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Ball Sort Puzzle Color Sort Game DESCRIPTION

Ball Sort Puzzle is a fun, relaxing and addictive color sorting game.
Sort the colored balls in the tubes until all the same colors are placed together in the same tube. A challenging yet relaxing game to exercise your brain! Sorting the colored balls may relieve the stress and distract from daily worries.

– Tap any tube to move the ball laying on top of the tube to another tube
– The rule is that only same color balls can be placed on each other to finish the level
– Stack all the balls with the same color in a single tube
– If you get stuck, you can always restart a level or add an extra tube to make it easier to complete the level

– Play FREE this color sorting game
– Simple control, one tap to sort multiple balls at the same time
– No time limits
– Enjoy thousands of puzzles with no rush
– Great game to pass time & it makes you think!
– Easy and addictive gameplay!

Ball Sort Puzzle will never get you bored when you play the color sorting puzzles. You will enjoy Ball Sort Puzzle if you like color sort games.


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Freezes constantly!!! It has non-video ads that pop up randomly, and once it pops up, it won't go away. Stops gameplay so you are forced to close out app and restart level all over again. You lose your progress so it is super frustrating. It freezes multiple times in a mater of minutes.


Stupid. Full of ads. Can't play music while playing. Wasn't worth the 30 seconds it took to download. Yes


I'm spending more time watching ads than I am playing. It's a fun game when you you're not waiting for another ad to complete. I'll be deleting it for now.


Different puzzles, and not same old same games to play anymore. Gets harder to keep you thinking. I'm enjoying it.


Easy and simple to play. Ads are played at the right time and don't interrupt the gameplay. I like this game!


this game is a simply game and you feel sleepy to play at the beginning. But while they play it you are challenged. because while you play with him, your brain is exercising. It makes your mind race even faster. the kind that will train your mind to observe what its next move is for the correct following of the color. and the more easily it can develop thinking because each ball must be in the right container. the game really amazes you. thinking can easily evolve for its advanced work. try it.


This app is so intensely challenging, creatively engaging, it keeps my mind sharp, with it's increasing levels of difficulty, it's definitely not boring, and quickly becoming one of my favorite puzzle apps, it's so much fun to play. I would highly recommend that everyone try out this app.


Fun and challenging way to give your brain a workout. Seems like a bit mundane? See how fadt you can do it...without a mistake! Theres a challenge for you!


It's a simple ball sort game, just with no way to pay to disable ads. I am noticing a major trend of these forced ads games and its really bumming me out.


The game is cool though it has too many ads such that one can't just play one level to the next one without ads poping up.


I love the ball sort games. The colors are vivid and puzzle mechanisms work great. Very rarely sometimes the ball don't want to go into the tube. Thank you for the great games.


Absurd amount of pop-up ads. At least let the player complete 5 levels before you stick them with ads. Every other level more ads, win a prize also an ad.


It would be a fun game, if it was NOT full of Ads. Also crashes constantly...This is just getting to level 7.. What a joke! Deserves NO stars.


I like the game it's a lot of fun I don't like that that after you win one thing you have to wait till you get through the ad before you can play again and then sometimes you don't get to play.


I was enjoying this game, until I noticed a glitch. Once I started using +1 sort function, any additional +1 sorts I was earning, were not being added, as they should have been. Essentially, I was being cheated out of every +1 sort I should have been earning, from first time I opted to use the +1 sort function. This is an unacceptable glitch, so I am uninstalling this app.


The game has many bugs when it comes to just playing one level. Taking too long on a level will make the game freeze up, forcing you to go out and go back in. There are a lot of advertisements everytime you complete a level, and the gifts would freeze up, also resulting in you having to close out. It feels like this game was never tested for bugs before release.


Fun and challenging with good graphics but the app closes itself every time u watch a video. Watch a vid to get an extra tube, and it closes and u have to start all over again. I stopped around level 40 cuz I got sick of losing my progress and restarting whenever I needed an extra tube or finished a level.


So I cleared my storage because the game kept crashing. Just to find out you can't save progress or log in. I was on level 198. Whack, don't waste your time. Once it starts crashing, that's it you have to start all over. I'll just find a game that saves progress with log in.


I think this "game" could be used as a form of torture. It's mostly just ads, and it lags so badly when the ads play that you can't close them. Only made it to level 12 and I already have no desire to continue.


Pretty much unplayable, there's a long ad after each game (and one game takes maybe 30seconds to complete, so you spend more time watching ads than actually playing) and the app crashes after the ad. Uninstalled.