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- Improved gameplay environment
- Some UI fixes
- Bug fixes,and improvements

Airship Knights Game SCREENSHOT

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Airship Knights Game DESCRIPTION

“An arcane punk world where airships fly through the sky.
You are the first airship captain from Cloud Island!”

Break through the infinite stages with AFK play and become a legendary hero!

■ Board the airship and Fight in ‘Time Attack’ Idle Battles
– A 10 seconds match! Defeat the monsters in time and advance!
– Combat and growth are automatic so increasingly stronger enemies won’t be any problem for you.

■ An adventure story that blends magic and engineering
– Lose yourself in this animated fantasy world.
– Double the immersion with the unique story of each knight, and the battles are more exhilarating!

■ Get stronger with ‘returns’ in this endless journey
– Once you feel the limit to your endless journey, open the portal and go back to the beginning!
– With more power, you will be able to travel even farther.

■ With a powerful engine, upgrade to have the strongest airship
– Enhance your magic engine to quickly increase your combat power!
– Manage 8 cabins including the Control Room, Engine Room and Research Room to strengthen your airship.

■ 40 Pixel Knights with incredible looks and abilities!
– Create your own party with knights with various attributes and positions.
– You can help your knights grow in various ways, such as promotion, awakening, and equipment.

■ Explore the World Map for a wider world view
– Arena: 1:1 PVP to unveil powerful knights
– Elemental Island: Battle with the White Tiger, Black Tortoise, Blue Dragon, and the Red Bird!
– Soul Dungeon: Challenge the dungeon to upgrade to the Knights Templar.
– Sky Tower: Conquer the tower filled with monsters and uncover ancient secrets.
– Raid: Subdue bosses with friends and acquire familiars!
– Temple: The Promotion Battle of the Captains! Overcome the trials of the goddess.


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This game is very fun, I like the story being told and just love the idle RPG element, but there has been problems recently, I can't seem to get the app to work, everytime I try it just kicks me out. It might have something to do with the new update recently. I was about to play Airship Knight, waited for the loading screen, notification popped up saying to download an update, I clicked download. waited for the download but then suddenly phone crashes, rebooted my phone, app has problems fix pls


There is only 1 ad on repeat, it longer than normal and it a spam ad... this is what i need to watch over and over. Also Don't like why we are helping the evil in the game, will try it out and hope story make sense. Until the spam ad is removed, i will not be playing. I fie with normal ads etc but those spam type no way.


I don't seem to gain mana when I'm offline so the idle part seems hard to actually do I got a few days in and it's fine but I dunno. Maybe I'll mess around with some other idle games. Lots of free gems definitely no reason to pay so it's a solid little game otherwise but I got stuck at level 1300 ish I think as I couldn't idle any more.


So, I'm actually really enjoying my time here with this game but it keeps getting stuck endlessly loading things and never moving forward which is incredibly frustrating. If that can be fixed, I'd greatly appreciate it. Additionally, I'm personally not a fan of the English voice work. I find it very cringey. If you could either add in access to other voice languages without changing the system language or fix your volume options so cutscenes at lowest volume are actually muted, would be great.


It was such an amazing game! The story is fun , and even there's a comedic behind it. The expression is so lit, the gameplay is fun, and it was a pretty great idle game I ever played in my life. With the recent update, I must say this game has improved a lot! Great job.


This game is one of the best Idle game I ever played. Not too much time consuming, the story is good, lots of diamonds for new players, the ads is optional to watch and the reward it self quite good (best part is they have something like stamp card which used for getting accumulated reward for watching ads). Really want to give it 5 stars, but the game sometimes freeze when changing between content in world map.


Great game! I love this steampunk-ish style, the characters are pleasantly diverse, yet regarding power I don't think there is one formation that beats everything else. Huge good point. We can farm every resource we want, it doesn't feel like a pay-to-win game. There's possibility to watch ads for some bonuses. It's well regulated, fair. :) The story and how it unfolds is creative. At places funny or silly, at other places touches serious topic present in our lives. Truly well-made! <3


Crashes my razer 2 phone very badly, freezes it completely and only way for me to reset phone is to hold down power and volume buttons for 10 seconds. Seems to crash when connecting to my Google account or just after. All I see is the checking captain's I'd page, will change review if this changes


This game takes the best part out of the idle mining, AFKRPG, and gacha concepts, and combines it into one simple yet fun game. With its lighthearted story and theme, lack of restrictive stamina system, and not too grindy game mechanics, it feels comfortable to play and doesn't feel like too much of a chore. As an Idle RPG, this game is definitely recommended! Edit: The RPG side seems to be drowned out by the idler side lately.
Hello, thank you for your support and suggestions! Support can increase our motivation to work hard, and suggestions can make us grow! So you who give both support and advice are really amazing! (●ˇ∀ˇ●)We have submitted your suggestions to the development team. We are carefully reviewing them one by one!


Watching ads seems to always crash my game so I can't receive the rewards, however ads are optional so it doesn't really bother me. I don't know if it's the game or my phone anyhow. Overall the game is fun, if not a little bland. Makes time fly and entertains.


Game is fun and addicting but will feel repetitive after a month or so because there isn't much to do and pretty much everything is locked behind energy/tickets. Gacha would be better if there was a wish list system tho, cause the pity is at 100 pulls and its a random 3*.More freebies are absolutely appreciated to ease the grind!


Progress drops off fast. It feels like you aren't progressing after 1800-ish. The awakening system requires to use dupes necessary for other heroes not just the one you want to awaken which sucks since I'm trying to better those ones as well, and there is no consistent system or way to farm shards. Only an awful exchange rate system exists to generate desired shards.


The sound goes missing after watching an ad. Now, after the latest update, there's an Ad about a quiz something app that won't let you get back to the game and force closes it. Such a shame. The game is good, but my experience has been nothing but hassle. :(


I wish the story translation was a bit better, you can tell from the text instantly. I just downloaded it yesterday and the game feels good so far, gems are given in a decent amount to do summons so it's not p2w at least lol. The story is cute but it's an idle game so the grind is going to get monotonous eventually though, hope they can think of ideas to spice it up a bit.


the game is certainly not perfect but very fun for what it is right now. in all the story scenes I have seen, none of the chat boxes display the text, instead it shows what I assume is the file name for the text. this is also an issue with most icons and tabs on the airship. other than this, I love this game. the characters are very cute and the faces they make are perfect. also the voice acting is *chef's kiss*.


The game is fun, but i hate when some the sound completely gone. I think its a bug considering even if i use full volume the game doesnt even have sound. This happen a lot especially after watching ads. Fix this.


Should be a way to have the JP Voice while the Text Language is English. Cause personally i find Japanese to be a huge W Other than that game wise, the story is pretty fun, and the characters are pretty lively! Things actually got better when i had changed language to jp cause i wasn't feeling it with english. Personal taste, of course. To each their own. 😌


Its not bad for the type of game it is but it does get really boring really fast. I'm not sure if that's a fixable thing. I tried to like it but the repetitive nature of the game and the fact that nothing really ever changes makes it get inherently monotonous quickly. Progression feels slow and almost pointless since your constantly starting over as well. I get that that is a feature so nothing can be done so yea i think you really have to like this type of game to enjoy it for any extended time


I love the story, design, and game play. My only complaint is the engine quests. What even. You could be stuck on that quest for 3-4 days. Returning just makes the quest even more tedious. Other than that, it's enjoyable, the challenge of the bosses seems fair. Just please fix the engine quests.


Super fun with cute graphics. Pvp isn't a major part of the game, making it extremely f2p, on top of an already super generous amount of diamonds (premium currency needed for summoning) from just daily quests alone. Albeit your resources are severely diminished when afk compared to leaving your device on, the rewards from staying on all the time aren't super impressive so you aren't pressured to do it.