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You can make huge commission wherever you are. On Taurus, you can earn commission simply by mobile phones.

Ways to Earn Commission
An App that you can play games and earn commission simultaneously. You can gain real commission no matter you choose to play games or finish tasks. Commission can be credited to your wallet instantly after you initiated a withdrawal request.

-Play games and make commission: 5 minutes game play and gain commission!
-Share games and make commission: Play games with your friends to earn commission. Besides, you can gain lifetime commission from the friends. All commission can be withdrawn.
-Installation task: Simply install and log into the App, and then you can collect real commission!
-Multiple games: Earn commission while playing games. Choose your favorite games to play or play all games to earn more commission.

Complete tasks easily and earn commission with your mobile phones only.
Notice: Every friend you invited can be tracked and increase you commission. Your commission will increase everyday. A huge amount of passive income!

Our Strengths
-Complete tasks or invite friends to do tasks to earn real commission.
-Secured and reliable, with instant commission withdrawals.
-Full-time or part-time jobs.
-You can work from home or wherever you feel comfortable.
-With network and one mobile phone only, earn commission every minute in every corner of the world.
-Earn commission even if you don’t log into Taurus.

All commission in your account can be withdrawn
-Available withdrawal methods: bank transfer and UPI. Commission can be credited to you within seconds.

Super fast customer service support. Whatever questions you have, we will try our best to answer and assist you.

Making huge commission is not a dream. If you wanna earn extra commission apart from your salary, come and download Taurus App. This is definitely the best online platform to earn and withdraw commission at anytime.

Hurry up! Download and install Taurus. Start your life of millionaire today!




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It's a fake app. Don't waste your time on this useless app. When I installed this app I got Rs.2 on this app and when it say to complete first task then I try to complete and it was again and again showing Network problem.......


Totally scam app. It stolen your data and hack your bank account as well as payment gateway.


I can't even message to the customer care for the game they are develop/ under taurus app, most of the slot game are develop by Taurus, which I'm not sure if it is legit or not, they are not in play store and they are only available from taurus task link to download and couldn't appear in google search, most of this type of website are scam. I don't know how much rating I will give, this time I will give three and I may change later.


Very very buggy app i install ads task work on it but not tracking time spends on app so for get reward. Not tracking time on spent on the this app.


This is such a rubbish app. I have collected 99 rupees but only 10 rupees have gone into my account, now I am doing bidhdrow, so it is not happening, I have wasted my useless net, I have wasted my time.


First time it was good. But after the first withdraw it become useless. - I earn many balance from referal but withdrawable is very less. If balance is not withdrawable you are not suppose to give us reward, i share my referal everyday, but we cannot force our referal users to active in the app! Hmmm... Im going to left this app. It doesnot depend on hardwork, it depend on other hardwork.


I am playing games from last 8 months....but 2 weeks ago recharged 1001 & 3001 which still not refunded. Customer service is very bad even after telling 1000 problems not resolved. Another problem is that representative took OTP from me while saying recharge problem and since then stole my commission money 3 times. No action was taken even after providing all the facts.


Waste of time to download this app because i did not play any game i can get 3 rupees easily but to play a game you have to pay 25 rup.. And you can withdraw minimun 1000 rupees 😡😡😡😡😡


What's the use of earning in this app when you can't withdraw your first ever amount even as per their criteria in the app.Everytime I withdraw message popping "withdrawal failed.please try later."Even sent message but no reply.


Bad customer service. Plus lot of withdrawal problems,this app has fixed amount of withdrawal like first 10 then 200, and also network issues, this app sucks and can you guys tell me what's the reason of earning from Reffrals as tasks when we can't withdraw that. I shared almost 10 frnds this app and earned almost 200 from it. But then it's like, you can't withdraw that, you can withdraw only 11 . Don't waste time on this app🚫
Hi Sir, sorry for the bad experiences you've gone through, could you kindly share your problem detail/referral link/screenshot to so that we can investigate and solve your issue sir.


