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WeSing is a popular karaoke singing app. WeSing allows you to sing your favorite songs in your own style, record karaoke videos to show off yourself, and make friends through music. We enable to showcase your singing talent. Let’s enjoy singing from today!🎤

We have over 6 million songs and 100 million users around the world. You can choose to solo privately, or duet with friends even celebrities, or join karaoke party room. The large selection of voice effects and various video filters can also help your karaoke recordings stand out and win more likes. You can also join variety of music activities to make yourself be famous. Record your karaoke videos to share with over 100 million music lovers from today!🎉

Main Features of WeSing Sing Karaoke & Karaoke Record & Sing Top Songs:
🌟 Sing Top Hit Songs
– No matter you like Pop or Hip hop, R&B or Folk, Rock or Rap, or any other(s), you can sing latest hits here.
– Sing along to hit songs with high quality backing music and rolling lyrics as if you sang on a concert scene.

🌟 Record Karaoke Videos
– Complete but free music library helps practice your singing skills to unleash the singer inside you.
– Pick your favorite songs, record and edit your karaoke videos with tons of voice effects and cool video filters to get fans and win likes.

🌟 Duet with Friends even Celebrities
– No more boredom. Duet with friends anytime, anywhere.
– There are also many chances to duet with celebrities to make a catchy voice melody.

🌟 KTV Party Room
– Never sing alone. Join KTV party room to make friends who also love singing.
– Watch 24/7 KTV party room to kill boredom.

🌟 Music Videos Community
– Millions of music lovers are showcasing their singing talents here. Explore and get yourself inspired.
– Express yourself through music videos and get to know like-minded friends.

🌟 Interactive Music Activities
– We do hold variety of music activities to help our music lovers stand out. For example, Duet Challeng & Party Room PK.
– Join the various music activities to show off yourself or support your favorite singer(s).

🌟 Live Streaming? YES, WE DO.
– Any other talents besides singing? You can go live to show off all your talents.
– Wanna know the life of music lovers? They also live-stream their interesting life here.

🎵 Top Hit Songs Now Including but not limited to:
+ Someone You Loved – Lewis Capaldi
+ When I Look At You – Miley Cyrus
+ Ice Cream – BLACKPINK
+ You Are The Reason – Calum Scott
+ Having You Near Me – Air Supply
+ Beautiful In White – Westlife
+ Rolling In The Deep – Adele
+ Something Just Like This – The Chainsmokers
+ My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion

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No earphone feedback on Andoids after some updates.. I cannot hear my voice during the recording.. I dunno if this happens on android alone coz I was able to hear my voice while singing on my Ipad. But not on my android phones. tried it multiple times,I even had my earphone changed. so sad..


Hello wesing!! The autoplay mode on songs when browsing not good for me..just noticed this yesterday..overall wesing is very good..please help remove this change if possible..the songs was automatically playing..thank you very much wesing..Happy New Year!!!


A great app. They are fast in resolving issues. I hope that increasing levels will not only based on sharing stars but also about the scores of the song.


I can't sing a proper song until I used wesing. It has guidelines and I keep repeating following the lines until I don't sing out of tunes. It even grdes my songs. Now I can detect if others sing out of tunes. Everyday I use Wesing for hours. I love Wesing.


Hi wesing i luv ur app. But this update jan 16 2023. My camera is very dark front or rare. Cannot do some videos coz of it. And uninstall the new and i back install old version and suddenly my camera clear. I think the update of wesing has a problem.


App ruined by spam notification. Pleeeease, I don't want to see notifications of some bots liking my picture and I don't care if someone than who I've followed, go live. Give us the option to turn off these notifications. Also give us option to turn off autoplay on wifi too. Too goddamn annoying
Thank you for your feedback. We will continue to optimize and improve this function in our future versions.


Awful! Many many notifications! This has to be fixed, I like singing tho but when I came back in Wesing after months, It says authorized expired, It's like Wesing is forcing us to use the app. Wesing, plss fix I wanna sing.


This had been an awesome app not until ive been experiencing delays in recording. Im not out of tune or delayed when singing but when im listening to my record afterwards, there is a huge amount of delay. Im an android user. This hasn't been an issue before.


The vocals after recording is kinda delayed and you need to adjust the tempo slower of your vocals in order to synchronize with the instrumental.


wesing did great in dealing with the "vocals issue". i cannot complain more😃. it's a very good app. never mind of the pop ups and ads, i having this app free. thanks wesing!!! but can you do a little more😅. i have done more than a hundred song and i want to play it all at once but it limits only to 15 songs. it would be very great if i can play it all without having to touch my phone again. i enjoy it during long driving. 1/13/2023 please remove irrating videos of wannabe singers😂


After updating most of the original songs cannot sing cover, The old version has many beautiful original songs that can cover. in my playlist, the song I used to sing before now cannot use for singing again anymor😔.


Thou is one of the best karaoke apps. Its runs in 9 program services on cellphone, consumes to much battery that causes pictures on videos freeze.


It's been a year.. my earphone feedback didn't working... Already send report.. but no reply as always.. some of my covers gone from my wall.. and some oc didn't available to my friends ( it said private.. like wth )... Pls fix this.. then I'll give u 4 stars


It's a good app since it's the only thing i tried for so long but I encounter problems such as cutting my vocals when I do long notes or making runs but I know my mic (in the earphones is in good condition) and the vocal effects stays only limited (since a year ago)...... Follow up: I see a big improvement over the past few months and I think it is so much better now..however I feel like the tracks sounded like a little fast forwarded and I'm catching the timing a little too fast hope to fix it.


1. when in karaoke, i can't have two vocal remix mode (eg. cd and phonograph) sounded distinctive without the dueted vocal gets jumbled in the duet joiner's vocal remix mode. 2. some famous songs cannot be accessed. 3. too much spam messages in chat


I'm disappointed. The more it is updated, the worse it becomes. Now the worst thing is that everytime I want to click one cover of mine, what plays is another cover. I click cover A, but what plays is cover Z. And it often happens. It seems all my previous covers are locked by my newest one. Whatever I click, what plays is the newest cover. "Antara Aku dan Dia". Please, check what happens in your app.
We have received your question. Please send your feedback through "Help & Feedback" in the app to help us better find the cause.


The PR features not functioning well on my Sony Xperia 1 IV distorted audio and lag, but works ng well on my other mobile phone brand, I hope you can help me on this issue!
We have received your question. Please send your feedback through "Help & Feedback" in the app to help us better find the cause.


I love the new updates well except for some songs wesing doesn't have, but overall it's cool. Especially the duet in the party room because my friends really want to have a duet in the party room.


The shuffle, normal play function doesn't seem to work. I tried choosing those options but it's still repeating 1 track over and over. Cam someone help please? Thanks
We have received your question. Please send your feedback through "Help & Feedback" in the app to help us better find the cause.


in star maker when you sing in the head set it's really good,,, the only thing that needs to be fixed in wesing is that when you sing in the head set the voice should be right and the voice should be in sync with the song. ,,, when it's good my friends will return to wesing like before and will sing many times in wrsing
Thank you for your suggestions. We will further optimize this function in subsequent iterations.