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StadiumDrop is the sports food delivery app that keeps you in your seat. Stay, make memories and your food will come to you.

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Place your order by the Villare Pizzaria application.
Agora você já pode fazer um pedido pelo seu smartphone ou tablet.Escolha entre nossa variedade de produtos em nosso cardápio.A Villare Pizzaria MissãoLevar sabor à mesa das famílias, com produtos e atendimento diferenciados e de alta qualidade, buscando a total satisfação do cliente.VisãoSer uma marca reconhecida no mercado pela excelência de seus produtos e serviços prestados, tanto no atendimento quanto na entrega ao cliente.ValoresHonestidadeAgir de forma correta e íntegra, dentro e fora da empresa, tanto com os clientes e funcionários quanto com os concorrentes;QualidadeNossa base vitalEntregar ao cliente, um produto em que todos os processos envolvidos sejam realizados com qualidade;RespeitoTratar a todos de forma cordial, respeitando os princípios do bom senso, dos direitos humanos, dos trabalhadores e do consumidor;Trabalho em EquipeConscientizar e incentivar a proatividade de cada colaborador, e também a importância de seu trabalho perante a equipe e quanto isso é significativo para o sucesso da empresa;ConfiançaEstabelecer junto aos nossos Stakeholders, uma relação aberta e franca em um ambiente acolhedor e agradável ;Preocupação com o ClienteAtender de forma cordial e personalizada, entender as necessidades do cliente, preparar seu produto..
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The Largest Food Delivery, Online Shopping & Recharge Services providing Mobile App in Imphal, Thoubal & Nambol.OUR FOOD DELIVERY SERVICESTime to feed your hunger cravings by ordering from popular food outlets and best restaurants in your area, we have them all. More than 100+ Premium Restaurants under our belt and counting. Get to choose from a wide range of cuisines like the Indian Cuisine, Italian, Mughlai, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Bakery items and Local Manipuri Cuisines. Whenever you need a food break, we are ready to roll until your food is delivered right at your doorstep. If you are planning for bigger parties, we are here at your rescue. We also accept bulk orders through per-orders.APP FEATURES🍕 1000's of Food Selections for both Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarians⌛ Fastest Food Delivery within 30-45 minutes🛵 Professional Team, ready to help | Best Hygienic Food Delivery System🛡️ Return, Refunds or Replacement for unsatisfied/ wrong food orders.💳 Cash on Delivery (COD), Online Payment like Debit/Credit Card & E-Wallets accepted💶 Best Delivery Rates, Pay Less as you Buy More with us.📲 Huge Cashback on Mobile..
Sensational spareribs since 1974th
Vom klassischen Bratripperl, über Ripperl mit besonderen Würzungen und Toppings bis hin zu kreativen Gerichten wie Ripperl-Burger, Ripperl-Wraps und Spezialsalaten dreht sich auf unserer Speisekarte alles um Ripperl. Seit über 40 Jahren tüffteln wir an den perfekten Ripperln. Mit unserem selbstentwickel­ten Zubereitungsverfahren und neu interpretierten Rezepten kommen wir ihnen schon ziemlich nahe. Bei unseren zarten und köstlichen Ripperln setzten wir voll auf nachvollziehbare Qualität. Das schmeckt und erfreut auch das Gewissen.
Coffee: Your official membership app service
COFFEENIE CAFE(커피:니)의 공식 어플리케이션입니다.커피:니 이용시 꼭 챙겨야하는 멋진 커피:니 멤버스를 만나보세요.음료를 마실 때마다 적립되는 스탬프와 니(ⓝ)가 적립되고, 적립한 스탬프와 니(ⓝ)로 다양한 혜택을 받으실 수 있습니다.다양한 이벤트로 쿠폰도 받을 수 있고, 커피:니의 새로운 소식도 가장 먼저 만날 수 있답니다.○ 커피:니 멤버스란?커피:니 이용시 스탬프와 니(ⓝ)를 적립해 무료음료 등의 혜택을 받을 수 있는 커피:니만의 모바일 멤버십 서비스를 말합니다.○ 주요 기능1) 메인 화면: 현재 보유한 스탬프와 니(ⓝ), 쿠폰, 커피:니 카드 현황을 한 눈에 확인할 수 있습니다.2) 나의 등급: 자신의 니(ⓝ) 현황과 등급업을 위해 남은 니(ⓝ) 갯수, 그리고 등급 혜택 정보를 확인할 수 있습니다.3) 커피:니 카드: 커피:니 매장에서 현금처럼 사용할 수 있는 모바일 선불카드로 모바일에서 편하게 충전/구매/선물이 가능하고, 카드관리를 통해 카드 잔액의 이전 및 삭제 기능을 제공합니다. 4) 쿠폰: 현재 사용가능한 쿠폰의 정보(쿠폰명, 설명, 유효기간 등)를 확인할 수 있습니다. 지난 쿠폰 내역을 통해 사용하거나 유효기간이 만료된 쿠폰의 정보도 확인할 수 있습니다.5) 선물하기: 모바일에서 지인에게 커피:니 카드를 선물할 수 있습니다. ○ 접근 권한 안내커피:니 멤버스 이용을 위해 접근 권한 허용이 필요합니다. 선택적 접근 권한의 경우에는 허용하지 않아도 서비스 이용은 가능하나, 일부 기능에 제한이 있을 수 있습니다.[필수 접근 권한]없음[선택 접근 권한]- 위치: 매장 검색 시 활용- 주소록:..
Sahi Food Delivery
Sahi Food Delivery
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Stay in your seat, make memories, and your food will come to you.
StadiumDrop is the sports food delivery app that keeps you in your seat. Stay, make memories and your food will come to you.

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Scam app. Ordered from it and said delivered but never came and even after checking in, no one knew where it came from. A waste of time and money.


Should not have to input a CC just to sign up for an acct. Will change rating if this is corrected.


Great Company! Great service! I've got a few app improvement ideas 💡 if you'd like. Other than that 5/5 when it comes to the company and the people who work there!


Took a $5.75 thing of nachos and an extra cup of cheese and made it $15. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 No thanks. I can walk to the concession stand. How do I delete my account and payment info? I see no way to do it in the app. No way to remove payment info before deleting the app!!!


Very good experience I would recommend them to family and friends.


Been great to order from my seat.


I'll save you the time, it is prohibitively expensive. It also takes forever to set up because it doesn't work with any payment apps or autofill. The concept is nice, but the execution is awful.


Horrible experience. Waiting forever to only get partial order. Had to complain to get the everything. They don't care about what you order.


Limited menu. They also have fees on top of fees. Delivery fee and processing fee plus tip the runner, which is understandable and ok. Get rid of one of processing or delivery. Tried it once won't do it again until that is resolved.


Terrible app. Needs a credit card to sign up but can't change card after signing up. You have to make a new account to change cards.


GREAT idea but the app needs improvement. The View Order button (or some button) should let you edit the order. I hit View Order multiple times before the venue was caught up and able to accept new orders, which is fine, but I had to log out and log back in to clear my mistakes and correct my order. Missed 20 mins of my event messing with the app.


Made an account put in what we wanted and it won't send through because it's busy, I totally understand them being busy but I would rather order my food and wait for it in my seat instead of having to leaving my seat to wait in a line and miss the game.


No thanks didn't work at all can't get all menu items...this app is only for creepers