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Munbyn Print Pro App DESCRIPTION

Users can add and edit text, two-dimensional code, one-dimensional code, labels, pictures and dates by themselves;
Support OCR scanning identification, holiday use time, scanned content can be converted into text, two-dimensional code and one-dimensional code;
Provide a wealth of design templates, covering multiple industries such as logistics, home furnishing, education, office, etc., one-click reference, convenient and fast;
Provides solutions to frequently seen issues, and a common service platform for all usage issues.

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Munbyn Print Pro is a smart label editing and printing software
Users can add and edit text, two-dimensional code, one-dimensional code, labels, pictures and dates by themselves;Support OCR scanning identification, holiday use time, scanned content can be converted into text, two-dimensional code and one-dimensional code;Provide a wealth of design templates, covering multiple industries such as logistics, home furnishing, education, office, etc., one-click reference, convenient and fast;Provides solutions to frequently seen issues, and a common service platform for all usage issues.

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Terrible printer. Won't print a shipping barcode clear enough to scan and I've played with all the speed and intensity settings. App isnt great to use either. Thrown the printer in a box in a cupboard somewhere.


Last update made it impossible to print landscape labels via pdf and the ad every time you open the app is very annoying. I'm just trying to use my printer. Just put it as a banner or something so I don't have to close out of it every single time.


Had the pink and white one (P941PB) since mid July. It worked great until the last update. I only use the app on a Samsung S22. Now when importing a pdf shipping label file, I can't crop it in the app and have it scale correctly for a 4x6 label. It only takes up the center 1/2 of the space horizontally, leaving either side blank. Vertically it is even smaller. Useless. Trying to troubleshoot via email isn't going the best, as they say it isn't replicating as an app problem. Update DID NOT FIX!


Not very good. It'll work for a while then stop. I constantly have to close the app and reopen for it to work again. Now it doesn't work at all. Says there is a bug that needs to be fixed


Was great, loved using it, but now the app distorts my images and prints fuzzy stickers and customer service can't help me. It's basically useless to me now.


I can print mailing labels just fine but designing custom labels myself is a mess. The controls for font placement and sizing leave a lot to be desired. Most of the provided fonts look the same. I really wanted to be able to design and print product labels but the app experience is so poor that I think I'll stick with my current process on the computer.


DON'T BUY MUNBYN!!! Terrible. Spent a small fortune on this 300dpi label printer. This printer no longer prints custom sized labels or stickers. Just ends up a lot of pixelated rubbish. Been printing lovely little stickers for a while and suddenly, Junk! Sad days. I'm guessing it's because they don't sell anything other than the pre set sizes. Useless support. They think this can be helped by cleaning it over and over...


Worked fine for a while, but now the printing is not so sharp anymore.


Blurry printing and skips tons of silver stickers before it prints even one!


Munbyn 130p won't connect to any of my android devices via bluetooth as advertised.


I can't speak for everybody else, but I just bought the little white bear-faced printer and used this app on my Samsung Galaxy Flip, and in that combination at least, it seems to work great, albeit somewhat clunky. Four instead of five stars because other people are clearly having problems, but I've apparently got a working combo, and wanted to let people know that it works sometimes, at least!


Horrible connectivity I'd give zero stars if I could. Anything to do with printers for some reason is a nightmare


I hope that munbyn will add filter to the app and cropping which can be easily adjusted to our needs.thk u


Hard to use and some labels will print and some won't, even when using the same paper. Very disappointed with this purchase and wish my return window wasn't closed, or I would return this printer! Barely been able to use it. Wouldn't buy from them again!


My daughter got me this label maker for Christmas and it is awesome! Works great and the app is very easy to use very rarely runs low on battery and is easy and cheap to restock the stickers. Good product


I use it predominately for ebay for evri and dpd labels, dpd are half size of the lable and so small address overlaps the address box I think this is dpds ebay setti gs at fault Evri is perfect and royal mail also i use a 6x4 lable purchased with the printer these are great dark prints very clear waterproof, printing on 20mm x 25mm lables produce grey looking print but still very good 👍 making templates adding words is tricky as it does not store properly overlapping additions underneath


The older versions were difficult to use at best, but the newest version will no longer allow me to connect and print. I need a roll back, but there seems to be no support or concern for dissatisfied customers sadly. 200.00 POS ruined by developers.


Did an update and now I can't print anything. Thanks! Now I have a useless printer.


Seems like a Spyware with ads that you have to download to print labels. It needs your location and nearby devices data for what? The thermal printer uses Bluetooth to connect, not GPS. Also now makes you go through a mandatory 5 second loading ad page. What is this???


The first version of this app was very buggy and would crash constantly. Since the new App, everything seems to be working well. I still can't redeem my points though.