Useful and easy to use I found a lot of ways to make money from it. Probably because the app doesn't pay you, but it's a list where you can earn money, and that's okay. I love that they even have investments. The design is very simple and can still be improved. The description of each app is just right and overall a good app for me.
Hi Sir, congratulation for finding your own way to make cash via Taurus APP, Taurus APP is a simple APP that rewards with cash directly, it's fun to earn real cash while playing games, hope you can recommend to your friends Sir.


The first app I've found that actually pays! I've earned enough points for the largest ($25) gift card twice now, and both times I've received it on time with no issues. Lots of fun games to choose from, with new ones being added regularly, meaning there's something for everyone. It took me just over a month at a time to earn gift cards. I'm doing very well!
Hi Sir, congratulations Sir. it's good to hear your great news.


I found some cool games through Googleplay. I'm a little skeptical that it actually has a rake, but I made $25 playing this game. This has helped me buy a lot of necessities for my pet, and the extra free money can ease some of the financial burden. Can't complain. So this is a legitimate application. They will not ask you for personal information, credit card, banking information or any other information. Just send emails and play games. good balance
Hi Sir, thank you for your support on Taurus APP. This is very motivated for our team to make progress on Taurus APP and bring a better experience and product to our users.


I love it and have been using it for a long time. Great app! When I first tried the app's rewards, I was very skeptical because most of them were fake, but definitely not. It fits my busy schedule perfectly. I play for an hour every morning, sometimes two, and within a week I have enough money to cash out. I recommend this to busy parents for extra help.
Hi Sir, thank you for your support on Taurus APP. This is very motivated for our team to make progress on Taurus APP and bring a better experience and product to our users.


I am very impressed with this app. The game on offer goes deeper than the simple game. The key is to focus on the games that offer the most rewards, especially those that get boosts. Otherwise, if you only play regular games, it will take a long time to accumulate points. I've cashed out twice, once for $5 and then for $25. The only problem is that it can take up to 48 hours to receive your money, while some other apps deliver immediately
Hi Sir, thank you for your support on Taurus APP. This is very motivated for our team to make progress on Taurus APP and bring a better experience and product to our users. About the money delivery time, it takes some time for bank to process, the cash still yours don't worry.


If you've played mobile games, it's basically like a rewards program, and while you'll need a little bit to get enough rewards, it's not bad if you've been playing games. The only problem is that it drains a lot of battery unless you go into settings and turn off its ability to run in the background every time you're not playing a game.
Fair enough Sir. Taurus APP is a great APP that gives you cash back and rewards if you are a game player. Thanks for your feedback, our team member would be activated.


Skeptical, but it works. I saw ads everywhere and downloaded it. Actually I wasn't expecting much, so I waited to see. But I just received my first cash and have a second pending confirmation. When first starting to download a new game, the points seem to increase quickly, especially if they have a boost to them, then it slows down a bit. But to me it doesn't matter how long it takes, it's the money I usually play for the game.
Hi Sir, thank you for your support on Taurus APP. This is very motivated for our team to make progress on Taurus APP and bring a better experience and product to our users.


This is the second rewards app I've tried and I love it! I only play the games I like. I can still get some limited rewards for games I already own. If I want to reinstall later, I can uninstall games I don't like without losing progress. They also rate apps based on how quickly I can earn rewards, and sometimes offer point boosts for games I haven't installed for a limited time.
Hi Sir, thank you for your support on Taurus APP. This is very motivated for our team to make progress on Taurus APP and bring a better experience and product to our users.


My favorite game to play in the store. Well-designed footage never freezes. The best game. The functions are complete, the gameplay is not complicated, the download speed is fast, the picture is clear, and it was really fun at the beginning.


You feel great when the game is going well and that's one of the best reasons I choose it! Anyone can easily play this game. The game concept is great, but deposits or withdrawals don't take much time, which was an easy experience for me! Great graphics and sound effects. Satisfaction and challenge, no cruelty!