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Effektlər yeniləndi və əlavələr olundu.
Yeni suallar əlavə edildi.
Tazminat kodu:
"pin725" - 20.000 Qızıl.
"pin8897" - 1.000 Kristal.
Hər kəs kodları oyun parametrləri bölməsinə daxil etməklə aktivləşdirə bilər.

Sual Cavab Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Sual Cavab(截图1)【图】Sual Cavab(截图2)【图】Sual Cavab(截图3)


Add your own question and Let’s Find Out ask other players on your behalf.

1. New unique skills.
2. Increase your knowledge while having fun.
3. Learn the information you don’t know.
4. Answer the questions that will increase your knowledge.

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Find Out: Question Answer
Add your own question and Let's Find Out ask other players on your behalf.1. New unique skills.2. Increase your knowledge while having fun.3. Learn the information you don't know.4. Answer the questions that will increase your knowledge.

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