, and the app will intelligently adjust motor assistance to ensure you reach your destination with the right amount of charge.


Premium Performance Data: Get a comprehensive summary of every ride with a detailed analysis of where you rode and what you accomplished.
• Stats include speed, distance, elevation gain, calories burned, and more.
• Interactive graphs allow you to analyze your ride further.
• Rides recorded on a Turbo e-bike will display Turbo-specific metrics, including levels of assistance used during the ride, battery usage over time, and average motor power use.

Seamless Partner App Connection: Easily sync your ride data with your preferred apps that track and support your active lifestyle.
• Connect your Garmin or Wahoo account to the app and sync the rides you record with either device. Rides will be imported to your activity library, allowing you to analyze the collected data.
• Sync activity to Strava for sharing with friends and getting kudos.

Designed to empower all riders, the Specialized app revolutionizes your cycling experience with innovative features and an intuitive user experience. It’s your ultimate riding partner.

Download and start riding today.


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The new app is a serious downgrade. The app removed support for Komoot connections, and doesn't add anything that anyone needs taht wasn't already in previous versions. Another flat tire from Specialized.
Hey Robert - Thanks for the critical feedback. We are currently in the process of bringing over many features from Mission Control to our all-new app, including the Komoot integration. We appreciate your patience while we work on doing so. Cheers!


Where's the battery and motor temperature gone ? And why is the wheel size different between levo turbo alloy and a carbon same bike. One of my ten battery leds has given up after 4-5months .dropping pins on the map would be a awesome too . when loading the app with no signal I got a error sdk something couldn't find bike with serial no ********** why is there no way to share rides with friends so they can look at your journey and a copy...
Hi Michael - Thank you for the review and feedback! We're in the process of bringing over many features from Mission Control to the Specialized app and appreciate your patience while we work on this. We will share your feedback about map pins with our design team for further consideration. Happy cycling!!


Don't take the one star the wrong way, it's just is there a list of the compatible bikes? it doesn't want to connect to my 2021 Turbo Creo at all. Thus I can't really rate the app properly. Cheers
Your Creo can connect with this app 😃 Please ensure that you are signed out of Mission Control & don't have it running in the background when you try to pair your bike with the Specialized app, as Turbos can only connect to one app at a time. If this doesn't help, please contact Rider Care for more help:


I like it. I prefer this over mission control for the more in depth ride stats. I wish I could choose to upload to Strava with a button like mission control does though. ** appreciate your response but I'm saying I'd like a separate button so I can choose to upload individual rides. Also, the auto upload is set up but not working for me, I currently have to go to mission control and manually upload anyway.
Hi Jenna - thanks for the review! You are able to automatically upload your rides to Strava. Please go to the "More" tab and tap on "Connected Apps" to turn on the Strava export feature! Happy riding!


Had my Como 3.0 IGH for a week. I never had an eBike before. I wanted to sit upright to avoid prostrate issues and was tired of the bending over routine. Now age 65 and riding more to pay attention to what's around me on my ride. I saw 4 dear with 2 fawns., 4 Florida wild turkeys, and a box turtle today. it's hot in FL but with this bike I still peddle a go further but the breeze keeps me cool so I can ride. This bike shifts easy tracks nicely, has plenty of power when needed. Love it get it
Thank you so much for the kind words, Steve! We are so happy to hear that you are loving your new bike and the Specialized app. We hope that you continue to see all kinds of amazing wildlife on your rides 😃


Assist mode reporting is not accurate. It reports that the assist mode was in Turbo, when it was in Sport mode. The rides recorded in the old Mission Control App were incorporated into this new app, which shows the correct Assit Mode. The rides recorded in this updated app report Turbo mode when, in fact, it was in Sport mode.
We are really sorry for the trouble and we appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention. We will look into this further!


Good but not finished, this app seems to bring new functionality that wasn't in mission control, but missing others things. I love the new ride summary, much more useful info. The calories burned is far lower than the number on my Levo's display though. Is that because I've reduced the support level of my eco mode? Most important missing thing is the ability to update firmware. Can't find it, assume it's not there despite the menu option caption. Oh and it partially records some rides
Hi Lozzy - Thank you for your feedback on the Specialized App. We are in the process of bringing over many of the features that are in Mission Control to our all-new app and appreciate your patience while we work on this. Regarding partially recorded rides, please contact Specialized Rider Care for help!


Doesn't work with older bikes. I have a Turbo Vado 2.0 with the TCD-w refuses to connect, where mission control works fine, "Unable to execute behaviour: connect on this bike" very useful. Think I will stick with MC I don't think this will ever work bike is too old 😡
Hi Graham - Your bike is not too old! Please ensure that you're logged out of Mission Control and it's not running when you try to connect your bike to the Specialized app. Your Turbo can only connect to one app at a time. If this doesn't help, please contact Rider Care. Cheers!


