1. Add specific application cleaning function
2. Fix some crashes

Start Security & Cleaner App SCREENSHOT

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Start Security & Cleaner App DESCRIPTION

Start Security is an antivirus app and remove junk

Main features:

Antivirus: scan and remove viruses to protect your device
Junk Cleaner: remove unnecessary files and clean junk

More cool features are coming, we will continue to optimize the product experience. If you have any issues, feedback, please send us an email

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Storage Cleaner: Clear junk to make space on your device
Avast Cleanup is a cleaner app for Android that can help you:•Analyze phone's storage space and clear unnecessary data•Clean your photo library•Identify and delete apps you no longer use•Identify largest files, media, apps, and junk on your deviceThis app uses Accessibility permission to assist disabled and other users stop all background apps with just one tap.Disclaimer: Certain automatic profiles are automatically triggered based on your device's location, which requires access to location data we'll be using in the background. We'll ask for permission to access this data before using it.
Android Mobile Security with Antivirus, Virus cleaner, App Lock & Phone cleaner
Protect against viruses & other types of malware with Avast Mobile Security, our free antivirus app for Android. Trusted by over 435 million people.Protect your privacy by receiving alerts when spyware or adware-infected apps are downloaded onto your device. Secure your device against phishing attacks from emails and infected websites. Turn on the ѴРИ to keep your online browsing private and safe, as well as to access your favorite paid streaming services when traveling abroad. Get alerts when your passwords have been compromised by hackers. Avoid scams with advanced scans and alerts.With more than 100 million installs, Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus provides much more than just antivirus protection. Free features:✔ Antivirus Engine✔ Hack Check✔ Photo Vault✔ File scanner✔ Privacy Permissions✔ RAM Boost✔ Junk Cleaner✔ Web Shield✔ Wi-Fi Security✔ App Insights✔ Virus Cleaner✔ Mobile Security✔ Wi-Fi Speed TestPremium features for advanced protection:■ Last Known Location: Check your device's last location before its battery died.■ Scam Protection: Protect yourself from scammers with advanced security features and smart alerts.■ App Lock: Keep your sensitive content secure and private by locking any app..
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AVG Cleaner is cleaning tool that has let nearly 50 million people worldwide clean their devices.AVG Cleaner top features:✔ Uninstall Updates of Preinstalled Apps: replace preinstalled bloatware apps you don't use with factory versions to save space✔ Get more spaceRemove junk files, uninstall apps, and delete bad or unwanted photos and videos✔ System infoEverything you need to know about your phone on one screen✔ File managerSmart File Manager & Storage Cleaner can analyze pictures, files, and apps✔ Junk CleanerClean out any useless junk from your device e.g. app dataWith AVG Cleaner, you will get rid of junk files, and automatically find bad quality or duplicate photosAVG Cleaner – Storage Cleaner is a clean up tool that gives you more storage spaceJunk cleaner, storage clean up, and app removal features are described below:Cleaner: Advanced app remover & app manager:► App analyzer: AVG Cleaner can identify apps that drain mobile data, or take up too much storage space, allowing you to clean them out more easily► App remover: Easily remove apps to get more storage space► Junk cleaner: Master junk files and..
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Experience award-winning anti-malware security and virus protection with Infisecurity. Get real-time protection, mobile security alerts, and more with our free trial.Some of our features include:📡 AI ScannerThe patent-pending AI Scanner, will be able to track zero-day malware, and undiscovered threats, allowing you to keep your device clean and safe.🛡 Antivirus protectionIf our background check detects malware, Malware and Virus Remover acts as a virus cleaner – immediately blocking viruses and dangerous apps, links and files.🔍 Background checkOur antivirus for Android scans downloaded apps for malware, ransomware, phishing, spyware and other threats using a background check to give you outstanding virus protection, guarding your devices from infections.Download Antivirus for Free Now!
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Antivirus and junk clean
Start Security is an antivirus app and remove junkMain features:Antivirus: scan and remove viruses to protect your deviceJunk Cleaner: remove unnecessary files and clean junkMore cool features are coming, we will continue to optimize the product experience. If you have any issues, feedback, please send us an email

Start Security & Cleaner App DOWNLOAD

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It is super


Dont use it is not working


nice app this is


Comprehensive and easy to use. What more does one want.


It's a fast and strong


This app is a good app it cleans all junk files from my mobile phone and keeps my phone's system virus-free. But it has a problem it displays ad that are not even skippable.You always end up opening the app in Play Store. I am not complaining about the ad as I know it is the only source of income for the app developers but I would want them to have skip or you can also atleast provide an exit option for when the advertisement gets completed so that I don't end up opening it in the play store .


I love this app works great


Secure all kind of mobile viruses


To keep the Security Apps clean


It's very useful


Intelligent app for security services


very good app


Easy to use


OMG my virus is gone forever


Very good app


Used this app for the first time today. Seems fine.


mind blowing super service


great easy to scan


Good re it's good it's clean super way that any cleaners can't do


My name is sachin cleanre is tha best app my phone is auoto swichoff problan give me new phone