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An interactive story that lies in love between life and death,
a brand new romance fiction anime that stimulates your curiosity to the max,
💜Dear My God💜 is here to Play!
– Lose yourself in a mad romance with your choices and decisions!
Dear My God is all yours! Be the “heroine” of the love story and go for his love to make it yours!
– Over 200 choices full of fascinating illustrations and hidden events!
– Life? Death? The last choice given to you standing in between is… in love? Let’s check it out!

👼🏻 [Dear My God] episode Plot

You’re excited for the first overseas trip.
Then you get into a plane crash and…PASS AWAY?!
Waking up to a village on the border between life and death,
realize that you’ve lost all your memories, and can’t even remember your name…?

“Follow the path given to you now.
I’ll record everything till the end of you…”

You will end up staying there forever if you fail to recall your name!
The ending you will be facing is…
A new life? Or…. Death?

“To live…I must keep in touch with the Gods?”

The choices for survival, and romance that bloom in them,
Experience it with 💜Dear My God💜

👼🏻 [Dear My God] Key Points

[Dear My God is for those who..]

✔Want to enjoy an interactive otome game that’s romantic but also mysterious and dangerous!
✔Are looking for a love story game that’s not lame, and filled with choices of thrilling fantasy!
✔Want to collect all the secret endings with special episode!
✔Are interested in fateful love in desperate situations!
✔Want to try an otome roleplay episode game with your own choices!
✔Love to play a dating otome interactive story games with romantic fantasy stories!
✔Want to interact with attractive anime characters and achieve your love goal!
✔Like watching anime or manga about love stories and fantasy!
✔Enjoyed dangerousfellows, blood kiss, killing kiss, arcana twilight and other Storytaco interactive otome story games!




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I'm sorry but why everytime I wanna change the name it's always lagg. I mean I just downloaded it but why I can't change the name and even I already click the "okay" but still.. nothing. I hope you know about this...


The art style is so pretty and the plot is also greatt! The characters r so unique The genre is not only for straight, cuz there is one dominant girl^^ She is so attracted. I recommend you to try it out Guysss!!


I really enjoy the story, it's unique and pretty intriguing. What I do not like is how there are choices costing 70-100 gems. All we get is around 20-50 to begin with. And to even collect gems is only 5 each 15 minutes and after each chapter if you are willing to watch ads, which I am but the amount of gems we have to spend is unbelievable.


I have played the game over n over again still doesn't change the th. suxed had good story and art but that's it


IF YOU'RE HERE BECAUSE OF LOVE PHEROMONE, THEN RUN FAR FAR AWAY, RIGHT NOW!... this is the 2nd game AFTER Love Pheromone, that I've paid for to not have ads,gems,etc... and it's the 2nd time I'VE BEEN DISAPPOINTED😑 you can't get certain characters, unless you pay for all their gems choices, but even then I'm not sure.. I'm not putting any more of my money into it to find out.. even the graphics aren't the same and definitely not the same quality.. it's a good storyline, poorly executed


It's not bad but the reason I give it 2 Stars is because that it has so many ads, and can the creator atlest give us 1k gems because it's quite anoying that I have to watch adds for 5 gems and play games/download games just to have gems. The story is nice and the character design. But please give us 1k gems PLEASE.


Very Awsome Like The Other Apps! (Dangerous Fellows , DevilKiss Etc) Except I Hate The Fact You Need To Pay Gems To Get Really Good Answers/Reply's. But Again, It's Awsome!


i love this game, the illustrations are really pretty, the story is good, the characters are cool and the game overall is really good but the thing is the paid choices are too expensive, In my opinion we should either get 1k or 2k gems at the start or the prices of the paid choices should be lowered to at least 20 gems or something


Really fun and enjoyable for me! The characters are beautifully design, the story is intriguing, which makes it exciting! I believe your first ending would end up to be Min Hyuk because it's simple to get his ending. The daily gems are enough for me, but I would wish if you watch ads to get the gems it gives you more than five. Overall it's a lovely game. I usually don't write reviews but this one deserves it! o0o


I saw someone say this is better than Love Pheromone and it didn't feel that way for me. The gems they give you for completing stories and watching ads is very few, so paying for choices is more daunting. The story text has alot of problems (programming errors like /i, spelling errors, and using the set name wrongly is common) and the story and characters weren't that intriguing. I believe the only intriguing character you meet isn't dateable. Also if you don't choose to date it's a bad ending.


Shorter than the other StoryTaco games I've played and a bit confusing, but I really enjoyed it. I think the confusion is supposed to be part of the story, but it could still be off-putting to some. As usual, premium prices for things can be aggravating. This was the first time I spent money on a StoryTaco game because there was actually a decent deal, so I view it as I bought a 5 dollar game. To me, that was worth it but it differs for everyone.


I give it 3 stars because the special answers are very expensive and them being cheaper would be a lot better. And whenever you go on dates it costs 300 gems!! It's crazy in my opinion. I do recommend the game though. It's very good graphics and the storyline is 😍😍🤩


This game is freaking awesome! Tho I'd like it if there were more ways to obtain gems. Waiting 15 minutes for ads seems like a buzzkill. But the story itself gives so many gems so it's not that bad. Also, the story has some spelling errors but it's definitely captivating. To sum it up the devs deserve the five stars


Okay, starting off this is already better than love pheromone, the art style and the characters is just ✨PERFECT✨. Edit: Okay, I've been having problems with the notifications. Whenever i go and click it, the app just crashes, and the notification text is invisible, the text is the same color as the background of the notification, hope you can fix this And whenever I watch the ads, and when the ads ends, it take me to a completely different apps (App store, chrome etc) I don't like it ☹️


This game was a new experience, and the plot was something I never saw in other otome games. The characters are beautifully designed, and I am happy about the female route; but I have one issue with it: paid choices. Although you get about 1k gems at the start, it's still too little to use all the paid options. I'd recommend to lower the price of those options (since a date mechanic cost 300 gems) so everyone could enjoy this game to the fullest.


I love the art, the plot is so-so, but I enjoy reading it. However, the gems is the real pain. Thus, the story seems like to bias Minhyuk, since I got his ending easily. Otherwise, the other characters are hard to get to their endings


the story is interesting, interaction between the characters.. how do i want to say this? it's just too close. i was in episode 5 and missed Minhyuk's illustration, i don't know how to get it back. the art is pretty! but the game is a bit lacking as it just depends on choice, other that it's just empty maybe it's better if there's minigame or battle to get the crystal than waiting


Its good story, and I really like the art that I got after dates and endings ✨ the only problem is min hyuk name is changed to chase in the middle, after that back to min hyuk. Recommend for others to try if you like light and fluffy romance story 💙


I waited so long to this game to be released and finally it's available now I love everything in it, the storyline,the characters,the designs everything is just a masterpiece even the diamonds problem isn't a problem you can choose answers without gems and you still get the right answer I really love it and, there isn't any adds when you finish the episode which it's really amazing that why this game deserves more then 5 stars!❤️


It's good, still playing the illustrations are awesome, the charcters are awesome to but their personality is little bit hard to understand, everyone is charming including the mc even tho diamonds are such a pain....