드라이브하고 싶을 땐? 슈라! 드라이브 커뮤니티 플랫폼 App SCREENSHOT

【图】드라이브하고 싶을 땐? 슈라! 드라이브 커뮤니티 플랫폼(截图 0)【图】드라이브하고 싶을 땐? 슈라! 드라이브 커뮤니티 플랫폼(截图 1)【图】드라이브하고 싶을 땐? 슈라! 드라이브 커뮤니티 플랫폼(截图 2)

드라이브하고 싶을 땐? 슈라! 드라이브 커뮤니티 플랫폼 App DESCRIPTION

I want to drive
Where do you find someone to go with?
When you want to drive Find it in Shura!

Super Kara Lounge (Shura)
As an imported car, supercar owner, or even a passenger without a vehicle
Register to enjoy driving
It is a fun cultural space for people who are fascinated by the charm of driving.

Just drive with the right person
I want to do a food tour and have fun
I want to go on a thrilling drive tonight
When you can’t meet anyone and there’s no one to call right now

Dating or dating is burdensome
Jamanchu, we who pursue natural encounters
When you want to date, when you want to make friends
Where on earth should I make a relationship?

Start a drive by meeting an owner or passenger who wants to drive in real time in Shura, which leads a healthy drive culture.

Anonymous community features of various categories are separately installed, so you can use only the features you want. Feel free to communicate the stories you want to say, such as dating, finance, vehicles, circuits, camping, car washing, dating, and golf.

Concierge service for Shura members introduces and provides the best services such as hotel, dining, airline, golf, spa/esthetic, hospital (dermatology/plastic surgery), culture/exhibition, protocol service, etc.

“A reliable Shura that puts safety and security first”

Reasons to trust Shura

1. Sign-up process through cell phone authentication under your name without a ghost member
“Shura warrants civil/criminal liability for the absence of fake members.”

2. “Safety first”

Shura owners can sign up only after verifying the “Comprehensive Insurance Subscription Certificate”.
Owners who have only purchased liability insurance cannot sign up.

3. “RPM” Suraman’s manner rating system evaluates drive manners, music selection sense, and drive course selection.

4. “Personal information plus prudence”
Comprehensive insurance subscription certificates registered at the time of signing up for Shura membership are provided in encrypted form and are destroyed without being stored immediately after authentication.
Other personal information encryption, administrator access control system, user privacy protection, and
Applies protection technology to prevent external intrusion and photo leakage theft.

Did you hate that my profile card was moving around even when I didn’t want to?
Shura can show my personal information only when I want.
Are you reluctant to disclose your contact information?
Don’t worry about personal information by providing a safe number!

This app is committed to monitoring for youth protection by prohibiting the following actions within the app in accordance with the ‘recommendation to strengthen youth protection activities’ of the National Guard. In addition, we will monitor illegal and harmful content from being distributed, and inform you that if found, the member/post may be blocked without notice.

This app is not intended for prostitution, and it complies with the Youth Protection Act, but it may contain content that is harmful to teenagers, so the user’s attention is required. A person who mediates, solicits, induces, or coerces prostitution, including children and adolescents, or a person who engages in prostitution is subject to criminal disposition. Indecent or suggestive profile pictures and posts that induce unwholesome encounters by comparing genitals and sexual acts are prohibited from distribution on this service. Illegal acts that violate current laws, such as other narcotics, medicines, and long-term transactions, are prohibited.

If there is an illegal transaction recommendation, report it to [Customer Center], and in case of emergency, the National Police Agency (112), Child/Women/Disabled Police Support Center Safety Dream (117), Women’s Emergency Phone (1366), and other related You can get help from the Sexual Violence Protection Center (

This service includes paid in-app items, and a separate fee is charged for purchase.

Terms of Use:
Location Based Service Terms of Use:
Privacy policy:

Super Kara Lounge Co., Ltd.

Developer contact:

Inquiries Customer Center:
(Responses may take approximately 1-3 days.)
(Only the email customer center is operated.)


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