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TFG: Home workouts and recipes App DESCRIPTION

TFG is the ultimate home workout and recipe app for busy people who want to lose weight by working out at home and eating tasty, healthy, simple recipes.

The Fitness Guy (TFG) has been creating home workouts and family-friendly, healthy recipes since 2015 and helped over 30,000 people worldwide, lose 250,000 kgs!


Want to lose weight? Want to get fitter and healthier? Want to get your confidence back? Tired of fad diets and rebound weight gain? Short on time? Don’t want to use a gym? Don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen? TFG is the app for you!

OVER 300 HOME WORKOUTS from our team of specialist instructors.

• aerobics • HIIT • yoga
• barre • dumbbells • pilates
• combat • kettlebells • step
• core • medicine ball • resistance bands
• dance • swiss ball. • TRX



– Calories and macros listed
– Over 200 vegetarian recipes
– All recipes in the MyFitnessPal database
– Filter library by calories, macros, ingredients or dietary requirements
– 100’s of gluten and dairy-free options
– Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts & snacks


TFG is the only app that offers such a huge range of home workouts and recipes. Stop jumping between different diets and exercise programmes, get this app and start seeing results.

“I’ve been a member for 5 months and lost over 2 stone. Life-changing and amazing value.” – Sophie, Blackburn

“After years of trying different diets and exercise programmes, I’ve finally found something that works for me.” – Kerry, Aberdeen

“The workouts are fantastic. I love the HIIT and yoga, my hubby does the weights and the children are obsessed with the kids’ workouts.” – Clare, Houston

I can’t believe the fantastic choice of recipes. 6 months in and I’m still trying new things every week. And they are all delicious and easy to make.” – Julie, Leeds

We offer a subscription to access the full library of over 200 workouts, 1000 recipes and the new weekly workouts and recipes.


Only £4.99 monthly after your trial.

Start living your best life, getting the results you’ve always dreamed of, all from the comfort of your own home.

Get TFG today.

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TFG is the ultimate home workout and recipe app.
TFG is the ultimate home workout and recipe app for busy people who want to lose weight by working out at home and eating tasty, healthy, simple recipes.The Fitness Guy (TFG) has been creating home workouts and family-friendly, healthy recipes since 2015 and helped over 30,000 people worldwide, lose 250,000 kgs!AND NOW ALL THE HOME WORKOUTS AND RECIPES ARE AVAILABLE IN THIS APP**Want to lose weight? Want to get fitter and healthier? Want to get your confidence back? Tired of fad diets and rebound weight gain? Short on time? Don't want to use a gym? Don't have hours to spend in the kitchen? TFG is the app for you!OVER 300 HOME WORKOUTS from our team of specialist instructors.• aerobics• HIIT• yoga• barre• dumbbells• pilates• combat• kettlebells• step• core• medicine ball• resistance bands• dance• swiss ball• TRXBRAND NEW WORKOUT ADDED EVERY WEEK**OVER 400 HEALTHY, TASTY, SIMPLE, FAMILY-FRIENDLY RECIPES- Calories and macros listed- Over 200 vegetarian recipes- All recipes in the MyFitnessPal database- Filter library by calories, macros, ingredients or dietary requirements- 100's of gluten and dairy-free options- Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts..

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this apps brill love it


Fantastic app. All workouts straight forward to do.


Great app, love all the exercises and recipes


Seen (and subscribed) to many 'fitness' apps and have to say this is by far the best. Love how the trainer does the exercises with you so gets all out of breath and makes mistakes etc 🖤🖤


Easy to use and loads of content!


Fantastic choice of workouts and recipes. Something for everyone!


Great app. Would highly recommend


A great app - loads of good workouts and recipes


Excellent app, very easy to navigate. Lots of different workouts and recipes to choose from. Excellent value for money.