Discover a faster way to add due dates. You no longer need to click the "Done" button in popovers when setting a due date or reminder; it will be automatically selected upon choosing the date.

Lists and Team cover images can now be customized using images directly from Unsplash.

Creating several tasks on a list will no longer show an error message.

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Superlist is the home for all your lists. From team projects to grocery runs, get it all done in one place. Intuitive, private by default, and integrated with everything you already use, it’s built to work the way you do. With Superlist, you can do it all: Create to-do lists, capture thoughts or detailed notes, assign tasks to teammates, and everything in between. Whether you’re coordinating with a co-worker or planning an upcoming vacation, manage your whole life, from work to home, in Superlist.

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From team projects to grocery runs, get it all done in one place.
Superlist is the home for all your lists. From team projects to grocery runs, get it all done in one place. Intuitive, private by default, and integrated with everything you already use, it’s built to work the way you do. With Superlist, you can do it all: Create to-do lists, capture thoughts or detailed notes, assign tasks to teammates, and everything in between. Whether you’re coordinating with a co-worker or planning an upcoming vacation, manage your whole life, from work to home, in Superlist. your planned grocery shopping.
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Needs more work. Shows a lot of promise and is very nice to look at but notifications for reminders are unreliable, which is quite the deal breaker. A more intuitive UI would be welcome as well as natural language processing for assigning dates and times to tasks. A shame that this wasn't ready for prime time out of the box but hopefully with a few more updates I can switch to it as my main as I'm itching for a simple and focused to-do app.


This app is wonderful. The UI is very clean and the tasks creation is comfortable. Yes, it has some bugs, but nothing too serious, it is obvious that these bugs will be fix soon.


Yeah the Glitch has been cleared and I would like integration with nitin also but this app has really a good potential and I am seeing it. I would definitely use this app for long and it is replacing my todoist
Can you try it again in the latest update please? The bug with renaming sections should be fixed now. The performance on Web and Android will also get better with each update!


Strengths: Beautiful, minimalist, and elegant interface. Each task can spawn another task list/note infinitely, which is a really cool feature. Negative points: Faulty sync: Your tasks on different devices never sync. (Suggestion: There should be a button to force synchronization). Bugs: The application is unstable; sometimes tasks disappear after they are created. (That was the reason I gave up on the app). I hope they improve in the future, as I really liked the interface!


Edit: they fixed it. Will update review when I've tested it properly! There is a bug when creating task in the list, so I can't create or edit a task in a list. This makes the app unusable as it is now
Apologies for the issue! Can you please check the update to version 1.1.0 now?


This app is changing my life for the better. No more searching the house for my daily to-do notebook. It works wherever I am - on mobile and desktop. And it is relatively intuitive. I actually like using it. This is a well thought out organizer that overcomes all my obstacles for using a task manager. Thank you Superlist team. I had not expected this day would ever come.


Quite irritating that going from main overview to a list, and pressing back button brings you back to the previous list instead of main. This is a bug that can occur. I suggest you extend your GoRouterBuilder test coverage. Also I would like to hide messages tab, and reduce clutter of any feature that I don't use.


Have been using Superlist for about a week so far at time of writing this review. Sure it's a little rough around the edges but hey! It's version 1. I think this app is off to a strong start and has great potential. Can't say I've had any of the troubles others have had, perhaps check the quality of your device before posting negative reviews.


I want to love this app, but it's such a buggy mess :( it allows me to add only one task and then doesn't register any keypress. It also randomly goes to black screen and I have to restart it. I miss wunderlist :(
Apologies for the bug! Can you try it again now with the latest version 1.1.0 please?


This app is everything I always wanted in an app. It's got integrations that issue, it's got a great UI, it's in all the platforms. This will replace bundled notes AND todoist for me. Incredible app, I can't wait what's to come
Thanks a lot for the kind words!


So far pretty bad experience. Low performance of the app on the computer and notifications don't arrive (both mobile and browser are affected). It has a nice UI.


Great so far but needs fixing. When creating a new task, the app is waiting for me to type but even as I type, the characters do not come in (I only see the preview "add a task or tap the switcher to choose a different content type "). Please fix ASAP because it gets in the way of seamless capture and that is essential.
Apologies for the bug! Can you please check the latest version 1.1.0 now?


it may not have all the features of pure productivity apps, but it's easily the most aesthetically pleasing of the bunch, which is key for me and the reason i habitually ditch the other apps. i also love the integration of tasks and notes/ideation. would be PERFECT if it had true calendar integration and/or a side-by-side weekly view 🙏🏾 + points for including android app at release 😁


As others have said, some interactions are not intuitive at all on mobile. It's missing features too, like moving items between lists and reordering them on certain screens. Sometimes when I go back to the app the screen is black. Something is wrong with the animations too, maybe some sort of hybrid framework was chosen which doesn't perform well. Website documention is not up to date, mentioning just the desktop app in a few places. There is a lot of work to do for this to be a finished product


Probably nice for teams, but it didn't work well for me as an individual. Microsoft To-Do works way better with its "My Day" system to quickly triage tasks, and promote some to be tackled 'today' (which clears again each day). This is much more cumbersome with Superlist, which requires setting due-dates for each task (and then it would stay there forever as "overdue"). Probably works for a project, but not for a person. This should be a swipe action, direct to "Today" (temporarily). Too complex


Nice app, jumped aboard as soon as I got word about it. Some issues on Android 14 on Galaxy S23+: 1) after adding a task, I need to add a trailing space for that task, otherwise I cannot see or enter text on the next task, 2) too few images for task lists and not related to most task list usages (shopping lists, habits, todo, house chores, etc - I know I can add custom image), 3) selecting an image makes that image have a rounded square in that list; moving to another image is glitchy


The website seems a lot better, but this mobile app. Meh. It took me about 5 mins to work out how to open a task. You'd think a simple tap would open it but no. You tap it and then a very unnoticeable shelf slides up, and then you click on one of the icons and THEN you see the task details. Really poor UX. Also it seems like this was built more by developers as it seems a bit too Notiony, but not in a good way. Def not a super-list, more a confusing-list.


If Superlist was formerly Wunderlist then I am back on the list. I am just another underdog, but Wunderlist made me a few thousands in 2012, 2013 when I was a user. How? It helped me organised my work, lifestyle and programmes across London and holidays abroad. I used tell neighbours, friends and relatives to use Wunderlist. There were no artificial intelligence nor Generative chatbots apps by then but everything used to work by how you plan, play and organise yourself.


Good layout, great integrations, and thoughtful design overall. But there are two missing features that are deal breakers for me: 1. No quick entry via Widget, Shortcut, or Notification Icon. 2. No Widget to view and interact with a specific List. IMHO, these are basic and essential features for any app of this kind. Add these, and you could have a winner.


I really like this app, but I have a few concerns. Firstly, I noticed that there is no calendar overview feature. It would be great if I could see the events I've created in my Google calendar within the Superlist app. Additionally, it would be helpful to have a calendar view option. Another issue I encountered is that I can't assign my tasks from Gmail to specific lists or sections. It's also a bit challenging to select multiple items to copy or paste as it tends to glitch Overall its great app