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New styles. More sounds. Endless inspiration.
CoSo now taps into the entire Splice catalog which unlocks zillions of new musical combinations— your best ideas are in front of you.

- New styles covering more genres — free to explore and create for all
- New ‘percussion’ instrument
- UI updates and performance enhancements

CoSo by Splice App SCREENSHOT

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CoSo by Splice App DESCRIPTION

CoSo is the AI-assisted sound creation app that lets you follow your instincts and make music in the moment. Whether you’re making unique music for your social posts or getting inspo for your next hit, CoSo is the app to bring instinctive creation to your fingertips.

Stop digging—start creating
CoSo listens to your track in real-time, then serves up Complementary Sounds that go together. With the “does this sound good together” out of the process, you can focus on letting your creative instincts lead you.

Instinctual creativity
Create a Stack by choosing a style then add up to eight instrumental layers from across the Splice catalog—every selection is uniquely yours and destined to work.

Everything under your thumb
Swipe right to choose a new sound, swipe left to delete, tap a layer to mute it, and long-press to solo. CoSo’s here to create musical momentum.

Save. Send. Share.
Send your stack to TikTok, save to your library, share with a friend, or export it to Ableton Live (coming soon). You can also locate your sounds in the Splice library to use them in your DAW.


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I try to create an account and it says I'm offline
Thank you for your review! We are so sorry to hear that you are having trouble creating an account. To assist with this issue, it would be helpful to have a little bit more information. Can you please send any screenshots related to the issue along with your device details at


I could see this being a great tool but it needs a lot of work
Thank you for your review and honest feedback! If you're experiencing any specific issues or would like assistance in getting the most out of our CoSo app, could you please write into our support team? We'd love to help make your experience with CoSo better. You can reach us here:


Awesome app even without a premium on Splice! Provides with an excellent opportunity to make something out of nothing on the go. But I can't figure out how does the option 'View sample on Splice' works. It does nothing. It that also a premium feature or sort of a bug?
Thank you for the review! Clicking "View sample on Splice" should take you to the Splice website where you can view the sample on our regular online platform. If it's not working, would you mind uninstalling and reinstalling the app please? If issues persist, please contact our support team:


would be great, but for an app pay 10-20 dollar per month is a robbery. also. you cant change the key. its always a random sample, you cant choise what u like. its rubbish.
Hi there, thanks for writing in and for trying CoSo! We would love to hear your feedback and support you through any speed-bumps! Please contact us at


Great idea.. Just dont feel as if its there yet. Seems like it shuffles through a lot of the same samples even when you random shuffle. May one day be a great tool... Maybe.
Hey there! Thanks for your feedback regarding CoSo. We encourage you to reach out to us regarding any features you want to see on the app. We value your insight! You can reach out to us from


Fantastic app with a few quirks. The UI/UX experience is outstanding as is the AI that pulls in appropriate genre samples. When you open your compositions in the Splice desktop app, and see all of the pitch and tempo shifts going on to make everything 'fit,' you really appreciate the genius of this software. A couple issues I have run into - occasional distorted mixes, and also timing glitches / drop-outs when sharing recordings.
Hi there! We're really happy to hear you're enjoying CoSo! We encourage you to report any issues you've experienced to our support team. You can find us here:


Great for inspiration and addictive. Until DAW integration is implemented, I currently use help from loopcloud. 1) Add splice sample folder to loopcloud library. 2) Use stacks in the splice pc app to locate the 1st sample. 3) Find within loopcloud library drag it to track 1. 4) Adjust semitone shift as noted in stacks for that sample. 5) Rinse and repeat for all remaining samples. 6) Drag into your DAW of choice. Yeah, having loopcloud and splice is a best of both worlds.


Love it, for a first release I also didn't find any bugs


Respected Sir/Madam, Its just awesome, please add to share audio formats like mp3. I m loving it, waiting for offline version and Ableton. Thanking you, Yours faithfully,


why does it take splice a minimum of 3-4 years to create a working android app? years for the regular mobile app to be useful and actually allow access to your entire sample this app won't accept my correct username and PW rendering it completely useless. another 3 years it'll work I guess 😃
Hi there, Thanks for using CoSo! We truly apologize for any issues you've experienced. Could you reach out to us with your Splice account at so we can take a closer look? -Splice Customer Experience


Addicting app for music producers. Great tool for song inspiration or building blocks for a beat. I find interesting combinations I wouldn't have thought of. It is not a stand-alone music creation software, but is excellent at what is was made for.


The stack crashes and can't be reloaded if your phone goes to sleep. Strings are sometimes guitars. Some of the samples that you don't want in your stack can show up again when you swipe right. You can't change the BPM / tempo of the track beyond the apps pre determined parameters. In terms of the samples you get what you are given so you can't really specify your own sound so you could be swiping for hours and not get anywhere. The video and share option seems to work okay.
Hi there, Thanks for using CoSo! We appreciate your review, and value your feedback. Could you reach out to us with your Splice account at so we can take a closer look? -Splice Customer Experience


I really wanted to leave a 5 considering it's one of the most innovative AI music apps on the market. I really enjoyed both the UI/UX functions because they were really user friendly. It is an amazing idea to really grab inspiration quickly and make music more efficiently. However, I wish there was a one click function where the COSO music "styles" could easily be downloaded onto a DAW the way the AI combined them in-app originally. Overall, pretty solid.


Perfect I just wish the Loops would keep playing when you left the app, that way you can write in a notes app without having the app open


App opens but none of the functions work. It's just hangs... Submitted feedback several times but never got any feedback.
Hi there, Thanks for using CoSo! I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've experienced. Could you reach out to us with your Splice account at so we can take a closer look? -Splice Customer Experience


I'm just now downloading this app, but I love music no matter what so I know I will have fun.


Epic app!! This is exactly what I needed to build quick inspiration for tracks all the while sitting at the beach. THANK YOU! The only request I have is for better integration with the Splice app. If I save a mix on CoSo, I want to easily access the samples in the Splice app to quickly drag them into my DAW. I'm sure this is coming, once it does, boy, will this be the best app I've seen in years!!!! You guys rock!!!


This app is on to something. A few additions and quality of life changes and this could be perfect as a little inspiration for producers or people looking for ideas. Would love to see this app integrated with your actual account and use sounds you have already purchased as well.


In it's current form I believe it is a great tool for finding inspiration and building a base for something great. I like the UI and the layout of the samples in the stack. Very responsive as well. A few things I would like to see in the future as a producer would be; + Instead of titles like 'Beat', 'Chill' and so on on the type selection screen, let us choose from Genres as well, I feel sometimes when using the app I can't quite get the BPM I want or the drums because it seems to be based on one of the samples perhaps. The BPM will go to 120 sometimes and other times it won't. It takes longer to find that particular style, so to say. + I imagine an integration of the Desktop version of Splice and CoSo is in the works but, I thought I'd put it out there anyway. If I could pull the stack as it is in CoSo into Splice or my DAW that would be great. + The ability to put samples that we choose in the stack to build from. Often I will have a sample that I want to use but I can't find a complementary sound using "Similar Sounds". I am an avid user of Splice for desktop so I love this, I was just wondering about what to do when I had a creative block and this showed up. Thanks again!


This app is pretty cool. I might start to use it, but I wish I could have dropped a sample then it automatically finds matching ones