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Homeworld Mobile Game DESCRIPTION

Embark upon a galactic journey to settle in an unexplored galaxy in this online strategy game that will require every bit of your wit. Build ships, acquire resources, engage enemies, and discover uncharted systems in this Homeworld-bound odyssey.

Command and conquer with a team of officers, upgrade your galactic fleet, and experience a 3D MMO online strategy game like no other. Your skills will be put to the ultimate test as you prepare your space team for all-out explosive space battles.

Over a century since the original exodus and rediscovery of their Homeworld, the Hiigaran people have overcome trials and galactic foes to finally bring forth an era of peace and prosperity. Expansion beyond the Whirlpool Galaxy is now the main objective as they look to explore and settle an uncharted universe through the Hyperspace Gates.

Build ships to help you conquer the galactic battlefield in strategic fleet battle gameplay. Choose one of many factions of the Space Fleet belonging to the Hiigaran Navy as you embark on missions. Discover the outer reaches in a sci fi game waiting to be explored. Scour the universe in search of resources and new friends or old foes.

Prepare for strategic space battle in a vast, galactic world as you chase the trail of the Progenitors in a thrilling action strategy adventure. Will you search for archaic clues as a researcher of the S’jet, bring glory and prove your might as a proud member of the Soban, or find a place to call home as the outcast Kiithless?

Strategic gameplay is key to victory. Command your faction and immerse yourself in dynamic, real time fleet battle. Take control of spaceship carriers, interceptors, and destroyers to outmaneuver opponents in exhilarating sci-fi gameplay. Employ strategic battle tactics to gain the upper hand and command your space team to victory.

Commander, It’s time to lead the way. Are you ready?

Homeworld Features:

Dynamic 3D RTS Combat in a Sci-Fi Game Setting
– Build ships and maneuver them in real time, galactic space battles
– Select and deselect individual units to adjust formations or focus targeting
– Engage missiles and lasers to bring down galactic foes with intuitive free reign controls

An Epic Space Adventure Beyond Galaxies
– Begin your galactic 3D MMO journey and explore rich lore from generations of award winning titles
– Enjoy immersive voiceover in an atmospheric sci-fi game through the legendary Homeworld universe

Next Gen Graphics
– Experience a space adventure with exceptional clarity and attention to visual 3D detail
– Immerse yourself in breathtaking graphics that elevate your online strategy game

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Click here, click there is a complete nonsense. I been doing tutorial for 30 min and not done yet. I don't know why every space game trying to teach everything in one course. It's useless and boring. By time I finished, I don't remember what I was learning at beginning of tutorial. However, the game looks good, the story line is really impressive, I hope tomorrow finish the clicking tutorial 🤦🤦🤦


While I love homeworld 1 and 2 for pc, this mobile version leaves a lot to be desired. The collector needs some pathfinder updates as it can get stuck trying to dock by circling the flagship. The game really doesn't specify what certain materials are for and the lack of settings options really makes it somewhat frustrating as this game on a Samsung galaxy s22 just devours the power. The auto center camera should have an option to disable it. It needs a lot of work. A loooooot of work.


Getting better with each iteration as a good development should. Steady storyline and technology introduction paths, naturally leading to challenge seeking. Excellent graphics, although I am unable to run it at full resolution. I have found fun ways to choke the game up, like loading more into cargo than your space would normally allow, like switching a stack of ore to refine. Or reloading shops in combat. Still, fun and entertaining would recommend. Followed this series for decades
Thank you for trying our game. We are sorry you experience these issues and can assure you that we are constantly working on Homeworld Mobile to improve the game and its stability. We encourage you to join our Discord server ( to share your reports.


Few issues but good overall experience. Key points I've found The negatives 1. Tutorial is long having issues completing quests. Will state you have to complete x# and after completing it, it doesn't count. Requires more being completed. 2. Solo mining is rough for new players. The positives 1. Enjoyable gameplay 2. Graphics 3. Not being over monetized with ads 4. Management of your fleet


I played the original and the mobile still my favorite game There's only a couple things this missing the full 3d mechanics so I can actually move in any direction like the original and More story narration and narration just in general would be nice the graphics you're not going to find better anywhere storyline you can beat with a stick


Great game i raised review to 5stars after development team actually surprised me by fixing most the glitches. Huge potential needs pvp and missions are basic grindy fetch quests. Updates are always a massive fail...epicly failed on last one but I won't drop stars the struggle is real. Yall trying and that's more then most.
Thank you for the support of our game! We have identified the cause of the crashes you are experiencing and are currently working on a patch to fix the issue. We will release more information on social media and our Discord server. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I like the game. I hate when you click to dock fighters you move your ship. It is annoying. That is it the rest of the bugs happen and will be worked out. The docking issue is a user experience problem.


Been playing for a couple of weeks now, and have a bit more experience with the app, there's a few bugs, but not anything that make it unplayable, for example, assigning an officer to your Bridge well allow them to be assigned to something like a fabricator or refinery. Once you start getting into teir 2 construction or refining of anything takes a long time, which is good if this is something you just want to pop in for 10 minutes every 6 hours or so.