Prefer Mission control as its absolutely essential to have multiple custom presets tailored to your own personal tastes which this doesn't have? , I like to have an Eco, Trail, Race, Alps and another for my son. Also like the dark mode on MC, staying with MC until this one is improved...
Thank you for your feedback on the Specialized App. We are in the process of bringing over many of the features that are in Mission Control (including Tune presets) to our all-new app and appreciate your patience while we work on this.


It works and is usuable. But I won't be using this over mission control because there's no presets for tuning (or not easily visible?) and a small annoyance is that I can't see an option for dark mode.
Thanks for the feedback Chris. Not all current Mission Control features are available on the Specialized app yet, including presets and dark mode. These features and more will be released in the app within the coming weeks and months. You’ll be notified when they’re available.


The UI is nice, however it doesn't do its job: it doesn't track my rides. Rides are being stopped after a few minutes. I am switching back to Mission Control until a fix is released.
Hi Botond - glad you like the UI. It would be helpful for us to know more about what is happening when your rides stop tracking. Can you please update your review or contact Specialized Rider Care and provide more details? We'd like to dig into this and get it resolved for you.


Interface looks awful, compared to Mission Control. No dark mode. Stops rides midway through and saves them. No more presents, as I can see, just a graph to change motor assistance. Why have you released this app when you haven't finished migrating everything from Mission Control? Weird thought process and a bit amateurish.
Hey Andrew - thanks for sharing the critical feedback with us. We are in the process of bringing many features from Mission Control to the Specialized app, including dark mode and presets. Please contact Specialized Rider Care regarding your issues with ride recording.


Really enjoying the app so far. The new design is fresh and lots of the features seem improved compared to Mission Control. All my bikes and rides transferred over when I signed in to the new app, which was really nice. Looking forward to more improvements from the Specialized team
Hi Sylvia - Thank you for the rating and kind words. We're glad to hear that you've had a great experience with the app so far! Happy riding 😃


Not as easy to use as Mission Control. Real time riding map should be full screen by default. It's a Google map and harder to read. Smart Control and auto-start rides is missing. Specialized app has a few more "geek" details to analyze rides but seems like a step backwards in usability. I might keep it to analyze rides but keep Mission Control for ride time app. If you want to really help your users, give us the the ability in the app to deal with current firmware updates and fix other items.
Hi Jeff - thanks for the feedback. We are working on getting many of the features that you are accustomed to using in Mission Control added to the Specialized app over the course of the next weeks and months - including Smart Control and automatic ride recording. We're looking forward to getting your feedback once those have been added. Cheers!


There are 3 profiles pre set in my application: universal, battery friendly and racing, how can i add more of these profiles?. How can adjust shuttle and responsiveness? And if i can get the menu to adjust it there is not ok button to accept the modification.
Hi SergioMotox - Thank you for leaving us a review. We are currently working on bringing over many of the features from Mission Control to the Specialized app - including custom tune presets. Additionally, when you go to tune your bike, the setting will automatically be applied to your bike.


A good start with some interesting features but needs more development before it can fully replace Mission Control. (Please disregard my previous review about not being able to connect.)
Hi Doug - We're glad to hear that you're able to get your bike connected to the Specialized App! We are in the process of bringing over many features from Mission Control to the Specialized app and appreciate your patience in the mean time.


This app is missing so many functions available in the Mission Control App that it amazes me that Specialized would release it. Not ready for prime time. For instance, battery charging limit is missing, as are firmware status.
Thanks for the critical feedback, Steve. We are in the process of bringing over many of the features that are in Mission Control to our all-new app and appreciate your patience while we work on this.


First thoughts: Old ride data - battery used is correct for some rides but way out for others (missing decimal point??). I love the new features showing amount of each mode used during the ride. Sync with Strava - I liked the option to choose whether to sync, uploading at home allowed me to save mobile bandwidth. I haven't recorded a ride yet. I used to have occassional problems with the old app not recording the ride properly - another reason why I liked to choose whether to upload to Strava.
Hi Grant - Thank you so much for the feedback, we really appreciate it! We have passed your feedback regarding battery consumption to our developer team so they can investigate. Happy riding :)


I guess this is intended to replace the Mission Control app. All good, but appears to be missing some key features from the old app such as Smart Control and AutoStart rides. I do like the new auto lock/unlock features though.
Hi Bruce - thanks for the feedback! We are in the process of bringing over many of the features that are in Mission Control over to the all-new app, like Smart Control and automatic ride recording. We appreciate your patience while we work on this and look forward to getting your thoughts once they've been added :)


The app did not work at all compared to the better Specialized Mission Control. It did not indicate proper distance or speed at all. It said I was traveling millions of miles and millions of mph. Once I completed the 14 mile ride, it said I went .03 miles. Please fix this. I also did not have accurate battery communication at all and bounced from 110% to 22%, with many in between (all were wrong). I'm going back to the Mission Control app for now.
Hi Mike - thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We would like to help you get these issues fixed. Can you please ensure that all battery optimization settings have been disabled on your device? If this does not correct the issue, please reach out to Specialized Rider Care at: