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Is App Mai Bacho ke lie Madani Qaida Aur Sab Ke Lie Quran Pak Seekhne Ka Asaan Tarika Maujood Hai Ismai Madani Qaide ki PDF Aur Madani Qaide Ki Videos Lesson By Lesson Maujood Hai Asaan Tarike Se Seekh Sakty Hai Aur Mazeed Online Quran E Pak Padhne Ke Lie Hamari Website Aur Hamary Is Number Pr RAbta Kren

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Salam: Madani Qaida Is Most Popular Application In Playstore. Basic In Quran
Salam:Thanks For Visiting My Application Is App Mai Bacho ke lie Madani Qaida Aur Sab Ke Lie Quran Pak Seekhne Ka Asaan Tarika Maujood Hai Ismai Madani Qaide ki PDF Aur Madani Qaide Ki Videos Lesson By Lesson Maujood Hai Asaan Tarike Se Seekh Sakty Hai Aur Mazeed Online Quran E Pak Padhne Ke Lie Hamari Website Aur Hamary Is Number Pr RAbta Kren Blogger:LearnQuranForKids7.blogsport.comNumber:+92300-2718267
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Surah Inshirah, also called al-Sharh (الشرح) and Alam Nashrah (الم نشرح) is the 94th surah of the noble Quran, in Juz' 30, with 8 verses and 27 words. It was revealed in Mecca in the early years of the appointment of Muhammad (S) as the messenger of God after sura Duha.

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