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WhatTCSay is for What Teochew Say.

The third iteration of the world’s first Teochew (e.g. Chiuchow) language dictionary and phrasebook Android App for English and French speakers!

This version offers new user-friendly experience, with lot of new features
Anyone who would like to learn or improve their Teochew will have access to:
* 6500+ word entries and sound files
* Dictionary word search tool
* Search feature with Chinese characters, Teochew peng-im (romanization), English, French
* Switch between English/French interface
* Context informations like part of speech, register, origin

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Best app for learning
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WhatTCSay3 is a Teochew dictionary for english and french speakers
WhatTCSay is for What Teochew Say.The third iteration of the world's first Teochew (e.g. Chiuchow) language dictionary and phrasebook Android App for English and French speakers! This version offers new user-friendly experience, with lot of new featuresAnyone who would like to learn or improve their Teochew will have access to:* 6500+ word entries and sound files* Dictionary word search tool* Search feature with Chinese characters, Teochew peng-im (romanization), English, French* Switch between English/French interface* Context informations like part of speech, register, origin


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Good teochew pronunciation


A really useful app, it helps a lot especially because there are only a few teochew resource in the internet


The audio samples are a major plus.


The most amazing TeoChiu / TeoSua or Chaoshan APP out there for this community. This is a must for those who wish to learn Chaoshan language or have a refresher.


Although some parts are still under development, it is already quite comprehensive. It is easy to use and is useful as a reference to improve or learn Teochew. The pronunciation provided is accurate. Thanks to the developers for creating this Teochew dictionery.


Could not access teochew for army general,


Not working, won't even open


Just a suggestion to add option for others to add words to your dictionary, of with your permision to make it permanen into your database or still waiting review from you.


Search engine needs to be optimized for most relevant results. Example; "We" I want to see: we - wo nang/ uang, etc. What I see: wet, west sweat, see. If I switch to French and type nous I get the correct results Also I'd like to suggestion the ability to save words. It would be convenient to to see words I've needed before for a quick refresher


Easy to use, words are grouped into categories. The audio is very useful. However, some words do not have the audio. Without the audio, one needs to know how to read the Teochew words and tone. Will help tremendously if there is a category on tone and pronunciation. Overall, app is a good start, there is room for improvements.


Version 3 is such an upgrade and the UI with categories looks great and is kid friendly. Super easy to use. LOVE IT!! Great work team! 👍👍


Excellent. Thank you for creating!


Brilliant! Very helpful to ease communicate with teochew relatives, and to clear doubts about certain terms / words I previously thought were accurate. Thanks, you rock!


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS APP!!!! I've been losing my ability to speak teochew as no one outside of my family speaks it. It's been difficult to find resources so I can practice my teochew; this app is the answer to my prayers


Is there a proper tone chart like in whattcday2? To explain how to say the tone's properly. If not, you should add one to make learning easier and faster, thanks.


Awesome and modern way to brush up for my teo chew
Hello. Sorry for the inconvenience, it should be fixed now !


Hi!! It no longer opens nowadays. Is there a bug or something?
Hello. Sorry for the inconvenience, it should be fixed now !


My go-to for Teochew vocab.


Initial tests: Offline: No. I think it would be nice to able to use this when and where ever you want. Audio/Speech: Buggy. Doesn't play properly. Thinks it's in a call or something because when I up the volume it ups call. I have media as default. Only plays when I open youtube to play a video. Slow search. I think I'd prefer it to wait until I finish typing. Maybe give it a delay. If type is yes = no search. If type is no = search. If search empty = no search. Thank you for the app.
Hello. You can use the app off line. About the sound issues, sorry for the inconvenience, it should be fixed now !


can't play the recording
Did you correctly tap on the green microphone icon ? Can you try again ? It should work.