The game is good, not as good as the pc games, but those are masterpieces. It has some problems, like sometimes the ships get stuck doing something and dont respond to the dock command, changing the squadrons is tiresome, if the app loses focus for a couple of seconds to respond a message or something you lose connection and need to login again and get to where you where previously that can take some time, TLDR the game is good can improve
We appreciate you supporting our game! We are constantly working on Homeworld Mobile to improve the game in different aspects - especially the connection losses you experience. If you have any further feedback, please message us on Discord (


EDIT: Dev response shows all issues are due to programming (fully understandable). A nice homage to the PC games! A wonderful co-op game that retains many elements from the classics. My only issues are that the development forgot to include a codex for reading (never look down on the power of information), and instead all we have are intuitive icons--not explained in game. Organization is also lacking, as grouping orders and battle stances are not saved when shifting locations. Hopeful for more!
We appreciate you trying our game as a Homeworld fan! We are constantly working on Homeworld Mobile to improve the game. We are currently discussing various options to improve how the information is displayed in-game for example. If you have any further feedback, we would invite you to join our Discord (


Most advanced space RTS on mobile hands down. Very deep combat, and progression. Still has some bugs but updates are regular. Has a steep learning curve for novice players But the overall experience and rich narrative grows and makes you a part of the world. It's not like the PC version but that is a good thing. As it is a mobile game Soo you can play it on the go. All the good aspects are still there just packed in shorter bursts.


1. Game has some really bad lag when clicking on things. Menu, map to travel around, when mining and even fighting. I haven't gotten far into the game as of yet but being that it's a constant lag the entire time I'm playing or trying to complete quests it's kind of hard to want to continue to play. Hope to see some updates fixing the issues which I'm sure are coming later on. If and when they do I'll change my rating. Games great hope to see some more polishing.
Thank you for your review. We are happy you love our game. We are constantly working on Homeworld Mobile to improve the game and its stability. We update our player with new information on our Discord ( which is why we encourage you join it!


Overall, not a bad game. Definitely lacks the depth of the source game, in both story and mechanics. Biggest issues are the crash/bugfests. Game crashes when I put my ear buds in after starting the game. Sound cuts out at random times, and almost always if interrupted by a call. Game crashes in large battles, and the server is so large that serious lag/timeout issues occur during peak hours.


UPDATE: The most recent update 1.2 fixed the playability of the game on my device moto G stylus which is an older phone. Still has bugs to work on but after not being able to play the game for a while it is a lot better. The game design and conversion from the PC game very good. Very few games like this where you don't have to worry about the pvp aspect.
Thank you for supporting the Homeworld franchise. We have identified the cause of the crashes that you are experiencing and are working on a fix right now. If you want more information or any support, feel free to contact us on Discord or our Customer Support.


Highly anticipated yet disappointing at it's initial release due to bugs and stability issues, with the 1.2 release Homeworld Mobile now gives players the chance to immerse themselves in the Homeworld experience. With the most severe bugs squashed, the games is very playable and engaging. Looking forward to fantastic expansion of features and storyline in the near future. The Homeworld Mobile dev team delivers a winner.
Hi! Thanks for your feedback. We are aware that a few players are experiencing connection issues and are already working on a fix. We hope to have it ready in one of the upcoming updates. Sorry for the inconvenience.


The game looks good, however it's plagued by frequent issues. Frequent loading screens, frequent lag, loading problems, repeated loss of connection with server resulting in a forced restart or a need to force close the game and reload to clear the glitch. The concept is great! But the execution is terrible. This game badly needs bug fixes and stability.
We appreciate your review. We can assure you that we are constantly working on Homeworld Mobile to improve the game. We are especially working on the loading issues you are experiencing! We would encourage you to join our Discord server ( to share more of your feedback.


I've been playing homeworld for the last decade and a half, and this is definitely the next installment of the Higaaran Fleets. It's expansive and growing, the developers are active and responsive on Discord, the gameplay is smooth and immersive... im excited to see where my fleet is one year from today. Absolutely worth the download: try it and see for yourself.


Frustrating. Tutorial does not explain anything, just forces you to click the correct button. What is the goal of the overall game? Does not stay connected in the background, and then needs to restart. Constant attacks by strong enemies make mission a pain. Mission details hard to find. Basically nothing is explained, and everything is frustrating hard to do.
Thank you for your review. We are constantly working on Homeworld Mobile and currently investigating the disconnects you are experiencing, including the tutorial. If you have any specific feedback, we encourage you to join our Discord server (


Has potential but there are a lot of technical issues and the tutorial leaves a lot to be desired. I was experiencing a lot of lag and crashes on the default settings so turned graphics to low, which helps. But still feel like the tutorial is both aggressive and unhelpful. It basically just says "click here, now here" with no explanations. And one time it wanted me to group ships up to attack different targets with no hints all on how to do that. Could be a great game but needs a lot of QOL work
We appreciate your review and are happy that you tried our game. We constantly work on Homeworld Mobile to improve the game. We would be really interested in more of your thoughts about our tutorial and encourage you to join our Discord server ( and share your experience.


I loved the homeworld games, and it excited me to jump on a mobile one, especially with a big name like gearbox behind it. Man, what a disappointment though. In playing the game for 1 hour, it has crashed over 2 dozen times just to get through the opening mission. And once I got to Lazarus, I can't collect the reward. Effectively locking the game for me. Looks great, but completely blows performance wise.
Hi! Very sorry to hear you had a rough start to the game. We want to improve the game as much as possible, so any more details you could provide would be much appreciated. Please join our Discord to help us improve the game. You can join here: