Release Note: Version 3.2.3

✨ Crash Fix: Android 6 issue resolved.
🌐 Bug Squashed: No more blank browser screens.
🔒 Enhanced Security: Your data, our top priority.

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LP: Link Opener & URL Security App DESCRIPTION

Scan the link and make an informed decision in seconds. Stay safe online!

Cybercriminals use links to spread malware, steal personal information, or launch phishing attacks remotely. As a result, it’s essential to have comprehensive internet security measures in place, to help prevent and protect against online exploits and other cyber threats.

🔒 Link Protector: Internet security app against online threats.

🕵️♀️ Link Scanning: Detects and prevents online fraud.

🌐 Website Protection: Identifies potentially unreliable websites.

🤖 Threat Detection: Scans and provides insights on websites.

🔎 Stay Safe: Keep your online activities secure.

Online exploits are a common form of cybercrime that targets vulnerabilities in software, operating systems, or applications to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information or control over a device.
Protect yourself from online threats by avoiding unreliable websites. we help you stay safe by identifying and detecting potentially harmful sites.

One of the most significant features of Link Protector is its ability to detect and prevent online fraud. With this application, users can rest assured that they will not fall victim to phishing scams or other forms of online fraud. Link Protector scans links and alerts users when it detects a fraudulent or suspicious link, helping them to avoid falling prey to scams.

Link Protector’s powerful link protection and threat detection features help identify and detect potentially unreliable websites to keep you safe online.

A crucial feature of Link Protector is its link protection functionality.
The application offers users a secure browsing experience by scanning all links and protecting users from any potential threats. Whether it’s a malicious link or a website that could potentially harm your device, Link Protector’s link protection feature ensures that users stay safe while browsing the internet.

Link Protector also provides a QR protection feature, which protects users from malicious QR codes. With QR codes becoming increasingly popular in our daily lives, it’s crucial to protect ourselves from the potential risks associated with them. Link Protector offers assurance by scanning QR codes and ensuring that they are safe to use.

The application’s threat detection feature is incredibly powerful. It scans websites and provides insights into the threat type, content type, title, and other critical information without users having to visit the website. This feature helps users to make informed decisions when browsing the internet, ensuring that they stay safe and secure.

Lastly, Link Protector provides an incognito browsing feature that enables users to browse the internet without leaving any trace behind. This feature is incredibly useful for users who want to browse the internet anonymously or want to ensure that their browsing history is not tracked.

Link Protector is a comprehensive internet security application that offers a range of features to help protect users from online fraud, cybercrime, and other security threats. With its powerful link protection, threat detection, and virus scanning features, users can rest assured that their online activities are secure and free from any potential harm.

Link Protector uses the Accessibility Service to provide the Site Blocker feature. In order to take full advantage of the Site Blocker functionality, you need to enable the Accessibility Service for Link Protector.

Accessibility service disclaimer – Accessibility Service is used solely for providing the Site Blocker feature and does not collect any personal information or data.

Please note that while Link Protector uses advanced detection algorithms to protect you, there is no guarantee that it can detect every threat. Please remain cautious while clicking on suspicious links.

If you have any questions or encounter any issues while using our app, please feel free to contact us at


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I love this app. This is my "go to" for checking links before I open them. ♥️


Bomer mmsx8d Diya overdo ok thanks for


I have been using this app since a year and it has been working fine. I have tested this app with a lot of malicious test links and it has detected everything and warned as unsecure. Thanks to the developers and team for making such an amazing app....


Awesome 😎 very good website for know. scam or fake
Hello Salman, Thank you for your review we are glad that you liked Link protector application and it is helping you, please update your rating and rate us 5 star it will help us a lot to help more people 😃.


Nice and reliable security..


Why did you removed auto scan option like it doesn't scan anymore why is that
Hello Tony, I would like to apologize for bad experience, please set link protector as your default browser to enable auto scan. Please raise your rating to 5 stars if your query is resolved. Please reach out to us at for any query


it's a nice app blocks websites that are Dangerouse it's pretty good!
Dear Bryan, Thank you for your positive review! We're glad our app has been effective in blocking dangerous websites. If you need any assistance, please email us at We're always here to help and support our users in any way we can.


Fraud detection is absolutely awesome, 👍👍👍💪💪💪💪
Dear MONI SINGH, Thank you for your positive review and for highlighting our fraud detection feature! We're thrilled to hear that you find it awesome. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by emailing us at Thank you for choosing Link Protector! Best regards, The Link Protector Team


My experience with this App has been nice. I recommend it to others. Although, it has not been long I started using it. I will increase my rating if it is consistently fine. Thanks.
Thanks for trying Link Protector ☺️ feel free to reach out to us at for any query


Trash app doesn't work it getting a error message cc ode 500 failed to scan URL Please fix this.
Hello Emery, thank you for your feedback, kindly write us on with additional details so that we can analyse your issue further, kindly share the URL you are trying to scan


The app said my phone was vulnerable due to not using Link protector as my browser. Then I uninstalled it immediately. Also there where a lots of advertising (google) in the app. This was off-putting to me.
Hello Viktor, When you click on any link, LinkProtector will open and scan the link for threats, then you will be redirected to your favourite browser. Since, your default browser is not set to LinkProtector you are getting vulnerable warning. Please give it a try and I am sure you will love the application once you try it.


I recently started using a link protector application and I am extremely impressed with its functionality. The application is very user-friendly and easy to use, making it a great tool for anyone who wants to protect their links online. I was able to quickly set up my account and start protecting my links in no time.
Thank you for your review, and congratulations! your review is now featured on our official website :) please contact us at for any query


I hope you should always protect any of the links which are being opened on my devices. feedback report.


Useful. Bulk detect mode is useful for checking links and can identify unsafe sites correctly. One suggestion to developer. A new user will not understand bulk detection. Instead a clear button displaying check link will be better
Hello Rama Thiru, I am glad Link Protector is helping you to detect harmful links, I will definately consider renaming bulk detect to check link in upcoming release. You can share more feedback at


Great app to detect spam and fake links. It works with all social apps


Absolutely 💯 Gorgeously designed app Wow WOW 🍇🍎This is outstanding and unique. BEST WISHES This app will go far !


1)Unable to update mobile number. Getting the OTP, but on entering the OTP it hangs & fails. 2) Do you have a paid version? As don't want the inside app advts. 3) Did not find any contact customer support link inside the app.
Hi Arunudoy, Thank you for your valuable feedback, we will look into the OTP issue and resolve it ASAP. We will try to add customer support option in next version of Link protector. For now we do not have any paid plans, you can enjoy this app for free, please write us your query at


Best application for fake website detection, it protects you from fake websites very effective option to prevent financial frauds. Adult site detection is a bonus.


This app is way too invasive! They want your location permissions and then ask for your phone number and Google account. Screw that!
Hi Trevor, sorry for the inconvenience, we have updated the application, now location permission is not mandatory in latest version of the link protector. Please update/install latest version of link protector and let us know how we can improve.


Very Nice application. Very helpful to detect spam links and phishing attacks. Great works. Kudos🙌.