TeamMove is a team management tool with a focus on results.

Through resources such as activities calendar, checklist, campaigns and projects it is possible to manage the actions.

Field consultants and supervisors are able to closely monitor the performance of their units by creating roadmaps of visits or action plans.

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The perfect add-on for your 1000eyes videosecurty installation.
This free App is the best application for all existing 1000eyes users for managing their Axis and Panasonic Network cameras and Video encoders using their Android Phone. The App is provided by 1000eyes GmbH, the provider for Hosted Video Security with thousands of installations.Advantages: + Secure access to your cameras and recordings + Control your Alarms (push notification, phone, SMS, email) + Control and manage multiple cameras and branches + No PC required, no need for insecure Portforwardings or unstable DynDNS
Dobrodošli u Moj m:tel!
Želite saznati više o m:tel usluzi koju koristite?Instalirajte aplikaciju Moj m:tel i upravljajte svojim uslugama na brz i jednostavan način, provjerite trenutno stanje računa i uplata, prijavite se za dostavu računa elektronskim putem, dodajte usluge u paket ili aktivirajte dodatne TV pakete. Tu je i sekcija korisničke podrške u kojoj možete brzo rješiti problem koji imate. Registracija je jednostavna (unosom mobilnog broja ili podataka sa računa), a izdvajamo i mogućnost pregleda računa na jednom mjestu.
Watch your doc become an app
Coda is a new type of doc, with a new type of mobile experience. Watch how the docs you build on desktop transform into apps on your phone.Coda docs created at start simple like other docs — and grow and evolve into powerful tools. We’ve seen people build Coda docs that do everything from launch products, run companies, and remind you to water the plants.What Coda docs are made of:* A flexible writing surface* Sections to build out different user flows.* Tables that can talk to each other.* Views, so everyone can see the data in their own preferred way.* A powerful formula language to reference any object.* Buttons and automations to take actions outside your doc.* Packs to connect your doc to the apps you use every dayLearn more at
EBTCalc - The Ultimate Programmable RPN Calculator for Android!
EBTCalc is the ultimate programmable Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator available for Android devices, from tiny phones to large tablets, and everything in between. With EBTCalc, you can create custom buttons using the industry-standard Javascript programming language.EBTCalc is available in Free and Paid versions. Get the paid version to avoid the nag screen when editing Javascript.EBTCalc:• Create an unlimited number of custom functions using the popular, industry-standard JavaScript programming language!• Custom functions are callable by clicking the custom button that appears the moment you’ve written the function.• The JavaScript editor allows you to instantly navigate to a specified function.• When a custom function is added or updated in the integrated editor, it can be immediately used by the calculator. Many other programmable calculators require the user to exit the app, and re-run it before the altered script is recognized. Not EBTCalc! • EBTCalc’s JavaScript editor pinpoints syntax errors for quick correction.• Custom JavaScript functions developed on one device can be exported and imported into other devices.• EBTCalc has a simple logging mechanism for easy debugging.• JavaScript methods that implement custom..
MADISON MK at your fingertips.
MADISON APP es una aplicación para visualizar y compartir contenidos relacionados con MADISON MK. Además, desde el acceso para miembros del equipo MADISON, se podrán realizar determinadas acciones relacionadas con el día a día dentro de la compañia.
IP-ProInventory is an application to assist warehousing activities
IP-ProInventory merupakan sebuah aplikasi untuk membantu kegiatan pergudangan di PT Indonesia Power
From your first day, Officient is there for everything you need as an employee.
Officient Self-serviceDe Officient self-service is een applicatie waarmee werknemers hun gegevens kunnen beheren en makkelijk taken kunnen uitvoeren zoals verlof aanvragen, ziektebriefjes indienen, contracten tekenen, loonbrieven downloaden en het loonpakket raadplegen. OPGELET! De applicatie kan enkel gebruikt worden als jouw onderneming gebruik maakt van het Officient HR platform en de self-service geactiveerd heeft voor alle medewerkers. Waarom Officient self-service gebruiken? CONTROLE OVER JE WERKNEMERSGEGEVENSJe vindt al je werknemersgegevens terug in de self-service zoals je thuisadres, burgerlijke staat, bankrekeningnummer, contactgegevensMet de self-service kan je deze data dan zelf aanpassen, wanneer wijzigingen zich zouden voordoen.EENVOUDIG VERLOF AANVRAGENMet de Officient kalender kan je verlof aanvragen met enkele kliks! Selecteer de gewenste dag en het verloftype en de aanvraag wordt automatisch verstuurd naar de juiste personen. We maken het ook gemakkelijk voor jou om te controleren hoeveel verlof je nog hebt en welke collega’s wanneer afwezig zijn.OVERZICHT VAN AL JE ASSETSDe self-service geeft je steeds een overzicht van welke assets zijn toegewezen aan jou, zoals een bedrijfslaptop of een tankkaart. Je hebt ook alle gegevens bij de hand voor wanneer schade of een ongeval..
AIS WeCloud
"Anywhere, Anytime, Many devicesThrow data to your cloud via Internet, collaborate with colleagues anytime even on opposite hemispheres. Sync any file or folder automatically, work on many popular devices such PC and Mobile PhonesSupported File Types- Documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF etc.)- Pictures- Music, VDO ClipBenefits- Access anywhere, anytime and many devices (Need just Interent connection)- Don't be worry about disaster- Customer Support 24x7- Local cloud provide (Hosted in Thailand)- Easily and convenience Sharing information- Easy to monitor and track usage report- Collaborate easily with your team- Online Workspace- User friendly menuSecurities- SSL Encryption- System has been installed in Datacenter complied with ISO27001, ISO9001 and with Redundant Electricity and Air-conditioner."
Make financial calculations without complications and control your funding
This application has objective of facilitating and making possible the calculation of uniform series payments for any type of user. These series must be of installments of fixed value with interest and without entry.In each calculation option, the user must provide some known values for the application, to calculate the desired value.With this application you can calculate:- The Present Value, initial value or interest-free amount of a certain payments series.- The Amount generated by the accumulation of payment installments applied to a interest rate.- The Value of Payment Installments of a payment series according to the present value, the interest rate and number of installments.- The quantity of Payments Installments.- The Interest Rate of a payment series.- The Interest Amount paid referring to the interest rate of the payment series.At the end of the main menu, in Help / Informations button, the application shows an guide that explains each of the calculation options.
Mobile client for VMS Server
VMS client is a simple and easy-to-use client app for VMS (Video Management System) server, which you can download from our homepage.You can monitor live videos and playback recorded video from the VMS server.
Team management through activities and performance indicators
TeamMove is a team management tool with a focus on results.Through resources such as activities calendar, checklist, campaigns and projects it is possible to manage the actions.Field consultants and supervisors are able to closely monitor the performance of their units by creating roadmaps of visits or action plans.


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