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Witch&Craft Game DESCRIPTION

Craft magical items and sell them in your shop!

In this addictive simulation game, you will become a witch
and grow your mystical shop.

Many friends from the town of Liberae will help you on your journey.
Game Features
・Run your own magical item shop!
Swords and staves, potions or accesories! Find which
items sell the best and improve your sales!

・Craft different items with alchemy!
You will have to craft items before selling them.
Collect the materials and find new item recipes!

・Explore the world for new items!
Explore the forests, caves, and dungeons to
collect the materials needed for alchemy.
Can you find all the materials?

・Decorate your shop!
You can choose from over 100 pieces of furniture.
Mix and match them to create an interior you like.

・Success story of a young witch!
From an alchemy apprentice to a successful shop owner,
experience the heartwarming story of Liliana’s growth.

Recommended device:
・Android 9.0 or more

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Can you defeat the evil enterprise Mr. Zero? For Casual & Hardcore players.
A fierce war has engulfed the Ocean. As Mr. Zero, an evil military industry conglomerate owner, tries to take over the world, it is up to you take the position of a pilot in the International Liberation Army. In this alternative universe, you will have the chance to fly different historical fighter planes in your effort to free the world from Mr. Zero's grasp. Become an ace pilot and take down hordes of enemy fighter planes and bombers, sink huge ships and lead your fleet to victory!Features:- large variety of planes and upgrades- controlled with just two (2) buttons- the levels are generated randomly, ensuring a different experience every time- difficulty is automatically adjusted to the player, so this game is good for both causal and hardcore gamers- compete with other players and achieve the highest score
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Overall this game is very good. The interface is easy to understand, the character design, decoration and story are also very good. Relaxing and fun gameplay to play in your free time.


This game has pretty engaging story and characters. Since it's an idle game, I wasn't expecting much but I'm surprisingly invested. The graphics are also cute and I enjoy the gameplay. I like that the ads are for bonus rewards only. It's quite an active gameplay for an idle game, but I like it. I'm glad I gave this game a shot!


This game is like a spiritual successor of another game potion maker. I love it so far and wishing the Dev's and who working on this a smooth and successful future.


Id watch all the ads for you, but stop giving me shopee ads. Its ads errors everytime which leave the game a blackscreen. FFS.


I love the game, story is cute, crafting stuff is fun. It does need abit of seasonal events to make things more lively though. Maybe adding special decorations for events, event stories, event places to explore to get special ingrediants might make things more fun. Also costume for the main character might be great! Last QOL needed is buy all button at thw market cs it takes a long time to buy ingrediants...


In early game, it's too many events in a short period of time, and it's an unfortunate that u can't skip tutorials. Keeping that aside, it's a great simple game where u can farm for materials, craft an items, and sell them to get some money. Good theme, but yeah... i hate to admit that it's a bit frustrating that u should keep hits the skip button short after u skipped a story. It'll be better if it can be a bit longer range of time before call an event after another.


Cute game but if you watch an ad to get a supply the game will crash you will not get your thing you want and you have to do it all over again this happens not once or twice but almost every time


It's a very well made game. This game has interesting and light-hearted yet not silly story alongside charming visual and calm audio, with its mechanics being easy to learn for everyone across any ages. Although it has couple of issue such as lag and less developed optimization but none of these are deal breaker. Overall, it's a great game that I would continue to play and recommend to others.


I watch ads to speed up things and they don't even work. Have watched 4 ads, full on videos and still haven't sped anything up. Really sucks


It's such a cute little game and I absolutely love it if it wouldn't keep crashing every 2 mins. I love the crafting and the little shop and the decorations and the story ad characters are good too and I want to keep playing but why does it keep crashing I don't understand, but I would still recommend it ngl it's a good game


Extremely refreshing, relaxing idle management type of game with no bulls*it gacha nor any type of overly IAP. Fun addicting and it usually last around 5-10 mins per play session perfect for a side game. In the game you just send people to gather stuff then use those to craft items and then sell it at your own shop and that's it! The only paying thing is furniture, skip time-gated and that's pretty much it. But I must warn you, the amount of optionals ads is insane and there is no option to off.


A good game with lots of charm! Very comfy and a chunk of the game is idle, so you can deal with it throughout your day. The characters all have their own charm, and I love the snippets of their stories :) There are some spelling errors (and a very memorable dialogue line that includes INSERT BOAT JOKE?) but that all adds to the cuteness of the game. Optional ads are a huge plus in my book too! Love the game cycle and defo worth a play, with seriously cosy art and overall vibes :3


Fun game and story, but once you buy every decoration you can with crowns there isn't much to do with them and they just pile up endlessly. The characters are great and the story is fun and intriguing. Overall good game that has a very clear end to the story.


Cute graphic, easy to understand and play. I really like the concept of dispatching explorer to forage stuff and bring them back to craft items and sell. The decorations for the shop still need to be improved though, not much to buy and theres only single area to put the furniture. I really wish this has multiple craft option in the crafting menu too. Thank you for developing this game! It's really relaxing to play~


Adorable crafting RPG! I saw a review that compared it to the Atelier series, and I agree. My only real disappointment was that it was short; I finished it (granted, while home sick) in 5 days - and that's with most of the last couple of days spent waiting for explorations and sales to happen in real time in order to progress the story. (For those curious, level 100 is the max for both shop and crafting level.)


I love Recettear, and this is a fun shopkeeper game like that minus the dungeon exploration, this is nice to play to pass time. I'd like to give it 5 stars but for some reason it's very poorly optimized, it lags a lot and sometimes even hangs my phone completely.


Only loses a star because it's laggy when trying to do most things. It's just a couple seconds, but that does add up. It's cute, and a nice chill game. I'm enjoying the stories and characters. I do wish there were more things to spend your crowns on once you've got all the upgrades and decorations, though! As much as I've been playing, buying out everything in the material shops barely puts a dent in my crowns now. :(


This game is great! It's has elements that you'd find in the Atelier series but simpler. You make items by mixing material with the right amount of attributes and sell them in a shop automatically like an idle type game. The characters are well designed and cute too, and the stories are short and sweet. Oh, and you can change the furniture in your shop to customize it to your liking. Give this game a try, it's lite and simple but a good way to pass the time.


DESPERATELY needs a bulk crafting option. Game expects 1,500+ of an item that crafts in batches of 10-20 to be sold if I want three trophies. Item doesn't even sell for good money, and after ~10 minutes gameplay it's a generally useless item. So either trophy goals need to be cut down to 600 (1,000 MAX), or I need a bulk craft option. Both is ideal.


I actually can't imagine reading everything you expected during what felt like an hour long tutorial. I skipped every dialog and still left the game twice bored out of my mind. The mechanics aren't rocket science, I think we can tap around and figure it out. Art style is cute and very charming and I love it. Will edit my review when I'm done being annoyed about the intro to the game taking 4 years.