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Digital Tasbih Counter App App DESCRIPTION

Digital Tasbeeh Counter is a free application on google play store. Tasbeeh Counter app contains lot of features. Daily Tasbih Counter is an Islamic app that let you choose different tasbihaat from digital tasbih counter app. Digital tasbeeh counter 2022 app will count zikr & daily azkaar. While counting your taseeb for better navigation app provides vibration and sound function on each tap you done from tasbeeh counter. You can also turn on & off tasbih counter vibration and tasbih sound option with just single touch. Tasbih app has the best user interface with good user experience of tasbi.

Digital Tabeeh Counter app provides you all masnoon duas. Daily digital tasbeeh counter app allows you to count dhikr & listen 99 names of Allah. Zikr and daily supplication are available in Arabic to English. Real Digital Tasbeeh Counter 2022 is a smart dhikr application that allow you to recite all kind of Allah tasbih like Allah hu akbar and asma ul husna. Digital Tasbih Counter app shows you Qibla Direction this feature makes tasbih counter app best tally application. Tasbih digital app has many features that make tasbih counter zikir app. Digital tasbeeh app is totally free all tasbih digital counter users.

Tasbieh Counter app gives you text to speech function on the counting also you can select different sounds from the tasbeeh counter settings. You can add your tasbeeh target you can start from selected target and also you can start from the zero. Select different Tasbeeh from the provided list and selected tasbeeh will appear on tasbhee counter screen. You can increase or decrease the size of the selected tasbeeh on the tasbeeh counter 2022 setting Manu.

On digital tasbeeh reset button is available if you want to erase all the counting. Digital tasbeeh counter app contains many different color UI you can select them from the tasbeeh settings. Tasbeeh counter 2022 application is a user friendly app that provides you light mode and dark mode. Tasbeeh counting saved if you select the old tasbeeh counted tasbeeh appears on your screen we save and secure your tasbeeh data.

Islamic tasbeeh application gives you supplications functionality that helps you to closer to Allah mercy. Digital supplications feature provides you all types of dua & adkaar. Through Digital tasbeeh app you can read the supplication in Arabic and the translation of the selected supplication help you to understand the meaning of the Islamic supplication. If you can’t read supplication Arabic perfectly tasbeeh counter app provides you supplication transliteration option that make you to recite Islamic zikr easily. You can turn on & off the Arabic transliteration option from digital tasbeeh counter app settings.

Qibla direction feature helps you to find the accurate direction of Qibla with Compass. Now you can find the Qibla direction anywhere anytime with our tasbeeh counter app with Qibla direction compass. When accurate qibla direction accurse on your android app vibrates to indicate you about the direction of the Qibla. For better performance Digital tasbeeh counter app gives you perfect Qibla direction angle that will show you on your Qibla compass. You can turn on and off vibration function on Qibla direction function screen easily. Tasbih counter app gives you 3 different variations of the Qibla direction compass you can choose any Qibla compass.

All 99 names are available in this free digital tasbeeh counter 2022 app. You can play Allah 99 names as well as you can read the names of Allah. While listening Asma ul Hasna (99 names of Allah) you can control the Allah names sound volume and also you can put audio of Allah names on silent mode with just one tap. In Allah Names all functions are under your finger you can scroll and read Allah names and listen the audio of Allah together. In tasbeeh counter Allah Names you read each Allah name detail information.


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1- A loooooot of unapproprate ads 2- There is a bug in the counter if you pass the target 3- You can't add new tasbeeh 4- You can't sort or reorder the available tasbeeh


Nice effort. Problem: Tasbeeh tapping area is really small. Make it atleast double the size it has currently. Improvement: Add feature to add Tasbeeh content of users choice.


All features are very well but the problem I'm facing is, in the name of Allah the slides turns really fast, that matter of fact I lost my tempor of reading so kindly it is very great full of you guyz fix this for me.
Hi, thanks for reporting this issue to us. We'll check it and improve our app.


The app is perfect but qibla direction is wrong check and solve the problem
Thanks for your review. We will fix it soon.


Good effort, but there is one thing that can be improved. The button which turns the tasbeeh is on the Upper part of screen Which makes it hard for the thumb to reach there, it becomes uncomfortable to do the tasbeeh while using the app . It ll be easy to divide the screen of the phone in 3 equal parts and place the button in the lowest one so it can be in the reach of thumb comfortably.
Thank you for your feedback. We are working on such a feature. this is really amazing Approach


Wow good app 100%


This is a good 👍 beautiful sound 🥰
Thanks for taking out time to rate us. It really helps us to keep going and delivering the best :)


Best app but some ward are not arrange
Thanks for your review. We will fix it soon. We will definitely provide you with a solution.


It's magnificent app. Keep it up 👍 MAY ALLAH BLESSED YOU
Dear sabo, thank you for your encouraging words.


To bee good this app 😍😘
Dear Nayma, we are really glad that you like our product. Your support and voice are very important to us.


Very good in work
Dear aliyu, thanks a lot for your rating and safe rides :)


Very good I downloaded in other phone also 🙂😊
Dear friend, we are really glad that you like our digital tasbeeh counter app. Your support and voice are very important to us.


Best app for all those muslims who wants to use tasbeeh counter in mobile ,such a beautiful and helping app its too good 😊❤️
Dear Maira , Thank you very much for appreciation comment, Keep using our tasbeeh counter app :)


It's great app and I'm so happy to see new ver 😍
Dear kookie , we are really glad that you like our Tasbeeh counter application new version. Your support and voice are very important to us. Please tell us kookie how we can improve our app?


The app is somehow lucrative Due its design and good purpose normally made for
Dear Abdi Thank you very much for appreciating our tasbeeh counter app kindly give us 5 start ratting.


Good an easy app for all
Thanks a lot Hina for your rating and safe rides :)


It is exllent app but the digital teabeeh it self only it is not working .
Sorry Yusra for the trouble! There are some glitches & our technical team is working on it. Please bear with us. Thank you for good rating


The best tasbiih app in play store mashaAllah.
Abdishakur Thank you for your encouraging words.


Such a great app . Please add more features like we could add supplication to counter. Also add darood shreef in the app
Thank you very much. Keep using our app


Honest Review : Best App and I really felt happy seeing the extra features...Great!✨ Just wanna convey that please upload the remaining names of Allah Azwajal with meaning coz it stops at As-Saboor then only the audio comes not the images with meaning 🤍 It's a Kind Request to upload remaining names of Allah (swt) with meaning
Thanks for your review. We will fix it soon.